Luke Connors the “Law Student”

When someone gets busted telling a really big lie it tends to undercut anything they have to say in the future.

Whilst the PYL media representative Luke Connors is busy shooting his mouth off left, right and centre – we thought it an ideal opportunity to remind people currently researching the Patriotic Youth League that you can’t always take what Luke says at face value.

See, a little while back, a journo friend of ours filmed an interview where Luke Connors spoke to camera and claimed to be a law student.

He was (and continues to be) completely full of doggy do-do. He is not and never has been a law student. When confronted by FDB Luke’s response was:

“I don’t remember saying I was a law student but if I did say that I was a law student then I didn’t mean to say that.”

John Howard’s rhetorical style pops up in the most obvious of places sometimes.

Anyway, it’s a good lark this here tale of how someone can lie through their teeth, get busted, change their story, get busted again and change the story for a second time etc etc…

Le sigh…. when will the PYL learn? Honesty is always the best policy.

Fight dem back · 13 December 2005 · Discussion