Golden Gaytimes! Not Golden Dawn!

Well. It’s been a while between drinks, but FDB, like a sleeping dragon of yore, has been awoken from its slumber to breathe righteous fire upon the fascist scourge besetting the village of Brisbane.

Roll for armour, fascists. You’ll need it.

Okay, but seriously. Here’s what’s up. The Australia First Party are organising a protest march in Brisbane in May in support of Golden Dawn. We’ve been so slack at posting anything on this site that Golden Dawn have never actually been mentioned here, so here’s a short introduction:

Golden Dawn (Chrysí Avgí) is a Greek neo-Nazi party. Its führer, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, is currently in prison, along with several other GD MPs, charged with being members of a criminal organisation. GD has a long history of violent crimes directed at immigrants, leftists, homosexuals and other ‘undesirables’. GD MP Eleni Zaroulia, wife of Michaloliakos, has referred to migrants as “subhumans” who are “carrying all kinds of diseases”.

In Australia, GD has a small number of supporters in Melbourne and Sydney. Until recently, they‘ve maintained a fairly low profile, content to raise funds for GD in Greece and to promote GD among local Greeks.

The march and rally in Brisbane is the third occasion AF and GD have rallied together to support GD in Greece but the first time they’ve done so openly, and may mark a turning-point in the fortunes of both.

We’d rather it continued the general downward trajectory of Australia First and Jim Saleam’s fortunes, so why not come along to the counter-protest and let these neo-Nazis know that they’re not welcome here – or anywhere. But especially Greek neo-Nazis are not welcome in Australia, come on, guys, get it together.

The fascists intend to assemble at The Greek Club (29 Edmondstone St, South Brisbane) for a rally at 11.30am, Friday May 2 and then march on the Greek consulate (Level 36, Central Plaza One, 345 Queen Street, Brisbane) to hold a picket between 1pm and 4pm in support of GD.

In just a few days around 200 people have indicated they may attend the protest against the Australia First and Golden Dawn parties in Brisbane so please continue to invite others to attend: the more the merrier.


Fight dem back · 18 April 2014 · Discussion