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Rule #1 : NO POOFTAS! (Australia First Expels Hanson / Green Party Supporter: AtTeMpT tO dIsRuPt AuStRaLiA fIrSt StYmIeD)


Dr James Saleam, Führer of the Australia First Party (NSW), may be a pompous fascist dingbat, but — it must be admitted — he has mad skillz.

In December 2008, Saleam wrote that the police shooting of Melbourne teenager Tyler Cassidy was the product of a political conspiracy aimed at the ‘nationalist’ movement. ‘Corrupt Political Police ‘Intelligence’ Killed Tyler Cassidy!’ he exclaimed, announcing that “Australia First Party will demonstrate at the Coroner’s Court when an investigation is held into Tyler’s Cassidy’s death”.

More recently (February/March 2009), AF endorsed two candidates in the Queensland state election: Peregrine John Beverley Jewell in Toowoomba North and Peter Schuback in Hervey Bay.

Peregrine is a fascist stalwart, having established the ‘Confederate Action Party’ (a precursor to One Nation) in the early ’90s, as well as having involved himself in various other crackpot schemes. For his part, as well as being vice-president of the ‘Australian Long Distance Owners and Drivers Association’ and owner of ‘Mineral and Mine Movers Transport’, Peter is a perennial election candidate, having stood in 1998, 2001 (twice) and 2006. On these, as on the most recent occasion, Peter lost (as did Peregrine).

February also witnessed the departure of the ‘Australian Nationalism Information Database’ from the AF stable. Re-badged as ‘Ironbark Resources’, the site is now closely-linked to AF’s arch-rivals in the Australian Protectionist Party (the APP having split from AF in 2007).

In the meantime, Dr Jim’s 15-year-long Struggle to Clear His Name (he was convicted in 1991 of organising a shotgun assault upon the home of African National Congress representative Eddie Funde) and 5-year-long Battle to Register the Party continues unabated. Unfortunately, the number of those assisting Saleam in his Noble Quest appears to be dwindling. Below Herr Doktor explains the reasons he expelled the Brisbane branch of Australia First and the Patriotic Youth League, aka John Drew.

Australia First Expels Hanson / Green Party Supporter: Attempt To Disrupt Australia First Stymied

You either true fat or cut the flab
On the microphone hot it’s Skillz before heat
A wack nigga rhymin’, kills a raw beat
And I got both, ’bout to cook up a loaf of bread
on your motherfuckin’ head!

Australia First Party advises that it has today (March 25) expelled a Brisbane member, Mr. John Drew.

Mr. Drew, a former member of One Nation and of Australia First (when it was under other management in 2007) [Australia First Party makes like a banana…], was readmitted over members’ objections in 2007. He was nonetheless asked to carry out some secretarial and web site duties in Brisbane subject to positive performance.

In March 2009, Mr. Drew published upon the Queensland website material supportive both of the Pauline Hanson campaign and the Greens party campaign in the Queensland State election.

Mr. Drew objected to removing this material, although he finally did so. Australia First neither supports the opportunist pseudo populist Hanson, nor the open borders Greens party. Many party members protested about this material.

Simultaneously, Mr. Drew published material on an anti Australia First blogsite concerning earlier harassing allegations by our opponents that he supported the “Gay lifestyle” (sic). Despite numerous requests that he cease publishing these ambiguous statements about homosexuality and chiding this blogsite, he continued to write there. When asked whether he was homosexual, he vehemently denied it. Finally, he published a comment on March 17 concerning his attendance at a “Gay Parade” in Brisbane. This was clearly disingenuous and designed to instigate difficulties.

On March 18, Mr. Drew was suspended from membership. Today, he published upon the Brisbane Australia First website, the following comment.

“I advise that this web site will cease to be that of the Brisbane branch as of March 30 due to party member objections to some items of content and subsequent censorship by party officials. Another emerging party branch will utilise the domain name. I will be concentrating on my other interests one of which is the development of a fitness training/social group for gays. I will also active in Brisbane Sun Boys.”

We do not know whether the statements about gay interests are truthful, or whether they were designed to embarrass Australia First. We suspect only the latter.

Australia First has been under constant attack from various forces now for over three years. These attacks have included propaganda to divide the organisation. Persons have sought membership to disrupt the party. These attacks have intensified as we move towards registering the party and raising Australian nationalism up as a challenge to globalism.

This latest matter is just one more incident in a permanent struggle.

The last Queensland State committee meeting spoke of fishing out bad elements that might infiltrate Australia First. This we will continue to do. We serve the Australian people. Any element, whether it supports perverse lifestyles (sic), or whether it comes to push false agendas, will find no comfort here. On this occasion, we recognise only the agenda of another political party.

Slackbastard · 29 March 2009 · Discussion

Youth! Nation! Destiny! 5,000 damaged condoms!

Following the massively disappointing news that Warwick Capper forgot to nominate in the QLD State seat of Beaudesert, a new and exciting development in the QLD election: Australia First has a second candidate!

Joining Peregrine John Beverley Jewell in Toowoomba North is Peter Schuback in Hervey Bay. As well as being vice-president of the Australian Long Distance Owners and Drivers Association and owner of ‘Mineral and Mine Movers Transport’, according to AF Fuehrer Dr James Saleam, Schuback “was heavily commitment to the National Truck Shutdown last July”.

Peter is also heavily committed to a White Australia.

Go Peter!

Slackbastard · 6 March 2009 · Discussion

Southern Cross Soldiers, Tyler Cassidy and the far right

The (racist) far right has reacted fairly predictably to the shooting death of 15-year-old Tyler Cassidy in the Melbourne suburb of Northcote last Thursday (December 11). For those for whom The Jew is Public Enimy #1, the fault lies, of course, at the feet of The Jew.


Stormfront, Dr. David Duke‘s online, Florida-based Mental Hospital for Racist Cranks, abounds with penetrating insights. Ten of the best:

    brude: “I hope karma comes back to these rotton [sic] barstard [sic] PIGS like it did in the 1980’s.”
    Spinosus: “Police officers in the west are ZOG enforcers, that[‘]s why I don’t like them.”
    303pugs: “It looks very much like an anti white manouver [sic] by our new order gov.”
    Sam: “As much of a tragedy [as] it is, there is also a lesson to be learnt: Don’t touch drugs.”
    Silverfern (CHURCH OF THE NATIONAL KNIGHTS OF THE KU KLUX KLAN): “I believe the cops were justified, if I was me [sic] the little toerag wouldn’t of made it two steps.”
    Cup-of-Ruin: “If that had been a Muslim or an Abbo [sic] they blasted there would be an uproar…”
    Patriot08: “I love that Brutal Attack song on his myspace page too.”
    Etain: “Tyler Cassidy, another white victim of the final solution… Tyler Cassidy is quickly becoming a Ned Kelly. An Australian “outlaw”, fighting to defend what it meant to be an Australian, who tried to survive in a place where he was a MINORITY, and was constantly reminded of his white man’s burden.”
    sixtytwo [SCS Sydney]: “The [SCS] are vowing revenge they are vowing to get together.”
    firestone: “So SCS: stay strong and hold your ground. Know that your cause is a noble one, as is ours, and the enemies [sic] main weapons are lies and manipulation. Only the weaker-minded guys will fall away for good because they fear criticism too much. This incident will no doubt attract more attention from your/our enemies, so learn as much about who they are and why they do what they do as you can. They will try to manipulate public opinion against you, but understand that these antis are a bunch of pussies who only do such things safely hidden away behind their [computer]. The only time you may catch a glimpse is if they venture out for the latest anti-Nike or G20 protests.”


Also on the anti-Semitic far right, in typically florid prose, Dr James Saleam, Fuehrer of the Australia First Party (NSW), asks, If The Victorian Police Wrongfully Shot A Boy, Why Does The Media Now Wish To Dig A Latrine As His Grave? (Statement By The Australia First Party, December 14.) Herr Doktor — sentenced to three and a half years jail in 1991 for organising a shotgun attack on the home of Eddie Funde, Australasian representative of the African National Congress — blames The (Jew) Controlled Media for plunging headlong down a Super Fun “slippery-slope of untruth, building up a shadowy Internet discussion board, the Southern Cross Soldiers, into a racist, extremist, activist and criminal circle.” Further: “Australia First Party denounces the media line that the Southern Cross Soldiers, an ostensible “nationalist” group, existed outside of the Internet site – MySpace.”

Slackbastard · 16 December 2008 · Discussion

Jim Perren – the roos are loose in the top paddock

If you should ever find oneself in a land-owning capacity in South Queensland’s Darling Downs, and you DO have kangaroos loose in the top paddock, Jim Perren is precisely the man to call, seeing as he makes his living shooting them. Jim has posted on a number of far-right forums under various pseudonyms (Stug111, 303SMLE, Defend This) and co-runs the ‘Whitelaw Towers’ (formerly ‘Victor Whitelaw’) blog with Peter Campbell (Kromlek of Asgard, ZyklonB, Charger88).

Jim has a chequered history in the Australian neo-Nazi movement. In what may soon turn out to be his Francis Fukuyama moment, that history might be coming to an end with this threat he just issued to a couple of our founders on the Australia New Nation forums:

Defend This
ANN MODERATOR Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: SW QLD on the edge of the outback.
Posts: 1,287

Dear Mathew Henderson Hau

Hello Mathew good to see that you still find us very important. Now if I was you and thank Christ I’m not I would pull your head in about now. Oh and I would advise that your retarded hippy mate start locking his door at night You know why?

Well retard boy you have pushed this a little too far. I’m gunna be catching up with you real soon. I simply don’t care anymore I just want to kick the crap out of you ASAP. Take that to cops you dirty little dog.
Sleep well girls.

PS. Forget the boxing gloves and organised rules too late for that.

Fight dem back · 20 November 2008 · Discussion

Glad to be (a) gay (Nazi)

Many people have had unkind words to say about Doctor James Saleam; indeed, I plead guilty to having been one of them. But I’m beginning to believe that Saleam is The Dice Man of the Australian far right and, like Luke Rhinehart, often — entertaining. In the latest installment of the continuing saga of a quack who’s gone to the dogs, it’s been revealed that the newest Fuehrer to be installed in Queensland, John Drew, is (gasp!) possibly gay. Naturally, this unnatural proposition has sparked a pained reaction on the part of the local battalion of the God Hates Fags Brigade.

Slackbastard · 26 January 2008 · Discussion

Handbags at Dawn!

What an exciting week it’s been Race fans! In the faraway online kingdom of everyone’s favourite Pioneer Little Europe, Stormfront (SF), there’s been hardly enough space to contain the outpourings of manly Aryan love, and weird scenes abound inside the kkkomedy gold mine that is SF Down Under…

It all started with David Innes (better known as Baron von Hund, the consort of temptress/moderator Lilith) asking a few pertinent questions of Sydney-based Australia First (AF) Fuehrer Jim Saleam, such as ‘What sort of manly Aryan name is “Saleam”?’ Jim didn’t reply, and so he was banished to the Opposing Views (OV) section of SF. Baron gloated — but alas! — the unfaithful sockpuppet Rhys started a thread in OV in which Jim could defend his good, completely non-Arabic, 100% Aryan name from Baron’s scurrilous accusations.

Fight dem back · 23 June 2007 · Discussion

Jim and Baron’s breakdance battle showdown at the Radiotron!

Here at FDB we love a good Nazi on Nazi shitfight. There have been none better in recent times than this stellar barney over at Scumfront Downuner. Yep, it’s the shitfight we had to have, Baron Von Hund (“David Innes and associated dipshits) v Jim Saleam.

We’ll cut to the “good bit” first and then expound on some of the history later.

As a result of that SF thread linked above, a VERY interesting email has been forwarded to us.


I have with some reluctance, made a formal complaint to Don Black regarding the management of ‘Stormfront Downunder’.

Specifically, I have referred to the ‘Australia First Membership’ thread, its general content, items on it by David and the lack of proper moderation by Lilith.

I have requested specific actions be taken, including the deletion of the thread.

Fight dem back · 5 May 2007 · Discussion

Sheet-heads try recruiting Toowoomba

From the Toowoomba Chronicle:

Klan spreads its message of hate
By Susan Searle

A TOOWOOMBA grandmother is outraged by a blatant recruitment drive by the white supremacist group the Ku Klux Klan in the city.

An A4 piece of white paper, headed “Become a Klansman or Klanswoman Today”, was placed under her car windscreen wiper while she was at the Repertory Theatre last Wednesday night.

News brief · 6 March 2007

A couple of guys (they were wearing hoods)

Started causing trouble in the Neighbourhood. Toowoomba, to be precise.

(In which the intrepid guys and gals of FDB drop something of a bombshell on top of the incredibly lame Australia First Party)

Let’s go to the tape – what ho!

The Toowoomba Chronicle reports:

Racism raises its ugly head with pamphlet
By Kate McIntosh

THE ugly spectre of racism has again surfaced this week in Toowoomba.

A racist pamphlet titled “Toowoomba is Under Attack!” delivered to letterboxes across the city this week outlines a “programme for action,” detailing strategies to curb a purported refugee “invasion” to the city.

Educating school children and overthrowing Toowoomba City Council are among the strategies detailed.

Fight dem back · 10 June 2006 · Discussion

Trouble brewing for the Speed Racer?

From the Oz:

Warning over racist website.

By Dan Box
March 13, 2006

A RACIST website where extremists fantasies about gassing Arabs has been allowed to operate freely for months, despite warnings sent to state and federal authorities that it breaks laws prohibiting the incitement of racial violence.

The blog site, “avoiceofdissent”, has been used by members of Australia’s “White Nationalist” group to threaten physical violence and single out targets for intimidation by publishing their photographs, telephone numbers and addresses. Posts include a detailed fantasy of rounding up Lebanese men in a bus, then filling the interior with poisonous exhaust fumes.

“Imagine the sight, if you will, of all those oily dune coons gasping for air and clawing vainly at the windows,” the post reads.

After receiving a written warning from the Uniting Church of Australia that the site might breach Australian state and federal law, Google, the company that hosts the site, added a disclaimer that stated the content might be “hateful”.

News brief · 13 March 2006