I’d love to go for a walk outside now…


A little while ago, the darling chilluns on Stormfront had a brainwave.


If you follow these simple rules, FDB will be overthrown and the WHITE RACE WILL RULE AGAIN!


A week later, we hadn’t posted anything, and it was determined that this genius strategy had worked. Everyone patted each other on the back and went back home for a scone and a cup of tea.

Unfortunately, the boys at Stormfront hadn’t followed the rules at all.

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. Get it out, put it on… and press Play………. NOW.


Den den den.

Den den den.

Den den dennnnnnnnnn.

That’s right, it’s the Stormfront Victoria BBQ.

We have lots of pretty pictures from this fascinating event.

Lots of pretty pictures.

Oh, the pictures we have.


As one of the attendees noted when they were freaking out that an Asian tourist was taking photos of them, “photos are useless if they don’t have a name.”

A BIG thanks to Kiwi FDBer Jeffie for coming along. Putting names to faces has never been so easy. We will be reasonably kind with this entry though, no need for a scatter gun expose.

It was very impressive to see Jeffie, this creaking, ancient old man clamber up a tree like a squirrel – must be all that ### training.

So, what did the lads talk about?

Well, they talked about the Asian problem (too many Asians), they talked about the Jew problem (too many Jews), they talked about the Aboriginal problem (not a problem, as they will all die out one day… but they did have a LOVERLY time talking about the myriad cruel ways to torment homeless aboriginal people.).

They talked about Baron Von Hund and how they think he’s a great guy, and is in no way a divisive aresehole.

(You might want to flick your sarcasm detectors on and re-read that passage once more – the entire group, to a man, HATED the Baron. He is “too negative, ego-driven, divides the scene and made too many enemies.”)

One very interesting passage of conversation concerned the fact that Baron spams out FDB’s Mat Henderson-Hau’s (Darp) home address and other personal details to every WN in the eastern states for whom he has an email address.

The day cruised along.

They had the sort of conversations that ordinary Aussies have all the time. How to have a political enemy killed, should extra attention be paid to their particularly bad haircut etc. The suggestion was made that somebody should give the address of that fiend Darp to the recently paroled axe-murderering neo-nazi Dane Sweetman. It was noted that Reverend Patrick O’Sulivan also had those details and had more than likely passed them on anyhow. Baron Von Hund, they suggested had probably passed them on as well “because he sends them to everyone.”

They also talked at length about Reverend Pat, and how they think he’s a great guy, and in no way a psycho.

(Again, flick those sarcasm detectors on)

Oh the laughs and japes. Everyone was warned to never let Pat know your home address because he goes out and gets maggotted then stumbles around Melbourne looking for somewhere to crash. One anonymous WN awoke one morning to find Patrick comatose on his sofa and vomit scattered all over the loungeroom.

The time that he was urinated on by his fellow skinheads, and the time that Jim Saleam allegedly kidnapped him and had him brought up to Sydney for…. not sure I want to know… and the time that…. well, there were lots of funny stories about the good Reverend.

It really is true that you have no friends, Pat.

It was interesting to see some of these people in the flesh, as well.

We have Ben Hall, or Nathan… I thought he would have a big beard and perhaps live in the 19th century. Instead he looks like Keith from the office. We didn’t catch Mr. Hall’s thoughts on scotch eggs or Ali G, but I think it’s safe to assume he doesn’t like the latter.

There were a few freak-outs.

At one point, the fash spotted Fight Dem Back’s own Dr. Cam Sexenheimer taking photos of them from the footbridge. One of them sidled up to the evil Matt Henderson and said, “I think that asian tourist is taking photos of us.”

There was much debate as to whether this was just a tourist, or one of the evil antifascists they’ve heard so much about.

“How could they have found out about this?” “Is there anyone that said they were coming who hasn’t shown up?”

Eventually, they calmed down, and joked amongst themselves about them being too paranoid, inre: THE ZOG!

THEN…. two UNIFORMED cops pulled up.

They said to them, “Afternoon, lads, you didn’t wait for us before you started? Celebrating anything in particular?”

“Oh no, officer… we’re just… having a barbeque… with, some…. uh… friends.”

Take note, dear reader, as to the manner in which their actual sheepish response to this question differs to the reporting of the same incident on Stormfront.

We were disappointed to note the absence of “Visual Venom” though. Apparently he was not invited as he would have brought his brother, whose face is “covered in swastika tatts.” This would have been “a bad advertisement.”

Quote of the day goes to Polish Boy:

“Damn, we don’t have any knives… if Reverend Patrick was here, then we’d be in business!”

A big thanks to our hombre at the Broken Left Leg blog, who also has a take on this fun day out.

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