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The Chapmans go to Splitsville

Now, who on earth could have seen THIS coming?

Well, we sure did. Weez had bet the union would last 3 months, but Asher predicted 6 months, with an end date on 3 November 2009, only missing by a scant 8 days! Weez now owes Asher a nice dinner. :D

From the Waikato Times:

Split for Far Right boss
By KARLA AKUHATA and TIM HUME – Waikato Times

A former National Front member’s fairytale marriage to a Waikato woman is over as he ramps up his involvement in the white supremacy movement again.

Kyle Chapman, who vowed to give up his far-right activities when he married devout Mormon Claire Clifford in May, has been linked to the white pride group Right Wing Resistance, which has been patrolling the streets of New Brighton in Christchurch.

Mr Chapman, once convicted of fire-bombing a marae, co-ordinated a gathering at the Wellington Cenotaph this weekend for the far-right’s annual Flag Day observance.

He was among about 30 members of the National Front and Right Wing Resistance who converged on central Wellington. Left-wing counter-demonstrators stayed away this year to avoid giving the marchers a bigger profile.

Mrs Chapman told the Waikato Times today she and Kyle Chapman separated last night because he had refused to maintain his wedding day promises.

“Kyle hasn’t given up things that he said he was going to but that was probably always on the cards because he is so in love with it,” she said.

“Last night I asked him to leave and basically I just said to him ‘if you get involved in that stuff then don’t bother coming back’.”

News brief · 29 October 2009

Kyle Chapman breaks wedding vow to retire from extremism

Is Mrs Chapman as shocked -shocked, I tell you- as we are?

So much for that ‘God focused life’ and commitment to Claire made on NZTV’s Close Up (see video).

From NZ’s Sunday Star Times:

Far-right leader Kyle Chapman returns


The face of the far-right fringe has reverted to form after publicly claiming to have renounced his extremist ways earlier this year.

Former National Front president Kyle Chapman told a newspaper in May he had made a faith-based decision to quit his leadership roles in far-right groups, and was focused on leading a “nice, peaceful life” in Hamilton with his new wife, a devout Mormon who had helped him reconnect with religion.

But just a month earlier, the father of five had founded a new far-right group, the Right Wing Resistance, in an initiation ceremony in Christchurch which involved members dressed in camouflage fatigues being “knighted” with a sword.

The group, which Chapman described as the “street arm” of his Nationalist Alliance, now claims to have members in five cities.

News brief · 25 October 2009

The plane truth about undocumented migrants

Finally, some facts about irregular migration to Australia!

From The Sunday Telegraph:

Asylum-seekers arrive by plane, not boat

By Claire Harvey

The Sunday Telegraph

October 25, 2009

* More asylum-seekers arrive by plane
* 4768 plane arrivals applied for visas in 2008
* 28 per cent of ‘plane people’ are Sri Lankan

EVERY day, at least 13 asylum-seekers enter Australia through airports, representing 30 times the number of boat people that are supposedly “flooding” across our maritime borders.

A total of 4768 “plane people” – more than 96 per cent of applicants for refugee status – arrived by aircraft in 2008 on legitimate tourist, business and other visas compared with 161 who arrived by boat during the same period, the Sunday Telegraph reports.

And plane people are much less likely than boat people to be genuine refugees, with only about 40-60 per cent granted protection visas, compared with 85-90 per cent of boat people who are found to be genuine refugees.

News brief · 25 October 2009

“are you Indian?”

From The Age:

Man jailed over racist attack on Indian student
October 23, 2009

Racist attack … Indian student Sukhraj Singh, 28, was in a coma for 15 days after being brutally bashed. Photo: Michael Clayton-Jones

A gang of racist youths nearly killed a man during an armed rampage in an Indian grocery store in Melbourne’s west for the “sheer thrill” of the attack, a judge said today.

Drunk and carrying wooden planks ripped up from a nearby bus stop seat, the seven youths raided the Impex shop in Sunshine yelling “are you Indian?” as they randomly struck their victims on December 1 last year, the County Court heard today.

Indian student Sukhraj Singh, 28, was in a coma for 15 days and will suffer the effects of a severe acquired brain injury for the rest of his life after being beaten during the assault.

Eight men were punched and hit with the weapons and most suffered minor injuries but Mr Singh was beaten unconscious and spent months in hospital and rehabilitation after being struck three times to the head and body.

In sentencing one of the attackers, Zakarie Hussein, 21, of Braybrook, Judge Pamela Jenkins said today the group had deliberately targeted victims of Indian ethnicity in the “unprovoked rampage”.

The youths had been drinking beer in a park for about four hours before they went to the store in City Place just after 6.30pm where two of the teens began a racist argument with two customers, the court heard.

About five minutes later, the pair returned with their friends, most armed with wooden bars and one with a fluorescent light tube, and began smashing up the store and indiscriminately striking customers and staff as they yelled “are you Indian?” and “bloody Indians, f— off”.

The shop’s cash register was stolen and the loot divided up among the offenders. Hussein received about $15.

In a victim impact statement tendered to the court, Mr Singh said metal plates had been inserted into his face, he had shed up to 15 kilograms and been left with lumps and scars on his head from the assault.

News brief · 23 October 2009

The kids learnt their lesson- will the adults?

The publication earlier this week of photographs of Auckland Grammar schoolboys bowing before a swastika flag led to the boys involved having to make an apology to the Auckland War Memorial Museum and WWII veterans.

One wonders if right-wing extremists New Zealand National Front will be making similar apologies? Since 2004 the group has been holding its’ annual rally on or near the Cenotaph in Wellington.

Every year members of the group have sported swastika tattoos, nazi insignia on clothing and even performed nazi salutes. Unlike the aforementioned schoolboys, such antics are more likely a sign of their political leanings rather than a misguided “joke”.

Former NF Secretary Kerry Bolton claimed in the Dominion Post on 6 July 2009 that he had left the NF in 2004 due to the “neo-Nazi, racist element”. Whilst he was NF Secretary, he always denied members of the NF held such views. Bolton still regularly attends the annual NF rally.

National Front members at 2008 AGM Wellington,
Top 10 Hutt Park Holiday Park

partying down, nazi style, at the 2008 NF AGM

Here’s a photo of Bolton at the NF’s Annual General Meeting, held in Lower Hutt immediately after their 2008 rally.

Kyle Chapman, Kerry Bolton, Jim Saleam at the NZ National Front Annual General Meeting 2008
Kyle Chapman, Jim Saleam and Kerry Bolton at the NZ National
Front Annual General Meeting, 2008

Kerry Bolton is a 30+ year veteran of extremist groups such as Nationalist Workers Party, National Front and Fascist Union. He is author of the Holocaust-denial booklet “The Holocaust Myth” and a number of his short articles and letters have been published on the website of the Holocaust-denial group The Adelaide Institute.

Will they apologise?

Don’t hold your breath!

Fight dem back · 22 October 2009 · Discussion

Auckland Grammar students apologise for nazi worship antics


Nazi photo schoolboys apologise to war veterans

Five Auckland schoolboys who made a tearful apology to war veterans for worshipping Nazi symbols will now teach museum visitors about the horrors of the Nazi regime.

The five students caused outrage when they kissed a swastika, bowed before a Nazi banner and gave a Nazi salute during an Auckland Grammar School visit to the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Pictures of the students which appeared on social networking website Facebook deeply upset museum staff and war veterans.

Today the five students and three school staff went back to the museum, where each student apologised to two war veterans and museum staff.

The two veterans had met the boys on an earlier trip before they paid homage to the Nazi symbols.

Today’s meeting was a “very emotional, full-on and quite an intense experience for the boys”, said Russell Briggs, the museum’s director of communications and technology.

“There were tears in the eyes and it was very emotional. The boys expressed a great deal of sorrow and apologised directly to the veterans for their actions.”

News brief · 22 October 2009

ZOMG we’re being overrun by boat people!!!

Or is it just a slimy tabloid media beat-up?

For the record, refugees can not be ‘queue jumpers’ as there’s no ‘queue’ for genuine refugees, those fleeing for their lives or seeking to escape oppression. There IS a queue for those seeking to migrate to Australia for other, less pressing reasons.

The ABC’s Hungry Beast covers the details in ‘8-bit immigration‘ from HB’s Episode 3:

The boat people are coming! Every major news outlet in the country has been covering the influx of refugees and asylum seekers this last week, with warnings that “up to 10,000 refugees” could be heading towards our shores, according Phillip Ruddock.

Anmesty International commissioned a Nielsen Poll in July this year to gauge Australian’s attitudes towards asylum seekers and refugees. The results found Australian’s overwhelming supportive (69%) of people seeking asylum on our shores, whether they arrived by boat or otherwise. Still, most people had a wildly inflated idea of how many people come to Australia by boat, putting it at around 80% of all arrivals, when the actual figure is less than 5%.

A lot people seem not to know that refugees and asylum seekers are not the same thing. Their status is not the same. The supporting statistics are not the same. So we did some number crunching of our own — from a range of sources — to see if we could get to the core of this issue via pure maths.

The Department of Immigration, the UNHCR, Amnesty International, the Refugee Council of Australia and the Australian Parliamentary Library all table reports into the movements of refugees and asylum seekers throughout Australia and the world.

But before we get to the reports, let’s cover some basics:


Refugees are victims of persecution who have been recognised as fitting the definition of a refugee contained in the 1951 UN Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, to which Australia is a signatory.


Individuals who have sought refugee status but have not yet had their status as refugees determined. The right to seek asylum is detailed in Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is not illegal to seek asylum.

News brief · 22 October 2009

Police admit memorial cross burning was accidental- a month late

From the ABC:

Candle, not racists, set fire to Alice memorial
By Kirsty Nancarrow

Police have revealed that the burning of a memorial cross to an Aboriginal man who was murdered in Alice Springs was an accident.

Kwementyeye Ryder’s body was found near the Todd River in the Central Australian town in July.

Five men have been charged with his murder.

The burning of his cross in late September sparked concerns from his family that the town was becoming racist.

News brief · 20 October 2009

Noddy to go without racist stereotype golliwogs

From the ABC:

Noddy returns without golliwogs

Noddy will be without some of his best friends when a new book about his latest adventures in Toyland is released in late October.

Noddy’s golliwog mates have been omitted from what will be the first official new book about the little wooden boy for more than 45 years.

Author Sophie Smallwood, the granddaughter of Noddy’s creator Enid Blyton, decided against featuring any golliwog characters for fear the book would be too contentious.

Instead, Noddy and friends – Big Ears, Tessie Bear and Mr Plod – will follow the wooden elf-like character as he tackles mysterious events at Toyland after goblins arrive in town.

In Blyton’s books, first published between the late 1940s and early 1960s, golliwog Mr Golly was one of Noddy’s best friends and helped look after his famous yellow and red car.

There were also evil golliwogs who tried to steal Noddy’s car.

But the black-faced doll characters were replaced in later editions of the original Noddy books amid fears they were racist.

News brief · 20 October 2009

End of the road for racist Golliwog toys

The Herald Sun reckons that complaints about golliwog dolls are based in mere over-the-top, ‘politically correct’ hypersensitivity.

We don’t.

The Hun and other golliwog proponents are demonstrably ignorant of the history of golliwogs- but ignorance of why something is racially offensive doesn’t make it any less offensive.

There’s no question that golliwog dolls perpetuate negative stereotypes of people of colour- and 21st century children don’t need to be taught American racial prejudices rooted in the late 19th century.

Golliwogs are grotesque caricatures of African Americans in the vein of ‘Jim Crow‘ and other demeaning blackface theatre. It is the demeaning nature of blackface which makes it offensive- and golliwogs are part and parcel of that tradition of negative racial stereotyping of African Americans.

Remember that ‘golliwog’ is the root word of the term ‘wog,’ which remains in use as a racist epithet to this day in Australia and other Commonwealth countries.

From the entry about Golliwogs in Ferris State University’s Museum of Racist Memorabilia:

The Golliwog Caricature

image: Ferris State University The Golliwog (originally spelled Golliwogg) is the least known of the major anti-Black caricatures in the United States. Golliwogs are grotesque creatures,1 with very dark, often jet black skin, large white-rimmed eyes, red or white clown lips, and wild, frizzy hair. Typically, it’s a male dressed in a jacket, trousers, bow tie, and stand-up collar in a combination of red, white, blue, and occasionally yellow colors. The golliwog image, popular in England and other European countries, is found on a variety of items, including postcards, jam jars, paperweights, brooches, wallets, perfume bottles, wooden puzzles, sheet music, wall paper, pottery, jewelry, greeting cards, clocks, and dolls. For the past four decades Europeans have debated whether the Golliwog is a lovable icon or a racist symbol.

The Golliwog began life as a story book character created by Florence Kate Upton. Upton was born in 1873 in Flushing, New York, to English parents who had emigrated to the United States in 1870. She was the second of four children. When Upton was fourteen, her father died and, shortly thereafter, the family returned to England. For several years she honed her skills as an artist. Unable to afford art school, Upton illustrated her own children’s book in the hope of raising tuition money.

In 1895, her book, entitled The Adventures of Two Dutch Dolls, was published in London. Upton drew the illustrations, and her mother, Bertha Upton, wrote the accompanying verse. The book’s main characters were two Dutch dolls, Peg and Sarah Jane, and the Golliwogg. The story begins with Peg and Sara Jane, on the loose in a toy shop, encountering “a horrid sight, the blackest gnome.” The little black “gnome” wore bright red trousers, a red bow tie on a high collared white shirt, and a blue swallow-tailed coat. He was a caricature of American black faced minstrels — in effect, the caricature of a caricature. She named him Golliwogg.

The Golliwogg was based on a Black minstrel doll that Upton had played with as a small child in New York. The then-nameless “Negro minstrel doll” was treated roughly by the Upton children. Upton reminiscenced: “Seated upon a flowerpot in the garden, his kindly face was a target for rubber balls…, the game being to knock him over backwards. It pains me now to think of those little rag legs flying ignominiously over his head, yet that was a long time ago, and before he had become a personality…. We knew he was ugly!”3

News brief · 16 October 2009