The Hippie of Deception

…is devolved from the Bluebird of Happiness.

FDB’s immensely overworked Cam Sexenheimer writes:

Dear God, you made many, many hippies.
I realize, of course, that it’s no shame to be a hippie.
But it’s no great honour either!
So, what would have been so terrible if lying hippies didn’t email me?


As the main contact for FDB, I get so many emails that I’m going to get brain cancer from holding my phone to my flipping ear. Except that isn’t how email works.

Thank goodness!

Anyway, it’s roughly an 80-20 split between good emails (that is to say, emails from people who are down with the destruction of the White race) and bad emails (emails from people who missed a memo on 30 April 1945 – check your in-trays, you sillies!).

And then there are the hippies who think all these neo-Nazi thugs need is a good hug. To be fair to every single hippie bar one, there has actually only been one email like this in almost six years. I got it yesterday, and it is pretty stupid, so I thought I would share it with you.

Louise Barbara writes:

Dear Fight Dem Back

I have been following the Terrie-Anne Verney story for the past two days. I believe in looking at both sides of the story.

I remain with an open mind that there is hope for the future that those who make the loudest noise in changing things for the better will eventually achieve that.

Again it is with disgust I see that those who have sought the sacking and persecution of Terrie-Anne do so with hatred. How can you ever conceive that you will achieve anything long lasting with that. Your email address is just as racist as the people you hunt and destroy. I am appalled that you people come under the banner of wanting to banish racism, to me, you are no more inciteful [sic] than the people you have in your sights.

Its time that you and your kind, and those that you supposedly target, stop verbally beating the other in the name of protecting the rights of others.

If compassion was practised [sic], with kindness and understanding, so those that do go to extremes, get the opportunity to see where they could choose another way, we would all benefit from learning errors of the past.

How any of you can profess to be better than the other when you use similar tactics is inconceivable.

Once again its how information is presented to how you are perceived, and after looking through your site, you appear destructive and selective in what you present.

Oh by the way, the only way I could find you was through the sites you attack, so most people would not know either side.

Thank God for that! The less attention means the least affect [sic].

Louise Barbara
Spiritual Practitioner

Like a fool, I have let my subscription to Mungbeans & Moonbeams Monthly lapse, so this email makes very little sense – I just get a very vague impression that somebody needs to take a tablespoon of cement and harden the fuck up. Being a very busy little bee, I would normally let this go through to the keeper, but this one is just dumb enough to motivate me into responding. So… here is an open reply to Louise:

Hiya Louise!

How’s it going? I’m well, thanks. Your email was certainly food for thought SLASH chicken soup for the soul. A very nourishing brew indeed.

As regards ihatemelbournenazis, let me assure you, it’s OK to hate Nazis. It’s a long and honoured tradition going back to WWII, reinforced lovingly in 1978 by St. Jake & Fr. Elwood in the Duchy of Sweet Home Chicago. Baby, don’t you wanna go?

In case you missed it from the FDB front page:

“Racism is an unacceptable civic behavior under any circumstances but it is particularly so when one has been entrusted with access to public assets like community FM radio broadcasting.”

By her racist expressions, Terrie-Anne demonstrated that she does not possess the good character required of licensees by ACMA for the continued licensing of any broadcasting facility, inclusive of community FM radio stations. Terrie-Anne engaged in public misconduct likely to bring her employer into disrepute, an almost universally sackable offence in any workplace, but in the case of public racial vilification, one also diametrically opposed to the multicultural mission of 2MIA FM.

On Facebook, Terrie-Anne Verney routinely, repeatedly and flippantly committed racial vilifications and threats (e.g. her suggestion to hold a gun to head of Indian students to persuade them to study in India) whilst insisting that such are valid political opinions and are defensible as free speech. These are not mere political positions and are certainly not defensible. Hate speech is never free speech. It is anti-social conduct and quite specifically unlawful under Australian anti-vilification statutes.

Australia was a multicultural society long before Captain Cook set foot at Botany Bay; indigenous people in the top end were visited by societies from nearby landmasses and traded with them, for thousands of years before Cook’s landing. Australia has now enacted laws which protect that multicultural aspect and specifically ethnoreligious minorities which comprise it. Such laws are enacted to punish behaviours which are detrimental to Australian society at large.

FDB monitors and records incidents of racial vilification and directs information about such to our masters within the Intelligence community as required for the maintenance of our multicultural society. It is not within our purview to analyse the motivations for vilification nor to provide spiritual nor pastoral care for vilifiers.

Perhaps you can offer such services to your errant relative.

I am sure I have no idea what that last bit means.


What is important is… What the flip is a spiritual practitioner anyway?

Louise’s website isn’t working at the moment, so we’ll have to go further afield for an answer. Lisa Hepner, a spiritual practitioner in the glorious United States of America, describes a spiritual practitioner as being akin to a Native American Faith Keeper. She writes on her website:

As spiritual practitioners, it is our “responsibility” to know the Truth of every individual and every circumstance or situation, despite what “appears” to be going on at the outside level.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our “drama” that we forget the Truth of who we really are. A spiritual practitioner knows the Truth, affirms this truth and bears witness to this Truth beyond what anyone is demonstrating at the level of form.

Meditation is a key practice that helps us go within and see the truth of who we are!

Louise might need a little bit of meditation, because it seems that “she” has “forgotten” the Truth of “who” she really “is”: Louise Barbara Verney.

Hang on… wasn’t that Terrie-Anne’s surname? That’s a funny coincidence.

Here’s a tip, Louise, from the very bottom of our hackeysack hearts – lying is neither big nor clever nor particularly spiritual. Apparently dishonesty and deceitfulness can cause one’s aura to go dark green OR dark pink. The experts are split on this issue… but what if it’s both?!

That is called a serious AURA FASHION DISASTER. There are probably other negative karmic consequences as well. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter, because who is ever going to know? People only come to this site from racist websites, right?



This bonus tip is brought to you by Colgate for that MINTY FRESH TASTE, and it is directed to anyone else who wants to send me disingenuous emails which misrepresent their interest in whatever subject: Go ahead, but you should probably pick a day when I’m not bored enough to work out who you are.

Also, I probably won’t be bothered if your email isn’t super flipping dumb.

No! Nobody send me lying emails.

Unless you think you are up to the task of pulling the wool over our eyes!

No! Nobody!


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