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Dr Helen Caldicott addresses far-right at Inverell Forum

Oh dear.

The Forum that was considered too kooky and racist even for Pauline Hanson (see below) is apparently considered a thoroughly worthwhile event by others. Thus it is that Helen Caldicott, known as an anti-nuclear activist, has this weekend lent her name to the Inverell Forum — along with the Sydney Forum, one of the two main annual gatherings of the far right in Australia.

Other speakers at this year’s Forum, in addition to the usual assortment of conspiracy theorists, opponents of Big Gub’mint, and advocates of alternative medical practices, included Greg Clancy — who denounced the multicultural menace — and an anxious Anglo-Saxon named Andrew Fraser (who also spoke at the 2006 Forum).

Oddly enough, last year’s Inverell Forum was to feature Pauline Hanson, but she withdrew after being informed she was to share a platform with a neo-Nazi, Welf Herfurth. Herfurth spoke on the subject of the German NPD, of which he was once a member. (Herfurth also spoke at the 2003 Forum on the same topic.)

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Neo-Nazi facing further child porn charges

Kevin Strom, the founder of American white supremacist group National Vanguard, is facing further charges in relation to child pornography. As yet, none of the Australian neo-Nazis who have associated themselves with his operation (including, but not limited to, Australia First candidate John Moffat, AF activist Ben Weerheym, and disgraced ‘race professor’ Andrew Fraser) have disassociated themselves from NV.

From The Hook:

More porn? New charges against white supremacist
Published April 26, 2007 in issue 0617 of the HooK.

The Stanardsville white supremacist indicted in January on possession of child pornography and intimidating a witness has been charged with five additional counts.

A federal grand jury in Charlottesville indicted Kevin Alfred Strom, 50, for coercion and enticement of a minor, possession of child pornography, obstruction of justice, and four counts of receiving child pornography. The seven counts announced April 4 supersede the original indictment.

News brief · 9 May 2007

National Vanguard leader arrested

A few years back the leader of the National Alliance, a US-based neo-Nazi group, kicked the bucket. A battle for the leadership of the group (and, it would follow, control of NA’s impressive finances) commenced and when the dust had settled there emerged a new group – National Vanguard.

We’ve discussed National Vanguard on this website in the past, because Australian neo-Nazis seem to love it, despite it’s unsavoury connections to bank robberies, arsons, bombings, planned highway destructions, and murder.

Drew Fraser used articles (by another Australian white nationalist dropkick, Ben Weerheym) from NV as sources in some of his work, and more recently it was revealed in The Australian that Australia First’s Cronulla candidate John Moffat had waxed lyrical about the threats to the white race on their site.

It is in this vein that we bring you yet another despicable act that antipodean fash associate themselves with when they associate themselves with NV:

White Supremacist Busted on Child-Porn Charge
Leading Intellectual of Racist Movement Was Arrested by Federal Agents

Jan. 4, 2007 — – A leader of the white supremacist movement was arraigned today on charges of possession of child pornography and witness tampering after being arrested by FBI agents Thursday night at his home in Charlottesville, Va.

News brief · 7 January 2007

Hero of the neo-Nazis… caves in.

Hot off the wire:

Academic sorry for racist remarks
By Alyssa Braithwaite
August 30, 2006 12:31am

A SYDNEY academic who created a racial furore by claiming African refugees were linked to high crime rates has apologised for his comments.

Macquarie University Associate Professor Andrew Fraser sparked the racial controversy in June last year when his letter making the remarks was published in local newspaper, the Parramatta Sun.

News brief · 30 August 2006

Fraser: Not even trying to pretend anymore.

We read a lot of racist crap here at FDB. Like, a lot.

Like, heaps.


So that you don’t have to, gentle reader.

One of the worst things that we have to read, though, is the emails from the Adelaide Institute mailing list.

It’s not that they’re any more messed up than anything else we read… it’s just that they wrap their anti-semitism up in a thick layer of freaking boring rhetoric… and there’s just so much of it. We get somewhere between 2 to 7 long emails from these jackanapes a day… and they’re always saying the same thing:

The Holocaust never happened (p.s. the Jooos are evil and run the world!).

The Adelaide Institute is cunning, though! In an effort to hide their true agenda, they hide their anti-semitism beneath a cloud of blatant anti-semitism.

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Go on, Andy, have a drink

From The Age Diary:

Heavens above
Suzanne Carbone & Lawrence Money

THE tirade by Sydney nutty professor Andrew Fraser against Africans driving up the crime rate has lead to an outpouring from Rain Pryor, daughter of gag legend Richard.

In town for the comedy festival, Rain has invited Andy to her show and left two tickets at the Athenaeum box office. There will also be a drink voucher for Rain to shake up an exotic African cocktail for Andy.

No rainchecks.

News brief · 11 April 2006

The Professor abroad

Drew Fraser’s recent antics with the AMREN crowd are starting to seep out to the wider public.

The Aus.

Academic won’t be muzzled
Greg Roberts
April 05, 2006
MACQUARIE University has dropped an edict requiring associate professor of law Andrew Fraser to divorce his controversial views on race from his academic post.

News brief · 8 April 2006

Akkkademic won’t apologise.

Akkkademic! Hahahahaha, very droll, we know – but not a term we use lightly. As previously reported, Andrew Fraser was recently mixing it up with the American Ku Klux Klan.

Now, on with the show.

From the Oz:

No apology for linking Africans to crime
Greg Roberts
April 04, 2006

ACADEMIC Andrew Fraser will defy the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission by not apologising to the Sudanese community for his study linking African refugees to high crime rates.

In a landmark ruling that raises fresh questions about the limits to which academics can engage in public debate, HREOC chairman John von Doussa has found Professor Fraser’s comments were unlawful because they amounted to a “sweeping generalisation” that was not backed by research.

News brief · 4 April 2006

HREOC slam Fraser

Don’t take our word for it. Go straight to the horses mouth, or in this case, the bigot’s mouth.

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