Sydney Forum 2007

Ripped off of Slackbastard:

Another year, another Sydney Forum. And like the Mighty Magpies proved on Saturday night — by way of a final score of 15.11 (101) to 11.10 (76) — Sydney’s full of fucking losers. Well, when it’s not full of war criminals, dictators, and other members of the transnational ruling class — as it will be in a few short weeks. (In addition to Australia, APEC’s membership is composed of delegates from the governments of Brunei, Canada, Chile, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), “Hong Kong, China”, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, People’s Republic of China, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Thailand, the United States and Vietnam.)

Foreign troublemakers at the Sydney Forum, on the other hand, appear to be largely of Croatian, Iraqi, Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian origin: Dr. Tomislav Sunic; a member of the Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party in Iraq; Dr. James Saleam; Rihab Charida; and a member of the Syrian National Socialist Party (which Charida supports), respectively.

Well, that was the plan.

    Note that the Sydney Forum has a tradition of inviting speakers from authoritarian regimes in the Middle East (and would-be authoritarian regimes a la the SSNP) to address ‘Australian patriots’. In 2002, for example, at the second Sydney Forum, Dr. Saad Al Samarai, Charge d’Affaires of the Republic of Iraq (since expelled) addressed Whitey. Unfortunately for Dr. Saad, while elements of the original Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party (حزب البعث العربي الاشتراك — est.1945) maintain their rule in contemporary Syria, in Iraq the Ba’athist regime of Saddam Hussein, which commenced in 1968, ended just a short year later, in 2003, following the US-led invasion. Currently, under the US-led occupation, the Party is banned in Iraq. Finally, it should also be noted that the Syrian Ambassador to Australia, His Excellency Tamman Sulaiman, (diplomatically) cancelled his address after initially agreeing to lecture the raving-right-wing-nuts at the 2006 Forum.


According to a ferret-loving AF member from NSW — after complimenting German neo-Nazi Welf Herfurth (New Reich) on his strict handling of
the fruitbats both in the audience and on stage — the first speaker was the racist hick from rural Queensland (and ex-Confederate Action Party fuehrer) Perry Jewell, whose message, apparently, wasn’t exactly novel: drugs are bad, mmmkay?

Ho hum.

The second speaker was Rihab Charida; “…there to placate jew haters only”, apparently. Rihab immediately got off on the wrong
foot, “by thanking the real owners of our land… the aboriginees” (sic). (I wonder who she thought she was addressing?) By the end of her speech, our ferret-loving bigot was able to conclude that Rihab “just reinforced [my] beliefs that we should get them [Palestinians?] out of our country now. Assimilation is not in this thing[‘]s vocabulary. She contradicted herself on [two occasions]. She said she was born here, but then went on to say she is palestinian. I was extremely offended by its presence [at the Forum?] and was cut off before I could ask her to explain a few things. She would [have been of] much better use as a mud flap for my car and [was] a total waste of time.”

Sheesh. Talk about a tough audience! Then again, if you’re of Palestinian descent, recognise the traditional owners of Australia, and expect anything other racist abuse — at a meeting of psychotic racists — I guess your name isn’t Rihab Charida. As a matter of fact, Charida is a relatively well-known figure on the left in Sydney, having been a member of the ‘Democratic Socialist Perspective’ front Socialist
, but also known as the ‘Sawiyan Coalition for Palestine’, in that capacity addressing a number of forums, rallies
and workshops over the last few years on the subject of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

To which she can now add the fascist Sydney Forum.

A message to you Rihab:

The next speaker was the Croatian fascist (see Anti-Semitism in
) Dr. Tomislav Sunic (whom the ferret lover confesses they “could listen to… for hours”), followed by convicted criminal
and ex-Australian Nazi Party member Dr James Saleam. Finally, “Andrew Fraser
spoke on ‘Homo Americanus… The Political Theology of Sovereignty’; a lament, presumably, for the continuing absence of vastly higher numbers of blonde-haired, blue-eyed Aryans from Australia’s wide brown land.

(Well, possibly. ‘Homo’ is actually an essay by Fraser’s fellow racist Sunic — perhaps Fraser was simply riffing.)

Also scheduled to speak at the Forum were Lachlan Black (who edits — or used to edit — Future Nation, a fascist zine available
from PO Box 734, Woden, ACT, 2606; Black can also be reached via and veteran racist/clown,
former CAP member and CAP and AF electoral candidate, boxing and touch football enthusiast… Darrell Wallbridge.

    “Have you heard the one about the Arab who became a White Nationalist leader?”

Darrell has a distinguished history as a racist bigot, having stood in the 1993 Federal election as the CAP candidate for the NSW seat of Cowper and in numerous local council elections. Unfortunately, Darrell failed to dazzle the voters of Cowper, coming third last with 1,714 votes or 2.5% of the total. Eleven years later, Darrell was back, this time as a candidate for AF in local council elections to the Coffs Harbour City Council.

According to Herr Doktor:

Mr. Wallbridge is 49 years. He has lived in the Coffs Harbour area for 25 years, moving to the city from nearby Macksville.
Mr. Wallbridge has worked as a radio journalist and is currently an entertainer and taxi driver. In recent years he has become widely known in Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas for his MC role at many public events, his first class puppet show which has amused children and adults alike and his appearances in local television advertisements. He is married with two adult sons. Mr. Wallbridge has been an independent candidate for Council (in the 1980s), increasing his vote each time.

Darrell’s attempt to join the local council — propelled, no doubt, by his first class puppet show which has amused children and adults alike
and his appearances in local television advertisements — was supplemented by a spirited campaign. Breathless with anticipation, Herr Doktor describes the content of one of his innumerable leaflets as follows: “A leaflet, Coffs First, is about to hit the streets in Coffs Harbour. This hard-hitting leaflet in support of Darrell Wallbridge has targeted the asylum-seeker cult that has do-good organisations and leading citizens falling over themselves to put Australians last for houses and other services.”

Needless to say, despite a first class puppet show, television appearances, and a hard-hitting leaflet, Darrell once again failed to capture the public’s imagination. Nevertheless, Darrell did manage to entertain the masses at the 2003 Sydney Forum, and again in 2005, where he joined Lachlan Black (a speaker at this year’s Forum) and Luke “Mate, I’m going to get brain cancer from having the mobile phone pressed to me ear all day and all night” Connors:

Luke Connors, Building A Nationalist Youth Movement

Luke Connors is a Melbourne nationalist, active in organising the Patriotic Youth
League. He will discuss the ways and means of constructing a new movement amongst Australian youth.

Darryl Wallbridge, A Short Comedy Sketch

Darryl is one of Australia’s foremost professional clowns and he will break the hard sell of politics with some satirical commentary on political correctness.

He’s also written at least two letters in his life, the first to Jack Van Tongeren back in the 80s; the second piece of batshittery reproduced by the aging bigots of the League of Rights in Volume 34, Number 34 of their weekly newsletter.


The following revealing letter was offered in The Advocate, Coffs Harbour, August 22nd:

“The rise and rise of Pauline Hanson and One Nation. What has made this possible? Well perhaps I might have an answer or two. Back in the mid 70s I worked on The Australian editorial. We were given surveys and opinions on what ordinary Australians thought about immigration and multiculturalism. These surveys showed over 90 percent of Australians were against both multiculturalism and immigration. But we were not allowed to print this information. What we printed was a lot of false information on how people’s attitudes had changed. It was felt that by adopting the attitude that immigration and multiculturalism was wonderful, people would gradually change their attitudes.

Propaganda often works.

One gentleman who spoke out against immigration had a photo of his head transposed onto a photo of a man in a Nazi uniform. His credibility plummeted. Many others met similar fates. Most commonly a photo of a skinhead was shown with a transgressor.

Anybody who said anything like Pauline Hanson was immediately painted as a lunatic, Nazi or fascist.

If Hanson had been a male she would have suffered a similar fate. Her gender saves her from political obscurity.

A few years ago I spoke out against the allowing of Vietnamese refugees on national television. I was immediately visited by ASIO and information I had collected taken away. So much for democracy.

Back in 1966 when I was 12 years old I began to take an interest in immigration and its effects on recipient populations. I studied West
Indian, Pakistani and Indian immigration into Britain. It appeared to be a complete mess unwanted by the local inhabitants. But of course the politicians knew best. The situation was very similar in Canada and the United States.

I then compared monocultural societies which appeared to be more stable with lower crime rates and longer life spans. Critics would say they were boring and uninteresting.

Throughout the US the safest states to live in are the most monocultural. While multicultural nations such as Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia have been dissolving before our eyes we have been promoting a policy of self-destruction.

In 1974 I predicted the breakup of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. At the time I was laughed at. If we continue this way Australia will not
exist in 20 years.”


As I said: completely batshit. And speaking of batshit, Adelaide’s favourite Holocaust denialist Fred Töben recalls a previous, priceless performance by “Darryl” at the 2003 Forum as follows:

A completely different presentation came from comedian Darryl Wallbridge in his ‘Amused And Serious: Political Correctness In
The Entertainment Industry’. Wallbridge claimed that it is totally off-limits to present Jewish jokes. He gave other such examples, in particular at children’s parties he has to be very careful that the feminists don’t take him to court for ‘offending’ a child.

As potty-mouthed comedienne Sarah Silverman might say:

Q. How do you distinguish between a joke about racism and a joke that’s racist?
A. By not being retarded?

Conclusion: I hate wogs!

    I’m a dinky-di Australian guy, and my name is Bluey Schmidt
    I love this sunburned country and I’m bloody proud of it
    I love our simple way of life and the things we all hold dear
    Like VFL and Big Ben pies and foamin’ Tooheys beer
    I love our open friendliness where a man can make good mates
    In fact in all Australia there’s just one thing I hates!

    I hate wogs, they live like dogs
    Some eat bananas and some eat frogs
    Some wear turbans and some wear clogs
    They’re all the bloody same to me ’cause I hate wogs

    The local chip shop down the street is run by a bloody Greek
    He’s open 16 hours a day, 7 days a week
    And every cent that you spend there on a hamburger or a dim sim
    Helps to send back home to Greece for more bastards just like him
    I never eat there meself, I couldn’t touch wog meat
    I usually eat at the Chinese caf’ that’s just across the street!


    I was queuein’ down at the registry pickin’ up me dole
    In front of me was a Yugoslav, in front of him a Pole
    Behind me was a Frenchman, behind him was a Turk
    Those lazy migrant bastards, do they never bloody work?
    For there’s plenty of jobs goin’ round, though I’ve not worked since school
    May be a filthy racist pig but I’m not a bloody fool!


    So send the bastards home to Spain, Italy and Greece
    And maybe when they’ve all gone home we’ll get some bloody peace
    To sit in the shade of the coolibah tree and drink beer all day long
    And run amok with a fat jumbuck down by the billabong
    And every night at 12 o’clock, to show that we’re not slaggards
    We’ll all sing our national song. “Advance Australia — backwards!”

    ~ Eric Bogle

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