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Nazi April Fools


The month of April has brought surprises.

First, Nicole Hanley, an Australian employee of French corporation ‘The Thales Group’, has been suspended from her job following revelations that she is an active member of the international neo-Nazi skinhead organisation ‘Blood & Honour’:

Defence contractor suspended over neo-Nazi link
Asher Moses
The Age
April 6, 2009

One of Australia’s largest Defence Department-linked companies has suspended a contractor over her alleged links to an international neo-Nazi group.

Nicole Hanley, a bid support manager for Thales – which has hundreds of millions of dollars in Department of Defence contracts – is alleged to have been involved as an administrator of the neo-Nazi web forum Blood & Honour.

The claims have been made by whistleblower site Wikileaks, which has published a hacked database containing private messages between the group’s members.

According to the Wikileaks private message trail it is claimed that Hanley has published a detailed online diary of her travels to Europe last year, which included attending several neo-Nazi skinhead gatherings, visiting Adolf Hitler’s birthplace, placing flowers on his parents’ grave and collecting Nazi memorabilia…

Secondly, B&H Australia has encountered a spot of bother following reports that the group is organising a gig in Perth on ANZAC Day (April 25). In response to criticism emanating from the RSL and general public, B&H Perth representative Murray Holmes compared Adolf Hitler to John HoWARd!

Mr Holmes said fascism had come a long way since the days when Adolf Hitler was Fuhrer.

“We’re not disciples of Hitler,” he assured.

“Adolf did some good and he did some bad, like Johnny Howard did good and bad, probably more bad than good.”

The mind boggles.

See: Diggers demand neo-Nazi backdown, Chris Thomson, WA Today, April 8, 2009 und Neo-Nazis back down on Anzac Day concert, Chris Thomson, WA Today, April 8, 2009.

Joining Murray on stage on April 25 will be Jesse, a bonehead (and member of another nutzi group the Southern Cross Hammerskins) who sings in Melbourne band Ravenous. Jesse is also involved in a new business venture called A perusal of their online catalogue suggests that, contra Holmes, little has changed for nutzis since Adolf Hitler blew his brains out while hiding in his bunker in 1945. Some of the many fabulous items on sale include:

    ‘Der ewige Jude’ (The Eternal Jew) by Volkszorn;
    ‘Fetch the Rope’ by The Klansmen;
    ‘Freezer Full of Nigger Heads’ by Grinded Nig and;
    ‘Alcoholocaust’ by Jew Slaughter.

You’ve come a long way, baby.

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