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Rule #1 : NO POOFTAS! (Australia First Expels Hanson / Green Party Supporter: AtTeMpT tO dIsRuPt AuStRaLiA fIrSt StYmIeD)


Dr James Saleam, Führer of the Australia First Party (NSW), may be a pompous fascist dingbat, but — it must be admitted — he has mad skillz.

In December 2008, Saleam wrote that the police shooting of Melbourne teenager Tyler Cassidy was the product of a political conspiracy aimed at the ‘nationalist’ movement. ‘Corrupt Political Police ‘Intelligence’ Killed Tyler Cassidy!’ he exclaimed, announcing that “Australia First Party will demonstrate at the Coroner’s Court when an investigation is held into Tyler’s Cassidy’s death”.

More recently (February/March 2009), AF endorsed two candidates in the Queensland state election: Peregrine John Beverley Jewell in Toowoomba North and Peter Schuback in Hervey Bay.

Peregrine is a fascist stalwart, having established the ‘Confederate Action Party’ (a precursor to One Nation) in the early ’90s, as well as having involved himself in various other crackpot schemes. For his part, as well as being vice-president of the ‘Australian Long Distance Owners and Drivers Association’ and owner of ‘Mineral and Mine Movers Transport’, Peter is a perennial election candidate, having stood in 1998, 2001 (twice) and 2006. On these, as on the most recent occasion, Peter lost (as did Peregrine).

February also witnessed the departure of the ‘Australian Nationalism Information Database’ from the AF stable. Re-badged as ‘Ironbark Resources’, the site is now closely-linked to AF’s arch-rivals in the Australian Protectionist Party (the APP having split from AF in 2007).

In the meantime, Dr Jim’s 15-year-long Struggle to Clear His Name (he was convicted in 1991 of organising a shotgun assault upon the home of African National Congress representative Eddie Funde) and 5-year-long Battle to Register the Party continues unabated. Unfortunately, the number of those assisting Saleam in his Noble Quest appears to be dwindling. Below Herr Doktor explains the reasons he expelled the Brisbane branch of Australia First and the Patriotic Youth League, aka John Drew.

Australia First Expels Hanson / Green Party Supporter: Attempt To Disrupt Australia First Stymied

You either true fat or cut the flab
On the microphone hot it’s Skillz before heat
A wack nigga rhymin’, kills a raw beat
And I got both, ’bout to cook up a loaf of bread
on your motherfuckin’ head!

Australia First Party advises that it has today (March 25) expelled a Brisbane member, Mr. John Drew.

Mr. Drew, a former member of One Nation and of Australia First (when it was under other management in 2007) [Australia First Party makes like a banana…], was readmitted over members’ objections in 2007. He was nonetheless asked to carry out some secretarial and web site duties in Brisbane subject to positive performance.

In March 2009, Mr. Drew published upon the Queensland website material supportive both of the Pauline Hanson campaign and the Greens party campaign in the Queensland State election.

Mr. Drew objected to removing this material, although he finally did so. Australia First neither supports the opportunist pseudo populist Hanson, nor the open borders Greens party. Many party members protested about this material.

Simultaneously, Mr. Drew published material on an anti Australia First blogsite concerning earlier harassing allegations by our opponents that he supported the “Gay lifestyle” (sic). Despite numerous requests that he cease publishing these ambiguous statements about homosexuality and chiding this blogsite, he continued to write there. When asked whether he was homosexual, he vehemently denied it. Finally, he published a comment on March 17 concerning his attendance at a “Gay Parade” in Brisbane. This was clearly disingenuous and designed to instigate difficulties.

On March 18, Mr. Drew was suspended from membership. Today, he published upon the Brisbane Australia First website, the following comment.

“I advise that this web site will cease to be that of the Brisbane branch as of March 30 due to party member objections to some items of content and subsequent censorship by party officials. Another emerging party branch will utilise the domain name. I will be concentrating on my other interests one of which is the development of a fitness training/social group for gays. I will also active in Brisbane Sun Boys.”

We do not know whether the statements about gay interests are truthful, or whether they were designed to embarrass Australia First. We suspect only the latter.

Australia First has been under constant attack from various forces now for over three years. These attacks have included propaganda to divide the organisation. Persons have sought membership to disrupt the party. These attacks have intensified as we move towards registering the party and raising Australian nationalism up as a challenge to globalism.

This latest matter is just one more incident in a permanent struggle.

The last Queensland State committee meeting spoke of fishing out bad elements that might infiltrate Australia First. This we will continue to do. We serve the Australian people. Any element, whether it supports perverse lifestyles (sic), or whether it comes to push false agendas, will find no comfort here. On this occasion, we recognise only the agenda of another political party.

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Protect Australia First. Parties.

    Hitler visits a lunatic asylum. The patients give the Hitler salute. As he passes down the line he comes across a man who isn’t saluting.
    “Why aren’t you saluting like the others?” Hitler barks.
    “Mein Führer, I’m the nurse,” comes the answer. “I’m not crazy!”

In the struggle to Protect Australia and to put it First, I’m growing increasingly worried.

First, s h o c k news that, as a result of his recent massive upswing in popularity, ribald political commentary and overall fitness, John Drew (aka ‘Australia First Brisbane’ / ‘Patriotic Youth League’) has been cruelly jettisoned by the Party. Or to put it another way:

Due to ever increasing interest in myself rather than Australia First’s Brisbane Branch I have bought the domain name and am preparing a web site that will provide a wide array of information including a very interesting photo gallery. Estimated date of going online with this personal web site is early to mid April…

I advise that this web site will cease to be that of the Brisbane branch as of March 30 due to party member objections to some items of content and subsequent censorship by party officials. Another emerging party branch will utilise the domain name. I will be concentrating on my other interests one of which is the development of a fitness training/social group for gays. I will also be active in Brisbane Sun Boys.

As keen, sun-bronzed young men across Australia know, ‘Brisbane Sun Boys’ is a “Nudist Club for Gay and Bisexual Men, over the age of 18, in Southeast Queensland who enjoy this natural life style”.

A number of questions present themselves at this point.

For example:

In this sordid drama, is Dr James Saleam (Australia First NSW) — or perhaps even Jim Perren (Australia First Queensland) — playing the role of ‘Denise LaSalle’? And is John Drew acting out the part of ‘Long Dong Silver’?


Will the runaway success enjoyed by the Patriotic Youth League — which has attracted such prominent personalities as Stuart McBeth, Luke Connors, James Newman, Lachlan Black and John Drew — be endangered by John’s leaving?

    McBeth founded the PYL in Newcastle in 2002; he left in early 2005. Black was one of the founding members of the New South Wales branch of One Nation in 1997. He is now a member of the APP in the ACT.

Will Peter Watson, the Patriotic Youth from Warwick, now step forward and transform his powerful party machine the Stalinist League into a Nationalist Association 4 Yoof?

If Peter does join, will he get brain cancer from having the mobile phone pressed to his ear all day and all night, answering membership and media inquiries?

Only time will tell.

Elsewhere in Queensland, two AF supporters have bravely gone to the polls: Peregrine John Beverley Jewell and Peter Schuback. Neither gained an especially impressive number of votes, naturally, but their participation is (presumably) yet another giant stride forward for Australia.

Or is it?

On the other side of the White nationalist divide, the Australian Protectionist Party is… still protecting Australia. Like AF, the APP struggles with the political legacy of Dr James Saleam, who has recently denounced — again — the APP for its alleged support for Zionism. That is, The Jew.

The leading spokesperson for the APP is Darrin Hodges. Darrin is one of a number of former AF members, including Mark Wilson, to abandon Herr Doktor.

“i have some good colour footage (no sound) of Adolf Hitler at The Berghoff. PM me if you want a copy of the footage” Darrin once wrote on Stormfront, but since then he has displaced his fear and loathing of The Jew on to The Muslim, who, together with The Asian, The Black, The Greens, The Red and The Queer, now constitute the gravest threats to Australia.

Word on The Street is that The Jew, The Muslim, The Red and The Asian are led by

A Half-Human, Half-Lesbian, Half-Machine, Half-Asian, Half-Cyborg Future President of the Future United States of Asia!

Below is e x c l u s i v e footage of the Future President of the Future United States of Asia after being informed of the growing resistance to the politics of New World Order liberal-globalist-capitalism throughout Australia (and in the rest of the world) and shortly before boarding her EL AL Airlines flight bound for Toowoomba:

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War! Rage! Queensland!


There’s good news and bad news.

First, the good news.

The Southern Cross Soldiers (remember them?) can has Manifesto!

In a nutshell — a term which I use deliberately — the Melbourne members of the SCS have declared WAR! on the forces of political correctness. According to the patriotic teenyboppers, these nefarious forces are holding Australian governments and police hostage, and prevent them from tackling the anti-White racism which saturates Australian society.

…We are here to stand up for, and give Aussie communities a voice when the government is too politically correct and gutless to do it.

Racism cuts both ways. We are here to lobby, campaign, and raise awareness of the anti-Caucasian racism that the government and the police refuse to deal with. The racism that forced 5000 Australians to defend their beach community when the police wouldn’t for years.

We will not be silenced, we are not going away.

The government needs to address our concerns now, or deal with our united rage in years to come.


Now, the bad news.

The Queensland election has brought little joy for racists patriots. Pauline Hanson failed in her sixth straight election. One Nation lost its last MP. The Australia First Party fielded two candidates: Peregrine John Beverley Jewell in Toowoomba North and Peter Schuback in Hervey Bay.

Neither were especially successful.

Ein volk…

Rosa Lee Long is an archaism: the last gasp of the One Nation Party. “I have no other duties other than giving Dalrymple the best representation possible” said Rosa, which if true suggests that she needs a new hobby. Still, with around 7,000 votes (1/3), Rosa will obviously have many supporters with suggestions.

In Condamine, Rod Watson thrashed the Independent Stephanie Bugg, 763 votes to 278, and proved to be only slightly less popular than The Greens.

…ein Reich…

Peregrine John Beverley Jewell failed to place his sweaty hands on the levers of Government power again in 2009. Peregrine tested his popularity at the polls in Toowoomba North and gained 490 votes (1.70%) for his trouble, 98.30% of the people apparently failing to realise the peril they are facing in the New World Order liberal-globalist-capitalist conspiracy.

In Hervey Bay, Peter Schuback proved once again that the road to Parliament is a long one for Independents, gaining 1,251 votes (4.85%), a slight drop in popularity since he last tilted at the political windmill.

As noted previously, this is not Peter’s first crack at a seat in Parliament. In 1998, Schuback got 1107 votes — outpolling the LaRouchite candidate (and thereby avoiding last place). In 2001, Peter put forward his platform in the Rockhampton electorate as a candidate for the short-lived City Country Alliance. In a three-horse race, Peter again came last, winning a respectable 2,056 votes (8.9%). (In the 2001 Federal election, Peter stood as an Independent in the seat of Capricornia. For his troubles, he received 512 votes, or 0.7%.) In 2006, again contesting Hervey Bay, he gained 1,607 votes (5.82%), coming last of five candidates.

Nein Führer?!?

Finally, The Wicked Witch from Ipswich may have blown her last chance at gaining a Government job.

Ms Hanson’s candidacy in Beaudesert, south of Brisbane, attracted national media attention but not enough voters. She secured 22 per cent of the vote to run third behind Labor and the Liberal National Party winner Aiden McLindon…

The One Nation founder blamed the media for her loss, referring to the publication of raunchy photographs of a young woman erroneously claimed to be her in the mid-1970s by News Limited Sunday newspapers.

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Blood & Honour leak

Some of the contents of one of the two principal websites belonging to the international neo-Nazi network Blood & Honour (B&H) have been Wikileaked.

B&H is a proscribed organisation in Germany and Spain; the Australian franchise (in conjunction with another international neo-Nazi network of boneheads called the ‘Hammerskins’) is organising a gig in Perth on April 25 this year (ANZAC Day) to celebrate the deaths of Australian soldiers in WWII…

Slackbastard · 25 March 2009 · Discussion

White Pride World Wide!


March 21 is the ‘International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination’, but Angry Aryans claim it as ‘White Pride World Wide Day’ aka ‘People of European Origin with Pale Complexions in Calgary and Christchurch Who Choose to Celebrate their Wise Choice of Parents By Waving Flags in Public Day’. Thus, of a global population of over 1,000,000 people, sadly, only 100 or so (one millionth of one per cent) decided to take to the streets of cities in Aotearoa/New Zealand and Canada yesterday.


About 30 people gathered in Christchurch on Saturday in a demonstration of white pride. The demonstration involved a silent march from Cathedral Square to Victoria Square. It was organised by the Nationalist Alliance. The majority of participants were boneheads wearing black tee-shirts, army pants, black boots and carried placards saying “equals rights for whites”. Chairman Kyle Chapman says white people are often subject to racism but his group has no negative feelings toward other ethnicities. The march coincided with the United Nation’s international day for the elimination of racial discrimination.


In Calgary, between 30 but perhaps as many as 60 (or even 85!) members of the Aryan Guard attempted to jackboot their way to the City Hall. In this effort, the neo-Nazis were aided by several score police. “Ultimately, the Aryan Guard made it just three blocks for their drop-off point before being put aboard city busses by police and returned to their transportation.”

Naturally, their ability to place one foot in front of the other for a sustained period is being hailed as another glorious victory for the Master Race.

Probably the best source of info on the gathering of racist schmucks in Calgary is provided by the smart alecky Anti-Racist Canada. It also got heap ‘em big infos on the Aryan Guard. And ah AuntieFa has video.

Slackbastard · 23 March 2009 · Discussion

No supremacists!

FDB are opposed to supremacists of any flavour, be they white, Islamist, Jewish or anything else. UN processes are at present being manipulated by Islamist interests to suppress the rights of others. FDB support free exercise of religion but not at the expense of peaceful free speech and legitimate critique of religion. We at FDB agree that the Australian government should not participate in any UN process designed or subverted to restrict the rights of or wantonly defame any class of people.

From The SMH:

Australia undecided on anti-racism forum
Sandra O’Malley, Diplomatic Correspondent

Australia will decide next month whether it will attend a controversial United Nation’s anti-racism conference.

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith is mindful the Durban Review Conference, to be held in Geneva in late April, could become a repeat of the original South African event in 2001, which was marred by claims of anti-Semitism.

Delegates from the United States and Israel walked out of the 2001 meeting because much of the discussion focused on Israel being a racist state.

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Youth! Nation! Destiny! 5,000 damaged condoms!

Following the massively disappointing news that Warwick Capper forgot to nominate in the QLD State seat of Beaudesert, a new and exciting development in the QLD election: Australia First has a second candidate!

Joining Peregrine John Beverley Jewell in Toowoomba North is Peter Schuback in Hervey Bay. As well as being vice-president of the Australian Long Distance Owners and Drivers Association and owner of ‘Mineral and Mine Movers Transport’, according to AF Fuehrer Dr James Saleam, Schuback “was heavily commitment to the National Truck Shutdown last July”.

Peter is also heavily committed to a White Australia.

Go Peter!

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Let’s Have Music!

    Update : I wrote this post on March 4. Since then, the raids on German neo-Nazis (see below) have received more media coverage: Right-Wing Extremism: Germany Launches Massive Crackdown on Neo-Nazi Music, Deutsche Welle; Police crackdown on neo-Nazi music, ABC.

    Perhaps the closest Australian authorities have come to doing something similar was the arrest of David Pollard (b. December 31, 1983) in June last year. Pollard was responsible for the distribution of nutzi propaganda via his website ‘Noble Front’. Among the items confiscated by police from his property was the Deaths Head CD ‘Feast of the Jackal’ (featuring the No.1 smash hit ‘Swastika’; the swastika “will fly again”, apparently).

    Deaths Head is — or rather, was — a local Melbourne band, and closely associated with both Blood & Honour and the Hammerskins, international neo-Nazi networks. B&H is banned in Germany, but active in Australia. To celebrate the deaths of Australian soldiers in WWII, the two groups are organising a gig in Perth on ANZAC Day later this year; bands playing include Indigenous Hate, Quick & the Dead, and Ravenous.

    Deaths Head and Ravenous member Jesse, a Hammerskin, maintains a channel on YouTube which features a number of Deaths Head videos, as well as two very brief cartoons featuring the decapitation and shooting of ‘Sheky’ the Jew. The band has a MySpace page here.

    Deaths Head is also notable for having provided local oi! band Bulldog Spirit with a drummer, Joel. Doug, the vocalist for Bulldog Spirit, is a big fan of mine, and it was in this spirit that he published what he claimed (erroneously) to be my work address on an online forum frequented by boneheads.

Local German-born nutzi Welf Herfurth — leader of the tiny ‘New Right Australia (and er, New Zealand)’, and the bonehead gang Volksfront Australia — must be crying into his imported German beer this evening (likely to be shared with Novocastrian bonehead and Volksfront co-organiser Douglas Schott), following reports of another crackdown by German police on the radical right in Der Vaterland.

Germany raids over 200 suspected neo-Nazi premises
Reuters UK
March 4, 2009

BERLIN (Reuters) – German police have launched a nationwide search of more than 200 homes and businesses of people suspected of belonging to the country’s extreme right, the Federal Crime Office (BKA) said Wednesday.

“The primary aim of the concerted action by crime fighting authorities is to seize and confiscate prohibited items like music in order to move effectively and extensively against the spread of right wing extremism,” the BKA said in a statement…

The raids come only a few weeks after one of the largest nutzi gatherings in post-War Germany in Dresden, when 5-6,000 fascist wankers jackbooted about the city (with a police escort of several thousand). They also come after former NPD executive member Uwe Luthardt, who recently quit the party, made what is presumably intended to be some kinda ‘revelation’ regarding the NPD’s continued adherence to the incestuous corpophiliac Hitler’s political legacy.


Slackbastard · 6 March 2009 · Discussion

Pauline scrubs again

Is there anyone who has run for office in Australia more than Pauline Hanson?

From the ABC:

Hanson to run as independent in Qld poll

Former One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is returning to politics.

Ms Hanson has told friends and family she will stand as an independent candidate in the seat of Beaudesert in next month’s Queensland election.

The seat is held by outgoing Liberal National Party MP Kevin Lingard.

Ms Hanson could not be contacted, but her friend Bronwyn Boag said the former fish and chip shop owner plans to launch her campaign next week.

“Yes, she will be standing for the seat of Beaudesert and she will be making a statement shortly,” Ms Boag said.

“She deserves a place in Parliament and hopefully this is the one.”

Former AFL star Warwick Capper is expected to announce his candidacy for the Beaudesert electorate, as well. Go Warwick.

Fight dem back · 2 March 2009 · Discussion