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Facebook fails to rein in racist groups

From The Sydney Morning Herald:

Facebook urged to switch off hate sites
January 24, 2010

Facebook sites inciting anti-Indian sentiment continue to flourish despite protests from Indians in Australia.

Groups such as I think Indian People Should Wear Deodorant, Stop Whinging Indians, and Australia: Indians, You Have a Right to Leave, have not been removed.

Gautam Gupta, secretary of the Federation of Indian Students, said: “These sites must be shut down but, on the other hand, we must keep track of these hate groups being formed. They can be online or offline. When they’re offline we call them gangs. These are essentially online gangs.”

News brief · 24 January 2010

Anonymous racist cowards drop anti-immigration leaflets in Balmain

The Life in Chippendale blog reports:

“They” are at it in Balmain

posted by Ebs from the Chip
Monday, January 11, 2010

image: Life in Chippendale

Our anonymous friends who enjoy the odd letter drop (see Kris’ post in November 09) made their mark on Balmain this morning.

I for one am disappointed that this rubbish is still being distributed en masse in Sydney suburbs.

Racists love padding up the figures. The actual number of migrants to Australia in the last 4 years is 211,800, per DiAC.

Also, from the SMH:

Outrage over anti-immigration leaflet
January 22, 2010

ANTI-IMMIGRATION leaflets posted in letterboxes in the inner-west have outraged ethnic community leaders and a senior Federal Government official.

The leaflets read: ”600,000 immigrants arrived in the last 4 years. That’s more than Tasmania. More than Aborigines. More than Newcastle. More than we need.”

They are part of a campaign led by an anonymous group identified only by a triangular design in the bottom right corner of the leaflet.

The chairman of the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Council of Australia, Pino Migliorino, questioned the leaflet’s intentions. “It’s really interesting that in the lead-up to Australia Day you get such vagrant behaviour … It’s a day that’s supposed to unite us and it becomes a day that can manipulate.”

Mr Migliorino said the nation’s leaders should stand up for migrants. “The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister need to take the front foot and show they appreciate migration … What we need to do is actively seek to lessen the incidence of racist violence.”

News brief · 22 January 2010

Southern Cross = Aussie swazi?


Southern Cross used like swastika – filmmaker

A man getting a Southern Cross tattoo.
Picture: Troy Bendeich Source:

WARWICK Thornton says he’s deeply concerned that the Southern Cross is becoming a symbol of racism for some Australians.

The filmmaker, who has been chosen as the Northern Territory’s nomination for Australian of the Year, wants people to spend Australia Day reflecting on the symbolic significance of the national icon.

“Aboriginal people have used the Southern Cross for the last 40,000 years as a beacon guiding them to travel through country for survival, and I’m starting to see that star system symbol being used as a very racist nationalistic emblem – and that is seriously worrying me,” Thornton said

“We don’t want to turn the Southern Cross into a swastika – that’s bloody important.

“We should think about that on Australia Day and the bigger issue of what it represents, why is it happening.”

News brief · 20 January 2010

‘Klub Naziya’ evicted from Humanist House

As you’ll recall, Humanist House has been hiring out its Chippendale meeting hall to a racist/fascist group known as ‘Klub Naziya’ or alternatively, ‘Public Information Forum’ (PIF). This practise was not rapidly addressed by the leadership of the NSW Humanists, continuing for approximately 8 years. This apparent support of this repugnant mob attracted protests from anti-fascists/racists in the community, independent of any involvement with FDB.

However, the PIF group was comprised of a number of neo-nazis who were well-known to FDB. The PIF group’s fascist expressions could not possibly have been more divergent from the tenets of the NSW Humanists. Thus, FDB offered our information resources to assist the Humanists with ridding the ranks of rats.

The result? Rat-free ranks.

The President of the NSW Humanists, John August, writes:

Final statement by John August, President Humanist Society of NSW, regarding Humanist House and the PIF

There’s been controversy around [meeting hall] hiring practices at Humanist House. We’ve recently had a Special General Meeting to give control of day to day operations of the Society to the Executive. It was a very difficult meeting, and I thank everyone who turned up and supported the resolutions, and I particularly thank those members who helped with meeting process.

A recent meeting of the executive has terminated the hiring of Humanist Hall by the Public Information Forum.

Fight dem back · 17 January 2010 · Discussion

More Facebook racism

From the Hun:

Race hate scandal rocks some of nation’s most elite schools

* By James Campbell and Eliza Sum
* From: Sunday Herald Sun

MORE than a dozen elite schools are embroiled in a race hate scandal as many of their students join a Facebook group calling for immigrants to get out of Australia.

The group’s page, which features a picture of the Australian flag with the words “F— off we’re full” written across it, tells non-English speakers “if you wanna speak your crappy language, go back to were (sic) you came from”.

The Facebook group is called “Mate speak english, you’re in australia now” and has more than 5000 members from across the nation. It is growing by more than 300 people a day.

Anti-racism groups and school principals yesterday condemned the site, started as a prank, and called for Facebook to delete it.

Its provocative and poorly spelled page features racist rants against Muslims, non-English speakers and migrants.

News brief · 3 January 2010