Facebook racist gets the boot

Terrie-Ann Verney, an infamous Facebook bigot and community radio staffer who was also an administrator on the rabidly racist ‘Fuck Off We’re Full’ and ‘Australian Protectionist Party’ Facebook groups was given the heave-ho by 2MIA radio within 24 hours after 2MIA management were notified of Verney’s online activities.

Griffith Community FM Association President Edna Wakley comments on the 2MIA website:

The staff and Management of Griffith Community FM Association would like to reiterate their complete surprise and horror that an employee of the association has been involved in racial comments.

It is important that people understand the opinions of Ms Verney were never expressed on air at anytime and the newspaper article is dealing with comments made on a internet site, not her activities at Griffith Community FM Association.

Griffith Community FM Association would like to reiterate that prior to this article the station had not received any complaints in regards to Ms Verney’s on-air involvement, her program content or the execution of her duties as a staff member.

Griffith Community FM Association is heavily involved with Ethnic Broadcasting in the Griffith area and is a staunch supporter of multiculturalism. We are proud of our ethnic presenters, their programs and achievements.

It is disappointing that this staff member’s actions could place a cloud over the integrity of this Association and all that it has achieved in Ethnic Broadcasting, multiculturalism and the community at large.

Ms Verney is no longer involved with Griffith Community FM Association in any way.

Griffith Community FM Association is a not-for profit organisation that over time has developed a good reputation within the entire community of Griffith and surrounds and remains committed to providing broadcasting services for and on behalf of that community.

Edna Wakley
Griffith Community FM Association

Racism is unacceptable civic conduct under any circumstances but it is especially so in cases where one has access to a community radio station, which is chartered by the Broadcast Services Act to serve the diverse needs of local communities.

2MIA management are to be commended for their rapid and decisive action on this matter.

Fight dem back · 5 July 2009 · Discussion