Deregistered, homes…

From The Age:

Party loses status.

The controversial “eco-nationalist” party that campagined for Australia to cut its migrant intake to zero in net terms is no longer an official part of the political landscape.
Australians Against Further Immigration was deregistered by the Australian Electoral Commission last month after failing to provide proof that it still had enough members to be registered as a political party.
The party, founded in 1989, fielded a federal candidate as recently as last March, during the Werriwa byelection. Key figures from the party also helped fuel the rise of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party in the 1990s, when they threw their weight behind her new political movement.

The Party in question is not a fun, rocking party at all. They’ve got some wild and crazy links to the Holocaust-denying Australian League of Rights, and one of their candidates once made this statement:

My policy on refugees and illegals is to reopen the second Yallah meatworks, creating up to 500 local jobs, and convert them to blood and bone.


News brief · 11 January 2006