A Discussion Of Difficulties Encountered When Attempting To Effect Change Within Neo-Fascist Organisations in Australia

or; I think if we stopped going on about the Jews we might have a little more success, oh wait this is a neo-Nazi group nevermind then.

Darrin Hodges
Darrin ‘The Sleeping Dragon‘ Hodges

Jim Saleam and Ross May
Jim ‘The Leb‘ Saleam & Ross ‘The Skull‘ May

Darrin Hodges, former secretary of the Sutherland Shire branch of Australia First, has had a few unkind words to say regarding Jim Saleam‘s reaction to the Party’s betrayal by friends-turned-nemesi Australians Against Further Immigration:

Jim Saleam is loving every minute of this, hes reveling in it. Its a paranoid fantasy come true. It has all the elements: the betrayal, the grubby politics, the lies, the joooooos. And best of all, from Saleams perspective, it provides a handy scapegoat on which to lay the blame for any failure of the Cronulla Campaign as it may unfold on the 24th.

As for the meeting yesterday (Sunday 10th) at the SUS club; yet another failure. Twenty-four people attended — and they were the usual suspects — even after a half-page advert in the local paper [The Sutherland Shire Leader]. The presence of Ross [The Skull] May, of course, indicates that Saleam is neither serious nor dedicated to the true Nationalist cause in Australia. He is still rusted on to a failed and reactionary ideology — Nazism. The fact that he knew May would be present — even after being told that Ross presence can no longer be tolerated (at party meetings) — indicates the complete lack of regard Saleam has for the future of this nation and his own party.

The main reason nobody attends these public meetings is because nobody wants to be associated with a criminal neo-Nazi, nor be in the presence of somebody who was [is?] the 2IstC [equivalent?] of the Australian Nazi Party: Ross May. This meeting and the potential failure at Cronulla is just another failure in a long list of failures that AFP NSW has suffered under the direction of Jim Saleam.

I dont like liars and I dont like being lied to.

Goodness gracious! Poor Daz seems genuinely hurt that Jimbo has disregarded his advice about going soft on the ‘Jewish question’ (though it wasn’t so long ago that Darrin himself was a fairly fervent believer in The Protocols – we suspect his about-face may only be superficial).

If only the poor dear had listened to us, we could have saved him from a broken heart. As the national spokesperson for AF’s youth corps (The Patriotic Youth League), Melbourne white supremacist Luke Connors made similar efforts which were equally in vain. He quit the group last year saying:

I have had just about enough of bloody nazis or half nazis of former nazis making me and everyone around me look bad … until the few {influential} Nazis are thrown out [Australia First] will toil away for nothing.

It’s possible that a small flaw in Australia First’s political structure may have been uncovered by Darrin and Luke. As a neo-Fascist organisation, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that those in conflict with the leader rarely get their way.

Fight dem back · 12 March 2007 · Discussion