Protect Australia First. Parties.

    Hitler visits a lunatic asylum. The patients give the Hitler salute. As he passes down the line he comes across a man who isn’t saluting.
    “Why aren’t you saluting like the others?” Hitler barks.
    “Mein Führer, I’m the nurse,” comes the answer. “I’m not crazy!”

In the struggle to Protect Australia and to put it First, I’m growing increasingly worried.

First, s h o c k news that, as a result of his recent massive upswing in popularity, ribald political commentary and overall fitness, John Drew (aka ‘Australia First Brisbane’ / ‘Patriotic Youth League’) has been cruelly jettisoned by the Party. Or to put it another way:

Due to ever increasing interest in myself rather than Australia First’s Brisbane Branch I have bought the domain name and am preparing a web site that will provide a wide array of information including a very interesting photo gallery. Estimated date of going online with this personal web site is early to mid April…

I advise that this web site will cease to be that of the Brisbane branch as of March 30 due to party member objections to some items of content and subsequent censorship by party officials. Another emerging party branch will utilise the domain name. I will be concentrating on my other interests one of which is the development of a fitness training/social group for gays. I will also be active in Brisbane Sun Boys.

As keen, sun-bronzed young men across Australia know, ‘Brisbane Sun Boys’ is a “Nudist Club for Gay and Bisexual Men, over the age of 18, in Southeast Queensland who enjoy this natural life style”.

A number of questions present themselves at this point.

For example:

In this sordid drama, is Dr James Saleam (Australia First NSW) — or perhaps even Jim Perren (Australia First Queensland) — playing the role of ‘Denise LaSalle’? And is John Drew acting out the part of ‘Long Dong Silver’?


Will the runaway success enjoyed by the Patriotic Youth League — which has attracted such prominent personalities as Stuart McBeth, Luke Connors, James Newman, Lachlan Black and John Drew — be endangered by John’s leaving?

    McBeth founded the PYL in Newcastle in 2002; he left in early 2005. Black was one of the founding members of the New South Wales branch of One Nation in 1997. He is now a member of the APP in the ACT.

Will Peter Watson, the Patriotic Youth from Warwick, now step forward and transform his powerful party machine the Stalinist League into a Nationalist Association 4 Yoof?

If Peter does join, will he get brain cancer from having the mobile phone pressed to his ear all day and all night, answering membership and media inquiries?

Only time will tell.

Elsewhere in Queensland, two AF supporters have bravely gone to the polls: Peregrine John Beverley Jewell and Peter Schuback. Neither gained an especially impressive number of votes, naturally, but their participation is (presumably) yet another giant stride forward for Australia.

Or is it?

On the other side of the White nationalist divide, the Australian Protectionist Party is… still protecting Australia. Like AF, the APP struggles with the political legacy of Dr James Saleam, who has recently denounced — again — the APP for its alleged support for Zionism. That is, The Jew.

The leading spokesperson for the APP is Darrin Hodges. Darrin is one of a number of former AF members, including Mark Wilson, to abandon Herr Doktor.

“i have some good colour footage (no sound) of Adolf Hitler at The Berghoff. PM me if you want a copy of the footage” Darrin once wrote on Stormfront, but since then he has displaced his fear and loathing of The Jew on to The Muslim, who, together with The Asian, The Black, The Greens, The Red and The Queer, now constitute the gravest threats to Australia.

Word on The Street is that The Jew, The Muslim, The Red and The Asian are led by

A Half-Human, Half-Lesbian, Half-Machine, Half-Asian, Half-Cyborg Future President of the Future United States of Asia!

Below is e x c l u s i v e footage of the Future President of the Future United States of Asia after being informed of the growing resistance to the politics of New World Order liberal-globalist-capitalism throughout Australia (and in the rest of the world) and shortly before boarding her EL AL Airlines flight bound for Toowoomba:

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