SF goons lampooned

Joe Hildebrand tries on the Steelcap Boot for a few weeks.

From the Telegraph.

Life as an uber fraud – the one race I won

October 29, 2005

SOMETIMES in dark moments a beam of light can raise you from your malaise. A beacon of hope in a world of twilight.

Such a thing happened to me when, during a rough day at the office, I decided to become a white supremacist.

It all started when a wire service friend of mine had her story posted on the white nationalist website Stormfront.

She was a little taken aback that her story – which unfortunately happened to be about an African man infecting white women with AIDS – was held up as a clarion call to the master race.

But I was not so disheartened. I saw a world of opportunity. Why leave these things to chance? I thought. It’s time to get involved.

First I had to become a registered user of Stormfront, so I adopted the username Curiouswhitey. I wanted to convey a sense of wide-eyed innocence.

I also went to the trouble of setting up a bogus e-mail address – tightwhiteknight @hotmail.com – just to complete my “back story”. This way they’ll never know who I really am. Oh hang on . . .

Anyway I climbed aboard and suddenly found myself making great new friends like KLANSMAN, Canadian_Warrior, KeepBritainWhite, aryanprincess88, Steelcap Boot and – the most fearsome white supremacist of all – MrBadgerSir.

My original intention was to get all the guys over for a barbecue, a sort of get-to-know-you session where we could discuss everyday stuff like house prices, the lack of affordable child care, ethnic cleansing and the latest restaurants.

But I found myself drawn in to the rich online discussions that were taking place.

One topic, introduced by my new mate Yggdrasil, was entitled “I need your race riot videos!” Straight to the point – that’s Yggdrasil for you, the old sausage.

Yggdrasil, always thinking ahead, noted “our struggle will be won or lost with the DVD” before asking people for footage of race riots, “especially the emotional stuff such as beatings of whites by blacks”.

I wanted to help out but all I had was Finding Nemo. So I thought I’d try to get a broader discussion going: “Speaking of videos, has anybody here seen Rabbit Proof Fence?”

Looking forward to the reply. Those guys are great.

On the topic “In what ways were you brainwashed?” started by Steeltrump, I found myself opening up like I hadn’t dared to before.

“My parents were so poor they couldn’t afford a mirror. I always thought I was black until my 16th birthday. When I found out I was so mad I decided to hate all of them.”

This was a slight exaggeration. I was actually 15-and-a-half but cyberspace lets you loosen up a bit.

In another discussion launched by Baron Von Hund about Aborigines, I tried to get in his good graces.

I was new to the scene and I needed a friend, so I simply said: “Couldn’t agree more Baron. They should go back to where they came from.”

Then I was ridiculed for apparently thinking I was the first person to say that. What? Had no one agreed with the Baron before?

Back in the thought-provoking discourse on “bleeding hearts” I explored some of the tensions in the theme: “I hate bleeding hearts too but I like Spartan Whiteknight. Does that make me a bleeding heart?” Spartan Whiteknight never responded but I like to think we’re now special friends.

They’re a pretty nice bunch of guys and girls there. When sweetthing25 said she was going to have another baby everyone sent heaps of congratulations.

Whiterider was particularly supportive, saying, “I believe that it is imperative that both women and men should sacrifice themselves more to have large white families”.

Whiterider’s kind of the big picture guy.

Other times we all just chat about stuff.

On one chatroom everyone had to say something about the person before them and boy, there were lots of yellow smiley faces being thrown around.

Spartan even wrote “Jeanway is the queen of smilies” but then aryanbrother88 said Spartan was just a suck-up.

Sometimes we talk about our feelings, like when Aikon said he was actually dating a Jewish girl but it was okay because she renounced her religion.

“I’m not a race traitor . . . I couldn’t tell she was a Jew when I met her,” he said. I dunno Aikon, it’s a grey area.

Then there was Molitor, who opened the topic “Anyone care to discuss Buddhism?”

Molitor is a white nationalist who signs off every posting with a quote from Adolf Hitler.

Now he’s told everyone he’s also a Buddhist.

He is the worst white supremacist I have ever seen.

Also everyone is pretty big on Prussian Blue, those nice young blonde haired American girls who sing about racial purity, but I think they should change their name to Prussian White just to keep things straight.

Still, it’s nice to know that, despite the ’60s, some mums and dads are bringing their kids up properly.

Speaking of name changes, the administrator of the website is called Don Black.

Now I really don’t think he’s in the right place.

Any way, I must rush off. SturmTiger is having book club at his house tonight and everyone has to bring a plate.

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