FightBack = Bus-ted.

Recently, a website called Fight Back was brought to our attention. Every fash and his dog fell in love with this site, it was their saviour, their rallying call, their …their …well it turned out to be their one-way ticket to a police raid as you’ll see later.

It was advertised extensively on the white supremacist Stormfront forums, and on the Australia First Party website. No point looking there anymore, Jim Saleam in his frantic efforts to distance himself from anything and anyone connected to criminal activity at Cronulla has removed it.

Before the media spotlight was turned on it, this website contained lots of helpful advice.

For example:

# DONT BASH PEOPLE WHO LOOK ‘WOG’ / ‘LEB’ ON THAT ALONE! The media claim on Sunday we were bashing people of ‘middle eastern or mediterranian looks’. Some of our boys are eastern european and some are middle eastern and are more leb looking than the lebs that were seen on Sunday mouthing off at the crowd. Whilst WE ALL KNOW the media is lying as usual about this one, just incase anyone thinks “Hey, he looks leb, let’s not take chances!” if things get a bit passionate out there, BE SURE OF YOUR TARGETS! We are not a mob out to roll cunts for no reason. We are defending ourselves and other citizens ONLY. If you see someone ploughing into someone smaller than them, good chance he’s one of the terrorists scum we’re protesting against.

Got that? Make sure the person you’re attacking is really a Leb, and doesn’t just look like one.

It also listed various things that people should bring to Cronulla Mark II:

# Comfortable yet practical clothing.
# A two way CB on channel 20.
# Camelbak or waterbottle.
# A number 13 / 15 wound dressing or small 1st Aid Kit.
# Sturdy full fingered gloves.
# An Australian flag!
# A bullhorn if you have one.
# A ski mask or spare t-shirt.

Fascinating stuff…

They deleted this of course once we started to poke around their site. Don’t worry, it lives on forever in the google cache.

But whom is behind this call to arms?

Let’s have a quick squiz at the WhoIs details of this here website:

Domain Name:
Last Modified: Never Updated
Registrar ID: R00010-AR
Registrar Name: Melbourne IT
Status: OK
Registrant ID: OTHER Y3041402
Registrant ROID: C3524115-AR
Registrant Contact Name: BRITFEST INCORPORATED
Registrant Email:

Tech ID: C3524116-AR
Tech Name: Brian Sutherland
Tech Email:

Brian Sutherland is obviously a fake name – but Britfest Incorporated…

That sounds familiar somehow.

Oh, right…

Andrew Sanders, one of the lads picked up at Brighton-Le Sands the other night with:

# camouflage army fatigue pants, commando-style utility belts, knee-pads, helmets. (comfortable yet practical clothing)

#Portable radios and police scanners. (A two way CB on Channel 20)

#army-style canteens, Camelbaks. (Camelbak or waterbottle)

#Two small Australian flags. (An Australian Flag!)

#A bullhorn. (A bullhorn if you have one)

#Face masks. (A ski-mask or spare t-shirt)

………may have some connection with Britfest. You’d certainly need the Britfest ABN in order to set up a “dot org dot au” website.

Funny that.

Now that these boys are well and truly up to their necks in legal trouble, let’s see how many Stormfronters follow Jim Saleam’s lead and STOP linking to

Oh and you prats, nice try at usurping our name.

Full props for this discovery go to BANA, one of our IT super-sleuths. If there are racists inciting hate online, you can bet your bottom dollar that FDB will find em and expose em.

Fight dem back · 20 December 2005 · Discussion