More on Redwatch from the NZ Herald

Redwatch is in the media again, this time the New Zealand Herald, including an interview with Fight Dem Back! Aotearoa representative Robert Trigan.

Far-right group sets up ‘hit list’

By Derek Cheng

A group with white supremacist links is setting up an online database of Australian and New Zealand left-wing activists, who are calling it a “hit list” and a “terrorist threat”.

Webgroup Redwatch Downunder, based in Perth, has sent emails to groups in Australia and New Zealand, asking for information on “communists, ‘anti-facists’, anarchists, homosexuals, multiculturalists”.

Details sought include photos, contact numbers and names of associates.

National Front spokesman Kyle Chapman said the list was “to counter what the communists do to us”.

But anti-racism group Fight Dem Back said it was an act of terrorism.

“It’s a very scary thought,” said FDB New Zealand co-ordinator Robert Trigan. “The general feeling in the community is of serious concern for safety and wellbeing.”

He said Australian neo-Nazi Ben Weerheym was behind the email.

“[Weerheym] is basically saying, ‘We are gathering this information, do what you want with it’. It is clearly meant to incite violence.”

Fight Dem Back has accused Mr Chapman of distributing Redwatch material here and saying: “We are getting to that stage where it will just be time to send the boys around.”

Mr Chapman refused to comment on this, but said: “If the freaks ever threaten my family like they have some of the other guys, I will be the one doing the door knocking.”

He said front members did not officially support Redwatch. “But if our members do stuff with Redwatch then that’s their choice.”

He said “communists” used a similar list to intimidate front members.

Mr Trigan said FDB had a list of names and photos. “But no other information. It is so we know who we are dealing with. We would not use the information to attack them or their family members.”

Police spokesman Jon Neilson said there was nothing to suggest New Zealand groups were submitting names. “However, we cannot discount individuals submitting material.”

Police would not contact Perth police unless there was evidence of Redwatch-related crime here.

News brief · 20 June 2005