Ben Weerheym’s xmas pressie to FDB

Whopping great picture of Space Wizard posted up on Leftywatch

Ben Weerheym has posted some strange pictures on Leftywatch over the last few months. Sporting stars, celebs, dead mafia hitmen and also a few pictures of some Kiwi fash. Granted, we fed all these pictures to him and said they were FDB members just to see how stupid he is.

Sure enough, he posted them all up.

We’re not too sure what was in Ben’s mince pies this afternoon because his latest post completely takes the cake. As you’d be aware, WPCA leader Peter Campbell (Kromlek of Asgard) was present at the Unite Against Racism rally last Sunday. Krom managed to take a number of photos which he has passed onto Ben for publication. That’s our educated hypothesis anyway. We’re sure Krapper will deny any association with any photos.

We’re not going to try and explain Ben’s logic other than to say he really needs to get a better understanding of what the elder statesmen of the Australian Nazi scene look like.

See, Ben just posted a great big whopping picture of David Palmer

The “harmony in the Park” rally!

Wel well well, what a sight this motley crew was! Luckily a few people including a couple of Leftywatchers from NSW were available to take a few happy snaps of the extreme leftist rabble in a full swing!

As always, any info to be received about those featured here will be appreciated the images have been edited for easier viewing so enjoy…

So, if you’ve ever wondered what the Space Wizard looks like, there he is. The Grand Dragon of the Australian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and the Fuhrer of the ..of the …of the …argh, who can keep track with his infinite groups.

Dave popped along to scope out the scene after hanging out at Cronulla during the morning. He graciously made the time to come down to the speaking platform and say a quick “G’day Darpie” to Mat Henderson-Hau as well.

He’s aged a bit since his Today Tonight appearances and you can just recognise him from the picture which appeared in the Victorian edition of The Australian last Wednesday.

Anyway, with rocket scientists like Ben Weerheym on the job, our job is a walk in the park some days.

Fight dem back · 25 December 2005 · Discussion