We’ll take a cup of kindness yet

For the sake of Auld Lang Syne, my dear.

As 2005 comes skidding to a halt, we the folk at FDB would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours all the best for the upcoming year (provided you’re not a racist). If you’re a fash, we hope 2006 proves to be even worse for you than 2005 has been.

Seriously, look at the damage bill we inflicted this year.

  • ALL cooperation between Kiwi and Aussie racist groups brought to a grinding halt. FDB represents the most sublime trans-Tasman chemistry since a guy from Auckland named Neil Finn teamed up with two Aussies from Melbourne to form Crowded House. With our coming together, suddenly the ranks of Australasian racists aren’t so crowded anymore. Ironic.

  • The New Zealand National Front decimated beyond recovery.

  • Their leader, the Chipmunk Kyle Chapman sent scurrying into his Y2K bunker in the Southern Alps. Yes, we know he’s six years too late – he doesn’t though.

  • The Australian National Front youth, to use their own words, “blown out of the water by some lefties.”

  • Jim Saleam’s Sydney Forum shut down and reduced to a backyard job.

  • Professor Andrew Fraser’s neo-Nazi links outed BIGTIME!

  • The outing of One Nation candidate Sue Bateman as a Stormfront regular.

  • The online surrender of the WPCA and ANN tribes. No more internet recruiting for those idiots.

  • The jailing of former NZNF activists Jason Molloy and Ross Baumgarten on vandalism and shooting charges.

  • The outing of the Toowoomba WPCA crew who had been harassing Sudanese refugees since god knows when.

  • The highlighting of racist groups who sought to capitalise on the recent unrest at Cronulla.

  • RETIREMENTS GALORE: It seems there aren’t too many racists out there who are brave enough to stick with the scene once they get our big ol’ searchlight trained on them. Darrin “Infidel”, James “JN” Newman, Matty Medieval, the Aust National Front youth guys just to name a few.

Basically, FDB have sent a strong and clear message to the race-hate activists of Australia and New Zealand. Your days of recruiting openly on the internet and acting without witness and consequence are over.

Believe us, there will be many more retirements coming in 2006. Next year will be the annus horribilis for Aussie and Kiwi Nazis. This year was just a warm up.

This is but a sample of how we see the year gone by. See here for the rest of the forum talk and here for our awards ceremony (which we still don’t have a name for yet).

Sorry for the shabby entry, I mean we at-least could have chucked in some hyperlinks. Hey, it’s New Year’s Eve and after our kick-arse efforts this year, our inaugural year, we deserve some slack.

We’ll close off with a very poignant post from our forum. It sums up FDB rather nicely don’t you think?

I am an anti-racist because I have seen racism in action all over the planet. It happens in every language group, in every nation. Racism is as diverse as its targets.

Fear of the unknown appears to be a natural human response. However, it is one of, if not our most cowardly natural response. Racism is a thoughtless, lizard-brain level reaction to the unfamiliar. Overcoming one’s own racism or xenophobia requires acquisition of new information, but first, one must have the courage to put aside the fear of the unfamiliar to take new information on board.

Confronting racists requires ten times the courage of confronting one’s own fear. Every last one of the anti-racism activists on FDB count among the bravest people I’ve ever known- and my experience is not limited.

I have lived on three continents and have two citizenships (and qualify for two more). I’m one of the first people to ride the wave of democratisation of information created by public access to the Internet, as it begins to dissolve national borders- and nationalism itself. Nationalists rely on demonising people not of ‘our own mob.’ Internet allows you to carry on conversations directly with the people whom your own country’s racists and nationalists attack, demystifying and decriminalising those who have been accused by your own.

I can’t be prouder to be associated with any group as much as I am with those as diverse and determined as FDB members. Every time a nazi takes a swipe at me, Darp or anyone else here, I’m again reminded of why I’m here and how valuable FDB’s work is to the greater Australian and New Zealand communities. Not all FDBers may get their mugs in the news, but you can be certain there are people behind the curtain, pulling levers and watching dials.

As long as there are racists who think they are going to poison our communities through fearmongering, intimidation or threats of violence and destruction, I’ll be somewhere near FDB.

Fight dem back · 30 December 2005 · Discussion