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Who’s the new voice of the PYL?

Following the resignation of the PYL’s Victorian president and national spokesperson last weekend (reason: too many nazis), we’ve been wondering who the new voice of the Patriotic Youth League could possibly be.

Fight dem back · 15 March 2006 · Discussion

“I have had just about enough of bloody nazis…”

Luke Connors laying into Jeremy Costello on Stormfront made some pretty damn good copy the other day.

We figured, if the lad got that pissed off about an Australia First member not only sieg heiling a Rabbi, but then having such a sheer lack of self-preservation that he would tell a JOURNALIST about it… well, imagine how he would feel about senior Australia First figures organising Blood & Honour gigs.

We thought he’d probably be a bit cheesed off, but we didn’t think that he’d throw in the towel.

Luke Connors resigned from the Patriotic Youth League at 1:14am on Saturday the 11th of March, 2006.

Fight dem back · 11 March 2006 · Discussion

Luke Connors – The Boy Ain’t Happy!

We rather liked the Australian’s undercover expose of Australia First.

Their neo-nazi links are well-documented on this site, but we can’t say as we ever actually had an official representative tell us about sieg heiling a Rabbi.

The lads at Scumfront Downunder? Not so happy.

Young “Cyric” writes:

The media should have a major (and I mean totally massive) overhaul if it uses dirty underhanded tactics to get the ‘scoop’ on a political party. Someone should find out who that undercover reporter was…

Yeah, great idea, mate. I’m sure that killing people will REALLY solve your image problem.

Fight dem back · 5 March 2006 · Discussion

Where have all the nazis gone?

From ze Age: And yes, we get a couple of mentions.

White supremacists hide in quiet suburbs
December 18, 2005

The shadowy far-right may be behind Sydney’s race riots. But where are they? William Birnbauer and Claire Miller track them down in outer Melbourne.

POST offices don’t get any more ordinary-looking than the glass-fronted Australia Post shop in leafy outer-suburban Croydon. A corridor runs the length of the shop and there is a row of post office boxes along one wall. That’s where you will find Box 223. It looks like every other box in every other post office. But it’s not, because Box 223 is the hub of radical, right-wing racist activity in Victoria.

News brief · 18 December 2005

“Those sort of characters belong in 1930s Berlin.”

From The Aussie.

Far-right groups admit to role
David King
December 13, 2005

EXTREMIST groups accused of links to neo-Nazis have admitted mobilising more than 100 people to attend the riots in Cronulla.

Jim Saleam, the NSW secretary of ultra-nationalist group Australia First, said his members had recruited up to 120 people for the rally but denied they were involved in violence.

News brief · 13 December 2005

I’d love to go for a rally outside now…

… THE SUNSHINE’S CALLING MY NAME. But then it got cancelled.

Hey there, kiddies. Remember the other day when we crashed the Stormfront Victoria BBQ?

Well, besides talking about such charming subjects as how they hope that somebody nukes Israel, and fun ways to torment homeless aboriginal people (Oh! How they laughed!), the lads also got down to talking about the STATE OF THE SCENE.

Fight dem back · 17 November 2005 · Discussion

John, you’re a diamond!

It’s been a busy last couple of weeks for everyone at Fight dem back but tonight, we’re cracking open the champagne and kicking on until the wee small hours.

A lot of people put in the hard yards to ensure that Jim Saleam’s platform of race-hate was shoved off the public stage and back under a rock where it belongs.

Fight dem back · 27 August 2005 · Discussion

Sydney Forum location revealed

Ok people.

After much too-ing and fro-ing we have decided to unveil the location of the Sydney Forum. This is obviously something we’ve known for some time now and in the interests of preventing crossed wires and intentional disinformation, we’ve decided to go public.

Australia’s largest gathering of neo-fascists, neo-Nazis and general right-wing wackjobs is set to take place on August 27th and 28th at:

The Russian Club
7 Albert Road,
Strathfield NSW

The forum kicks off at 9:30am.

Whatever the various activist groups in Sydney choose to do from this point on is completely up to them. FDB has been proud to be of service.

Fight dem back · 24 August 2005 · Discussion

What is happening with the Sydney Forum?

A bit.

It has been earlier noted on Fight dem back that German NDP deputy Holger Apfel was trying to get into Australia in order to take part in the forum.

Of course, Holger found better things to do and is no longer coming.

His replacement, we can now reliably inform you is the NDP foreign secretary, Gerd Finkenwirth.

Fight dem back · 24 August 2005 · Discussion

PYL talkin’ it up!

From the Patriotic Youth League website:

The rally may be held off until just before the Sydney forum. It is looking like becoming a national event with students from around Australia pledging support. PYL Leader ‘Luke Connors’ may issue a challenge of debate to Figh Dem Back leader Matthew Henderson and the pro multiculural student council of Macquarie University.

Will they accept the challenge! Let free speech reign!

That should be a question mark after ‘will they accept the challenge’, not an exclamation mark lads.

May issue a challenge? That’s us shaking in our boots.

So, from what we can garner from this post, the PYL have no idea where or when they will hold their rally.

Just before the Sydney Forum. Why that’s this weekend?

So, does that mean they will march on into Macquarie University on Saturday morning at 8:15?

Fight dem back · 22 August 2005 · Discussion