Must have broken a mirror.

The Roanoke Times is reporting that Bill White has been sentenced to an additional seven years in jail for threatening his wife.

Imprisoned former neo-Nazi leader William A. White received an additional seven years and eight months behind bars Thursday for his third sentence over sending violence-themed messages to those he disliked.

This time, White, 36, was punished for badgering his estranged wife with threatening emails in an attempt to extort money in late spring 2012. The new prison term handed down in federal court in Roanoke was added to the nearly three years he has left after earlier convictions.

In November, a federal jury convicted White of transmitting a threat to extort money — three counts for three emails he sent Meghan White — and a single generic threat count for one email. In giving White 92 months for those crimes, U.S. District Court Judge James Turk said he agreed with the jury that White was guilty and agreed with White’s defense lawyer, Paul Beers, that White is probably mentally ill.

Bill White’s National Socialist Movement did briefly have an Australian branch back in the day, but they would have had trouble filling a phone booth. And working out how to open the door. And then getting back out.

News brief · 2 May 2014