‘ello ‘ello ‘ello, what’s all this, then?

From the Daily Telegraph:

Website encouraged racist violence
December 21, 2005

A COMPANY linked to the father of suspected white supremacist Andrew Sanders was used to set up a website urging readers to bash Lebanese people.

Racist website www.fightback.org.au, which advises making sure of someone’s ethnicity before bashing them, was registered by Britfest Incorporated.

The company shares the name of the annual Britfest festival, which is a celebration of the contribution of British people in Australia.

The festival was run by Steve Sanders, late father of 25-year-old Sanders.

However, the website was created in the wake of the Cronulla riots and Mr Sanders died in 2003.

The website, which was pulled down recently, incited violence to Lebanese.

“Don’t bash people who look ‘wog’ [or] Leb’ on that alone!” it states.

“Just in case anyone thinks: ‘Hey, he looks Leb, let’s not take chances!’ if things get a bit passionate out there, be sure of your targets! We are not a mob out to roll c…. for no reason.”

The site registrant, Britfest Incorporated, is listed on the Australian Business Register as a company based on the Central Coast. It appears to have ceased operating in August, at which time its business number was cancelled.

By law, a website with the domain name “org” must be registered by an entity with a business number.

Britfest organiser Anne Fitzgerald could not be contacted last night, but this week said Britfest was intended to foster relations between Sydney’s British community and other ethnic groups.

News brief · 21 December 2005