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CDP in Islamic vilification scandal

From the SMH:

Obscene anti-Muslim emails put Nile on the defensive
November 21, 2009

ABUSIVE emails written by the son of the campaign manager of the Christian Democratic Party containing anti-Muslim and homophobic comments have embarrassed the party’s president, the Reverend Fred Nile, only two weeks before the December 5 Bradfield byelection, in which the party will field nine candidates.

Mr Nile has been forced to apologise to dozens of recipients of the emails, which also attack the Reverend Gordon Moyes, the CDP-turned-Family-First MP in the NSW upper house. Their author, Douglas Darby, the son of the former Liberal identity Michael Darby, who is the CDP’s campaign manager, has been expelled from the party.

In one email Douglas Darby attacks a Muslim activist, Mal Mac Rae, as a ”stupid moslem c—” and says ”muslim scum are too busy stacking ALP branches and raping Aussie chicks”.

In another, Douglas Darby suggests Muslims ”who habitually engage in child molestation, incest, pack rape … obey the laws of this country or f— off to Afghanistan where Australians are allowed to shoot you people”.

Yet another urges Mr Mac Rae to become a suicide bomber. ”Please do it inside either a Sunni or Shiite mosque.”

News brief · 21 November 2009

80% of non-Anglo students suffer racial abuse

From the ABC:

Schoolyard racism rife, survey finds

By Ben Worsley for PM

PM |

* Audio: Survey highlights racist abuse in Australian high schools (PM)

A survey of high schools students has done little to enhance Australia’s reputation for racial tolerance.

The Foundation for Young Australians has tried to quantify the problem of schoolyard racism, surveying 900 students from high schools across Australia.

Seventy per cent of those surveyed reported suffering some form of racist abuse.

“With primary schools, certainly when I was younger there was a lot of it, but as we get older, we try and stop that,” one boy told PM.

“I’ve actually not experienced that much racism but I did when I was growing up in primary school. I lived in a white-dominated environment, so I kind of felt out of place,” a female student said.

“They know that it’s not right to be racist, and it’s just that thought, that conscientiousness that stops them from being racist; they might feel uncomfortable with you because you’re different,” another added.

Eighty per cent of those surveyed from non-Anglo backgrounds reported experiencing racism ranging from verbal abuse to discrimination and violence.

Put crudely, it is those who look different who suffer the most: Africans, Afghanis, Indians, Pacific Islanders and Indigenous Australians.

The worst-affected group is first-generation migrant females in years 11 and 12.

News brief · 20 November 2009

Teh gr8 wyt upryzin!!!1! -or- bigot mathematics

Nazis can't count (or don't count?)

Pictured at Martin Place last Monday is Darrin Hodges’ grate and suckcessful Australian Protectionist Party anti-immigration protest, kickin’ ass & taking names for the white race, wall-to-wall and treetop tall.

If you can’t read the signs, they say ‘DEPORT RUDD WE’RE FULL,’ as though ‘Fuck Off We’re Full’ were somehow not such a good campaign slogan or something.

How many xenophobes did Dazza rile up enough to fully take over the square?


Which Dazza thinks is 20.

Makes you wonder why we bother, donit?

Even we are embarrassed for Daz.

Well, through the magick of our mighty FDB keyboard-fu, here’s a real friggin’ uprising of the oppressed white people!

The bigots are revolting! oh noes!

Don’t say we never did nuthin for ya, Darrin.

Fight dem back · 19 November 2009 · Discussion

Facebook finally enforces own anti-hate ToS provisions. Kinda.

Under heavy pressure as a result of the publication of Joshua Hoey’s story “Groups rile against ‘Hatebook’” in the Brisbane Times, after months and months of users reporting the group, Facebook finally saw fit to enforce the anti-race-hate provisions in their Terms of Service agreement against Darrin Hodges’ ‘Fuck Off We’re Full.’ FOWF was unceremoniously deleted by Facebook at about 2.00pm on 17 November.

A few hours later, dazzling Dazza had reconstituted the hate group. True to past form, Facebook are not responding to ToS reports made on the new FOWF group.

Dear Facebook, if you’re going to have anti-race-hate provisions in your ToS, enforce them. If you’re going to have a ‘Report Group’ facility, respond to complaints made via that mode. Anything less is disingenuous window-dressing. It should not take national media attention to get Facebook to comply with their very own rules.

In a desperate attempt to prevent FOWF v3.0 from being deleted, Dazza has written tuff tuff tuff new rules for FOWFers:

Darrin Hodges (Australia) wrote:

1. No racial epithets to be used at all.
2. Keep swearing to a minimum, don’t post something where every second word is ‘fuck’ or ‘cunt’.
3. Keep replies sensible, refrain from attacking other group members.
4. Do not bring brawls from other groups into this one.
5. Promotion of ideologies antithetical to the Australian way of life will not be tolerated.
6. Trolls and sock-puppets will be removed on sight.
The list will be updated as required. You will receive one warning (trolls however will be shot on sight), the second time you will be gone. Please try to adhere to the guidelines and we’ll (re)build up a good group as a result.

FDB are most amused. Keep swearing to a minimum in a group called Fuck Off We’re Full? No racial epithets in a group solely dedicated to defaming ethnic and religious minorities? No sockpuppets in a group administered by Dazza and his sockpuppet ‘David Johns‘?

No matter what shade of lipstick Hodges puts on his FOWF bigotry, it’s still a pig.

Fight dem back · 19 November 2009 · Discussion

Facebook rep lies to Brisbane Times about removing hate groups

The Brisbane Times quotes a Facebook rep as saying hate groups will be removed if reported.

We call bullshit.

Fuck Off We’re Full‘ (FOWF) has been reported to Facebook as a ToS violator over and over and over. Former FOWF admin Terrie-Anne Verney even got the sack from her job at community radio station 2MIA for the vilifying tripe she posted in the group. FOWF founder/admin & xenophobic bigot Darrin Hodges and his mates post commentary such as this:

Darrin Hodges – They shoulda aimed higher
Shooting asylum seekers ‘regrettable’ | The Daily Telegraph
THE Federal Government has described as “regrettable” the shooting of two suspected asylum seekers whose boat was intercepted by the Indonesian coast guard.

Kevin Downey Leeanne Styles – They were only wounded.. Shooter was obviously not up to scratch with his aim!!

Dave Starr -  2 down another 76 to go………..

Nicholas Hunter Folkes – Dave, this is not the Ocenaic Viking with the 78 criminals on board but another boat carrying 61 Afghans. More unskilled labour for the dole queues while Aussies are displaced on every level of society.

Dave Starr – ok, same shit , differant day……

Jonathan Paul – I would call it ”understandable” they are in Indonesian waters and they are showing no respect to the Indonesian authorities, I doubt they will change if they get here.

Nathan Townsend – use bombs instead of bullets!

Mike Him Self – Nathan with the economy in a shambles bullets work out cheaper(if there all headshots).

Nathan Townsend – as long as they don’t miss and end up having to hand out jobs, free health, housing and transport to the bastards.

…and yet FOWF remains online, even as we speak.

Facebook obviously approves of the content on FOWF- or it’d be off their system.

Groups rile against ‘Hatebook’
November 17, 2009 – 9:11AM

Social networking site Facebook has come under pressure to better regulate its content as racist and offensive groups continue to proliferate on the site.

Facebook has a ban on “content that is hateful [and] threatening” and a spokeswoman for the site told that there was no place for racism “or any form of hate speech” on Facebook.

“We will remove anything of this nature that is reported to us,” she said.

News brief · 17 November 2009

“Klub Naziya” at Humanist House rattles Chippendale locals

From the SMH:

Jeering crowd blocks meeting of extreme right
November 15, 2009

AN EXTREME right-wing group sparked anti-fascist protests after it was revealed it had been holding meetings in a Humanist Society hall in inner Sydney.

The Public Information Forum – also known as Klub Nation or Klub Naziya – was prevented from meeting on November 6 after about 50 protesters gathered at the Shepherd Street address in Chippendale.

Police were called to an earlier demonstration in October when protesters yelling “Nazis out” attempted to disrupt the meeting by banging on doors and windows.

“If they get the message that they are not welcome in Chippendale and move somewhere else we will follow them,” an online post from one protester read.

The group was banned from using the hall by the Humanist Society once before because of alleged racist associations.

David Duffy, the Humanist Society member responsible for bookings at the hall, said the group of about 30 young men had been meeting peacefully there for about eight years. He conceded the group was “right of centre” but said he did not believe it was a neo-Nazi group.

“The sort of people who attend [Mr Rafty's] meetings would be considered conspiracy theorists to a certain extent,” he said.

“They run a series of discussion groups on political and geopolitical themes. It’s invitation-only. It’s not a thing where they advertise publicly. They don’t do any interface with the community in any way.”

An anonymous letterbox drop of the area calling on residents to “do something about” Australia’s high level of immigration coincided with last week’s protest.

News brief · 16 November 2009

Banned for the bad behaviour of someone else with the same skin colour

By this twisted Rockhampton logic, everyone with blue eyes should be banned from driving because one blue-eyed person has been caught driving drunk.

From the ABC:

Sudanese claim racist bans

By Charlotte Glennie for AM |

* Audio: Accusations of racism in Queensland city of Rockhampton (AM)

A group of young Sudanese refugees in a central Queensland city say they are being victimised because of their race.

The men say since moving to Rockhampton for work, they have been banned from a shop, a bar and a nightclub.

They say the bans were imposed as a result of trouble caused by some of their countrymen which had nothing to do with them, but the businesses involved stand by their actions and deny they have been racist.

Jacob Deleer, 23, is a Sudanese refugee who arrived in Rockhampton a couple of months ago to start a job at the meatworks.

He says he likes the work but not everyone in the city has been welcoming.

“When you go Friday night and you walk around in the street, you walk around from this club to that club or from that club to that club,” he said.

“There is a lot of people looking for trouble. Especially trying to fight me or something for no reason.”

He says his taunters also make abusive comments about his race and a few weeks ago he says he was banned from his local corner store.

“One day I walk into the shop and the shopkeeper telling me no, I can’t sell you smoke mate. You know, I can’t sell you anything in this shop and I say why?” he said.

“He said it was one of you yesterday come around here and urinated at the back of the shop and I say what do you mean, man. I don’t even know what you are talking about. I don’t even know who done that.”

News brief · 11 November 2009