Fascists on di attack (on empty buildings?) You know what to do.

At 1pm on Sunday, May 31 – 25,599 days after Uncle Adolf last wiped Eva Braun’s mess out of his moustache and ate his Walther PPK – a few Melbourne adherents of the old pervert will be braving the Richmond cold to yell at the Town Hall.

They want to have a yell because there is a Socialist Party councillor in the City of Yarra government. But the Town Hall will be empty because it is Sunday.

This leaves you, dear reader, with a number of options.

If you believe that neo-Nazi scum should be reminded on the reg that they are not welcome in our streets, why not pop along and let them know. You won’t be alone.

Alternatively, the people who are apparently being protested against will be over at the Multicultural Hub in Elizabeth Street, for a forum about Islamophobia and building an opposition to the likes of Reclaim Australia, also a worthwhile project.

It’s up to you, but if you decide to attend the former, this handy-dandy spotter’s guide may be of use.







Fight dem back · 29 May 2015 · Discussion