After the raids, names are named

From the terror:

Police in raids on neo-Nazi gangs


December 20, 2005

POLICE yesterday raided the homes of a string of suspected white supremacists, arresting a security guard and seizing a cache of guns, knives, arrows and other weapons.

The operation came as white supremacists across Australia and internationally attempted to rally people into a race war via a series of videos glorifying the Cronulla riots.

Police Minister Carl Scully said the practice was “repulsive” and he had passed details of the videos on to police.

The raids followed the arrest on Sunday night of five men, including Andrew Sanders, 25, for allegedly carrying tanks of petrol into Brighton-le-Sands.

“It would appear that those who were arrested were connected to a white supremacist group,” Police Commissioner Ken Moroney said.

All five were released but police raided Sanders’ home in Van Diemen Ave, Willmot, at 5am yesterday.

They allegedly discovered a payload of weapons including smoke grenades, an ammunition re-loading machine, a pistol, knives, arrows and a slingshot, both in a house safe and in Sanders’ brown Ford, which bore the sticker “Anglo-Saxon and proud”.

Officers also raided homes in Ermington, Wentworthville, Kingsford and Keiraville.

Sanders, a member of Blacktown Shooting Club, was expected to be charged last night with possessing dangerous weapons.

The 25-year-old is the only son of the late Steve Sanders, a popular local who organised the Blacktown “Britfest” – intended to foster relationships between Sydney’s British communities and other ethnic groups.

A family friend said Sanders seemed “a level-headed guy”.

“His dad would have had a fit,” the friend said.

Meanwhile, a series of pro-white videos circulating on a racist website has been referred to the Commissioner of Police by Police Minister Carl Scully.

The first of at least two videos, entitled The Battle for Cronulla, was posted on the white nationalist website Stormfront on the first night the rioting erupted at the beachside suburb.

This video has already been downloaded 1700 times.

A second video, labelled ‘Cronulla Oi!, was posted on Saturday and had been downloaded about 400 times by yesterday afternoon.

The overtly racist videos encourage violence against non-whites and warn any other ethnic group to stay out of Cronulla.

The Battle for Cronulla is presented by “White Nationalist TV”. After featuring skinheads in German iron crosses and three-bladed swastikas, it closes with the message: “Not white, not welcome in Cronulla”.

The second video is set to a song about race war by heavy metal band Screwdriver and features a montage of images showing white rioters bashing helpless victims.

It also features an image of a police officer trying to rescue a victim, emblazoned with the words: “Race traitor”.

Mr Scully said the actions were profoundly disturbing.

“I have not seen these videos but if they are anything like the descriptions you have given me they are repulsive, especially if they are being used to recruit young Australians to their cause,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

“I have passed the website address on to the Commissioner for Police. The site will be investigated to determine whether any racial vilification laws have been breached.”

Anti-Nazi campaigner Mat Henderson-Hau warned people not to be duped into joining white supremacist organisations.

“It’s sad how plenty of socially dysfunctional young kids get drawn into neo-Nazi web forums thinking that they’re buying into a new family of tough bigger brothers,” he said.

“They’re angry, disturbed, lonely and potentially violent people.”

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