Kerry Bolton — a nut, or just a misunderstood Mormon/Satanist/Nazi?

Kerry Bolton

Born in 1956 and educated at Hutt Valley Technical College, Lower Hutt, Kerry currently resides in Paraparaumu, 30mins from Wellington on the coast.

His current partner, Kathy Thomson, was also involved in the National Front and attended at least two of their demonstrations.

Previous Affilitations

  • Joined the National Socialist Party at age 14.
  • 1975 — Involved with NZ Democratic Nationalist Party. Produced manifesto opposing overseas aid, communism, liberalisation of homosexual laws, etc.
  • 1977 — North Island Director of National Front. Wrote letters to media supporting Pinochet Dictatorship in Chile. Tried to infiltrate the National Party but was found out before able to cause any trouble.
  • 1980 — Founded the Church of Odin. This was based on worship of the ancient Viking pantheon and stressed “Loyalty to Race and Culture”. Jews were explicitly banned from membership and material referred to “…a scummy tribe of Hebrews”. Left it after it wasn’t doing what he had hoped. He has also been a Mormon in the past and claims to be a Christian as of 2004.
  • 1981 — Founded ‘New Force’, designed with a tight cell structure. Stood a candidate by the name of Zandbergen in the Western Hutt electorate and got a pathetic 30 votes. Produced Nationalist News with a pro-apartheid stance right in the middle of the Springbok Tour protests!
  • 1983 — New Force changed name to Nationalist Workers Party. Produced manifesto for election in 1984 with very Nazi looking bare chested blond worker smashing chains on cover. Manifesto called for a hard line against Polynesians to avoid “the further bastardisation of the white New Zealander”.
  • Expelled overtly Nazi skinhead faction and extreme free marketeers from a cult-like group called Zenith Applied Philosophy (ZAP) who had been inside NWP. Had a hui/meeting with Mana Motuhake (a Maori nationalist party) that got them nowhere.
  • 1987 — Wrote a pamphlet Lords of the Soil which claimed that “Polynesia has been occupied by peoples of the Europoid race since ancient times” and that Europeans were worshipped as Gods.
  • 1989 — Produced magazine The Realist billed as ‘Journal of the Faustian Society’ with a symbol on cover of pentagram, sword and snake. Contained Holocaust denial articles, articles by British Nazi-Satanist David Myatt, Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel and one by a ‘J.E.S.’ saying white folk should avoid apes, black people and drug users in order to avoid AIDS.
  • 1990 — Wrote for Frontline, the newsletter of the Conservative Front, a precursor of the National Front. These writing efforts included the ‘impressive’ achievement of reviewing his own pamphlets.
  • 1995 — Writing in the publication Filosem Bolton argued that “The common religion of the inferiors is equality and the Welfare State: these give [them] an unjustified sense of worth and an unearned sense of security”. Ten years later, and he is now a sickness beneficiary. Wonder what he thinks he is worth?
  • 1998 — Joined the NZ Fascist Union. Bolton tried to link fascism to socialists such as Labour MP John A Lee in the 1940s (something he did again in April 2005 in a leaflet written for the NF). NZFU propaganda also portrayed ex Labour Prime Minister (and later head of World Trade Organisation) Mike Moore as a Jewish Communist!
  • Produced magazine The Nexus which contained adverts for Waffen SS patches, advert for Australian Occult Nazi Metal band “Spear of Longinus”, reviews of international Nazi mags, anti-Jewish articles, obituaries for Nazi general Otto Remer and Satanist La Vey etc.
  • Used name “National Destiny” for one man organization affiliated with an international alliance called Liason Committee for Revolutionary Nationalism (LCRN). This was an alliance of groups who take a pseudo-left Strasserite position.
  • Produced extensive book catalogue of fascist and occult-Nazi material using imprint of Renaissance Press. Catalogue included stuff by Goebbels, Streicher, Leese, Mosley, Myatt, Evola etc. The catalogue is carried internationally by others such as the National Socialist Movement in U.S.A.
  • 1999 — Established the NZ Workers’ Front, a national syndicalist group with Strasserite outlook. Used a sword and hammer symbol taken directly from the Black Front, which was the organisation Strasser set up when he broke from Hitler. Flags with this symbol were still being used on NF sponsored demos as recently as 2004.
  • 2000 — Produced a pamphlet called From The Right under the imprint of Spectrum Press. His hilarious back page refers to himself in the third person and includes this disclaimer: “The author is described by the Security Intelligence Service as ‘a danger to international relations and/or national security'”.
  • 2002 — Produced magazine NZ Examiner with all the usual stuff.
  • Produced another unintentionally funny pamphlet by Spectrum Press called Useful Idiots of the New World Order which claims there has been an anti family conspiracy beginning with Plato (!) and including the Illuminati, the Fabians and Bolsheviks. The best bit? “[I]t is shown that the super-rich have funded the promotion of abstract art” — shock, horror, eh?!
  • 2003 — Associated with Australian holocaust deniers the Adelaide Institute.
  • Wrote letters to NZ Listener defending the Nazi regime on the basis of its legislation opposing cruelty to animals because “the Third Reich… legislated on the manner by which crabs and lobsters were to be boiled to minimise suffering”. He also wrote similar letters defending their health policies banning smoking in public. (Nothing about killing disabled people or ‘smoking’ Jews!)
  • Wrote Renaissance Press pamphlet Portraits & Principles of World Fascism praising the various movements (including Stephenson’s Australia First Movement) as having a “heroic ethos”.
  • Tried to infiltrate anti-Gulf War demos using front name “Anti-Zionist Alliance”.
  • 2004 — still listed information about Bolton’s Satanic organisations Ordo Sinistra Vivendi, The Black Order and The Order of the Left Hand Path.
  • 2004 — Joined NZ National Front as National Secretary.

Current affiliations

  • 2005 — Briefly changed from National Secretary to Information Director following internal disputes in the National Front. Bolton has now broken away to form his own grouping known as the New Right.

Kerry Bolton Trivia

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Kerry has a half Maori son from a previous relationship. A photo of the two together, wearing full Satanic garb, featured in an old Satanist magazine.

In terms of ideology he has been very consistent in promoting the same favourites regardless of whether he is being openly Nazi, supposedly conservative or lefty. He is into Spengler, Evola and Yockey.

Oswald Spengler might still be known in wider circles but the other two are a bit esoteric. Spengler wrote a history of civilisations that took a cyclical view based on botanical metaphors of eternal birth-growth and decay. He criticised the Nazis from the right! Spengler took an elitist position and looked down on the Nazis for their mobilisation of the lower classes. He described the Third Reich as “The organising of those who can’t find work, by those who don’t want to work”. Bolton often adopts Spengler’s jargon and terminology.

Evola was into mystical stuff and Hinduism. He wanted to turn things back to ancient times when there was a hierarchical warrior leading caste society. He also looked down on the Nazis for their use of the lower orders.

Francis Parker Yockey wrote a very big and boring book dedicated to Hitler and lead an interesting life associating with Post-war Nazis.

Barrie Sargeant · 2 December 2004 · Discussion