They came, they saw, they… caught a cab outta there!

Well, that didn’t go very well, did it?

Australia First & Golden Dawn, having spent weeks trying to drum up support for their march and picket in Brisbane, ran into a spot of bother when they found themselves outnumbered 20-to-1 by anti-fascists.

Having had only 32 people pledge to show up on Facebook – although more had pledged offline, apparently – only 10 neo-Fascists deigned to grace the good burghers of Brisbane with their presence.

Meanwhile, across the street, over 200 antifa had gathered to put a stop to any neo-Nazi naughtiness. Sensing that they had perhaps over-reached, the fash jumped into a Maxi Taxi and headed for their planned destination of the Greek consulate. It is a sad day for fascism when neo-Nazis forget how to march, don’t you think?

Antifa again thwarted any attempt to protest outside the consulate and the fash were whisked away again. Hopefully the conversation with the taxi driver wasn’t too awkward.

Jim Saleam has since taken to Facebook to claim that it was always the plan of Australia First to fail so abysmally and everybody had fallen for his cunning plot. This seems like a bit of a weird plan to us, to be honest, but in fairness it’s one he’s had a lot of practice at.

At least 10 people is better than this paltry effort from years gone by.

Well done to everyone who took time out of their busy day to send these pathetic, confused souls packing.

Fight dem back · 2 May 2014 · Discussion