White supremacist flyers offend

New Zealand Right Wing Resistance / Right Wing Resistance New Zealand (RWRNZ) is a fascist street gang, mostly composed of boneheads (neo-Nazi skinheads), and led by veteran fascist militant (and Mormon) Kyle Chapman. It’s previously boasted of conducting street patrols of Christchurch, of confronting Reds and ‘scaties’, and has been described by Chapman as “the street arm of the Nationalist Alliance”, a short-lived alliance (2008) of a handful of extreme-right political groups (including the New Zealand National Front).

Chapman announced the formation of RWRNZ in early 2009 on Stormfront, the world’s leading White supremacist website. Questioned by another anti-Semite on the group’s decision to wear White Power t-shirts rather than business suits, Chapman (‘NZTrooper’) replied:

“They are for the mainstream. We are not trying attract mainstream, this is an active org. Not a pretty one. This will be a shock and ore campaign, not a suck up to society and hope for the best.”

A brief survey of RWRNZ’s membership will confirm the fact that it’s “not pretty”; providing contact details on a flyer and when asked for comment replying with “I have nothing to say” suggests it’s not a very smart one either.

White supremacist flyers offend
Keith Lynch
The Press
January 12, 2011

An extreme right-wing group has been dropping anti-immigration flyers into Christchurch homes.

The flyer titled “Immigration or Invasion”, which was distributed by a group called New Zealand Right Wing Resistance, claims, “If current trends continue, whites will soon be a minority in this country”.

Ilam resident Ian Wilton found one of the flyers in his mailbox on Tuesday.

He said its message was “very offensive”.

“My first thought was how dare they?” he said.

“We’ve got an integrated community. It’s a mixed street with state-owned houses and tenants.”

A phone number and email address for the New Zealand Right Wing Resistance group was on the flyer.

The Press rang the number today.

The man who answered said he was part of the group, but would not say how many flyers were handed out or if more would be.

At the end of the call he said, “I have nothing to say.”

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