Teh gr8 wyt upryzin!!!1! -or- bigot mathematics

Nazis can't count (or don't count?)

Pictured at Martin Place last Monday is Darrin Hodges’ grate and suckcessful Australian Protectionist Party anti-immigration protest, kickin’ ass & taking names for the white race, wall-to-wall and treetop tall.

If you can’t read the signs, they say ‘DEPORT RUDD WE’RE FULL,’ as though ‘Fuck Off We’re Full’ were somehow not such a good campaign slogan or something.

How many xenophobes did Dazza rile up enough to fully take over the square?


Which Dazza thinks is 20.

Makes you wonder why we bother, donit?

Even we are embarrassed for Daz.

Well, through the magick of our mighty FDB keyboard-fu, here’s a real friggin’ uprising of the oppressed white people!

The bigots are revolting! oh noes!

Don’t say we never did nuthin for ya, Darrin.

Fight dem back · 19 November 2009 · Discussion