Swastikas & Klan Robes: Sexist, Racist Homophobes

The Secretary for the Sutherland Shire branch of the Australia First party, Darrin Hodges, huh? What an enigma this kid is!

While he doesn’t seem to have any problem taking money from homosexuals in exchange for such items as fiddly bits, latex vests and DVDs like Desperate Househusbands and When My Wife’s Away, I Like Dick – he does seem to have a problem with books depicting people in same-sex relationships being read in schools.

Keep in mind, these books don’t depict the sort of wild orgies you can see in Men In Black… Leather (also sold by Darrin) but the sort of relationships you would see in any children’s book.

For example:

Today me and my mums went to the park and flew a kite. After that we bought an icecream THEN EUTHANISED ALL MEN, WORE LONG TROUSERS, AND DANCED ON WEARY DUNLOP’S GRAVE.

On Stormfront, Daz writes:

fags DEMAND apology.

[Quoting from the Australian:] “Simon Margan, from CAAH, called on Mr Iemma to apologise for saying that childcare centres should not be used to teach children about gay and lesbian relationships.”

They can take their agenda and jam it up their arse, We do not need this perverted filth being exposed to our little children, it’s just sick.

And on his blog:

How about you just fuck off and take your tacky fag agenda with you.

If you really want tacky, you need look no further than a bloke who’ll sell gay porn for a living, while simultaneously being a member of a group which has violently attacked homosexuals.


Of course, we don’t want to tar EVERYONE over at Stormfront with the same bigoted brush as Darrin. A rather strange thread started by David “Ze Baron” Innes has quite a few neo-Nazis coming out (so to speak) in favour of gay marriage. How progressive, lads!

Fight dem back · 7 June 2006 · Discussion