Freddy Toben fond of Brandis’ Bolt laws

Holocaust denier Frederick Toben backs George Brandis’ plans for discrimination law

Heath Aston

Holocaust denier Frederick Toben has strongly backed the Abbott government’s plans to water down race hate laws, describing them as a welcome challenge to “Jewish supremacism” in Australia.

In an explosive submission to Attorney-General George Brandis’ review of the Racial Discrimination Act, obtained by Fairfax Media, Mr Toben congratulated the government for its attempt to rectify what he describes as a “flawed law, which only benefits Jewish-Zionist-Israeli interests”.

His comments drew immediate anger in the Jewish community, which has warned that the government’s plans for Section 18C of the act will open the door to “vilification on a massive scale”.

Mr Toben said Senator Brandis – who famously defended people’s “right to be a bigot” – had incorrectly claimed the need for reform of the Racial Discrimination Act was about free speech and the conviction of News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt under 18C.

“The essence of what the RDA Section 18C is all about and why it needs to be repealed is that the so-called ‘Bolt law’ is in effect a ‘Holocaust’ protection law,” Mr Toben wrote.

“The ‘Bolt law’ case was used in an attempt to hide this Holocaust matter and to make it a free expression issue. The trap set for the multiculturalists in Australia by Jewish interests, who designed Section 18C, is that the sole aim of this section has always been to legally protect … the Holocaust-Shoah narrative.”

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News brief · 14 May 2014