FDB in the media. Yes, we’re good and what we do and aren’t shy when it comes to telling the media all about it.



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Fight Dem Back ambush the Patriotic Youth League and Jim Saleam.

A top vid from January 05. To quote “Ironbrotherhood” one of the main PYL organisers, “event info was leakd to commies and we got ambushed by 60 of the pricks in the middle of hyde park!” Fantastic stuff!

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Fight Dem Back on radio Triple J.

Two top stories from Hack, Australia’s premier youth current affairs radio show.


A trip inside the racist mindset – The Weekend Australian

Race Hate Group Comes Unstuck – The SMH.

Neo-Nazi link to anti-foreigner campaign – The SMH SMH

FDB Profiled in the Australian Jewish News.

Dane Sweetman is now the designated driver – The Australian.

Where have all the Nazis gone? – The Age

Far -right groups admit to role – The Australian


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How the hell did Jim Saleam get into New Zealand?

Darp talks with NZ’s TV ONE on why Jim Saleam should have been kept out.

The National Front GET SLAMMED in Wellington

Reasonable MSN coverage of the now infamous events of October 23rd 2004. More vids to be uploaded soon.

Kiwis help Aussie race hate revival. SST

Cadets in the gun over National Front link SST

Molly and Bummy brought down by FDB – The Sunday Star Times

Far right group sets up hit list – The New Zealand Herald.

Website the target of hate emails – The Press (Christchurch).