PYL encouraged Cronulla violence

From the Daily Telegraph.

Neo-Nazi group joins the fray

December 12, 2005

YOUNG neo-Nazis yesterday infiltrated the riots at North Cronulla, promoting their white supremacist cause.

One young woman was seen proudly holding up a poster that read: “Aussies fighting back!”

It advertised a group called the Patriotic Youth League.

Founded by former Newcastle student and One Nation activist Stuart McBeth in 2002, the league describes itself as a “radical nationalist” group. It is widely considered to be a neo-Nazi organisation.

It has links to the German-based skinhead group Volksfront as well as the like-minded British Nationalist Party and the New Zealand National Front.

The league has campaigned for the deportation of immigrants and keeping foreign students out of universities.

League spokesman Luke Connors said he had been forbidden to comment on the Cronulla riots or the events leading up to them.

“I’ve been given instructions not to say anything,” Mr Connors said.

Based on reports fed back to us from the gathering in Cronulla, the vast overwhelming majority of people who rocked up were apolitical locals just on for a blue and maybe a BBQ. Despite the outbreaks of racist chanting, the majority of those involved more would most certainly not come under the rubric of being active racists.

Most people who attended are now talking up the fact that various nationalities, not just Anglo-Celts partook in this. The Shire locals have some issues to work out with the Bankstown Lebanese and vice-versa.

Still, it is to be expected that neo-Nazi orgs likes the PYL and other affiliated bodies would seek to hijack this event and paint it with their own brand of race-hate.

News brief · 12 December 2005