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What’s a Rahowa anyway?

Aussie Creators celebrate ‘Klassen Day’ with a cold VB

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Damn, baby!

Those silly boys over at the World Church of the Creator/Rahowa are getting themselves into all kinds of trouble.

But who are the Rahowa, and why, and where, and how?

Intrepid FDBer Raz has obliged us with this wee history of our friendly neighbourhood neo-Nazi death cult, so please, read on.


We warn you… this crap will turn your freaking stomach. (Oh, and it’s pretty freaking long too)

Fight dem back · 1 February 2006 · Discussion

At first I was afraid (I was petrified)

From the Adelaide Addy:

We will survive: racist group.

01 Feb 06

ADELAIDE-based white supremacists are advocating “open warfare” if their “rights to survival” are under threat, according to a statement emailed to The Advertiser.

In the statement, operators of a racist website argue their organisation is peaceful.

But the statement says it will “meet force with force”, resulting in “open warfare” if its rights to practice its “religion” are violated.

News brief · 1 February 2006

What the fash are muttering about Cronulla

From the AIJAC Review:

“Victory in Cronulla”

What the neo-Nazis are saying

By Nadav Shlezinger

“For the first time since 1966 when the White Australia Policy was abandoned and betrayed, there was a mass Australian people’s protest against the multiculti order. It was heartening and a sign of things to come. The events today in Cronulla were remarkable proof of the existence of a grassroots Australian nationalism.”

The above paragraph, which appeared on the neo-Nazi website “Stormfront”, was apparently written by infamous white supremacist Jim Saleam. While most Australians rightly expressed their revulsion at the December 11 riots that took place in Cronulla and spread to neighbouring Sydney suburbs, many on the far-right see the events as a golden opportunity to achieve their objectives.

News brief · 31 January 2006

Who wants to be the next Russell Wiley?

If that title makes no sense to you, don’t worry, it will soon.

In September 2005, a funny thing happened to the White Pride Coalition of Australia Forum. Kromlek and Cyrus (Peter Campbell and Terry Davis) yanked it down for a week or so and then put it back up with strict new regulations.

The WPCA Forum is now a Membership only Forum. We are not a Free Speech Forum. There are, as there always is, requirements that you must meet in order to become a Member of the WPCA Forum. For too long, the internet has been an anonymous tool, a vessel for people to use when escaping reality, but now it has also become a tool of deception.

You can read the rest of the wacko requirements on that link.

Anyway, this arrangement only lasted for a month or so before the lads pulled the forum down for good.

We bet you’re wondering what went on during that whole month of uber secret activity with no antifa superheroes like us to keep an eye on things.

Well, wait no longer.

Fight dem back · 9 January 2006 · Discussion

“I hope there is no infiltration here”

We have to admit. We’re loving this “every Nazi for himself” mentality that is sweeping through the Aussie lunar right. Apart from being gut-bustingly funny to witness (and a tad pitiful), it also entails a bumper harvest of top-notch information headed our way.

As you would have read in yesterday’s Tele, the Australia New Nation forum has been blown open.

Fight dem back · 23 December 2005 · Discussion

Naughty Nicky up to no good

Hopefully by now you all would have seen this AAP article concerning White Crusaders of the RAHOWA posters appearing in Wellington.

NZ posters call for Sydney-style riots

December 14, 2005 – 7:14PM

Inflammatory posters calling for New Zealanders to show “white power” and riot Australian-style have been put up at Wellington railway stations.

“If Sydney can do it so can we … let’s take back our land,” the posters said.

They were found pasted up at stations in Wellington’s western suburbs, Johnsonville and Khandallah.

The posters were attributed to a group, the “White Crusaders of the Racial Holy War”.

Police had no knowledge of the group, said Sergeant Maggie Windle.

The article goes on.

Fight dem back · 16 December 2005 · Discussion