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Troy Cullinane is a gutless Nazi

Even in this day and age, you come across people in Aotearoa with zero understanding and respect for the role that the Maori have played in defending their country. Hell, you come across with people with no respect for Maori, period.

In recent years, many of these people have found themselves within the senior ranks of the National Front. One such person is their Hamilton representative, Troy Cullinane.

Troy Cullinane

Again we have some uncomfortable questions for the National Front regarding their allegiance to Nazism. Kyle Chapman will probably say that Cullinane doesn’t really have anything to do with the NF, he’s just a hanger-on. Well, we all remember this photo:

Cullinane is holding the banner opposite Chapman

That is Cullinane on the left holding the NF banner opposite his Fuhrer, Kyle Chapman. He must be a very important NF personage to have such a prominent spot in the photo shoot — and Kyle certainly can’t pretend Cullinane snuck in to the photo without his leader’s knowledge.

Darp Hau · 16 April 2005 · Discussion