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Fred Nile & CDP: the biggest boobs in Parliament

The Christian Democrat Party, led by the Reverend Fred Nile, is suddenly concerned with the sensitivities of migrant Muslims. This amuses us here at FDB to no end.

Almost exactly a year ago, Nile & his mates in the extreme right were protesting the building permit application of the Quranic Society to build an Islamic School in the western Sydney suburb of Camden. We’re not entirely sure whether Fred’s had a true, albeit hamhandedly worded change of heart with regard to Muslim migrants to Australia… or if he’s just being a nefarious, hypocritical, racist scumbag, in which case, nothing’s changed.

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

Topless ban to protect Muslims and Asians: Nile

Georgina Robinson
December 30, 2008

Conservative MP Fred Nile says he wants topless bathing banned in NSW to protect Sydney’s Muslim and Asian communities.

The Reverend Nile has rejected allegations that prudishness is behind a bill he has prepared to ban nudity, including topless sunbathing, on the state’s most popular beaches.

Australia’s reputation as a conservative but culturally inclusive sociery was at risk of erosion by more liberal overseas visitors, he said.

“Our beaches should be a place where no one is offended, whether it’s their religious or cultural views,” he said.

“If they’ve come from a Middle Eastern or Asian country where women never go topless – in fact they usually wear a lot of clothing – I think it’s important to respect all the different cultures that make up Australia.”

The practice was at risk of raising the ire of Muslim men in particular, Mr Nile said.

“I don’t want to have any provocations or disturbances on our public beaches,” he said.

News brief · 31 December 2008

Volksfront Australia

Volksfront Australia, like most local neo-Nazi groups, is a foreign import. Established in 1994 in the United States, and named in honour of a racist Afrikaaner mob, the group has recently embraced a few converts Down Under: chief among them (according to rival sect Blood & Honour / Southern Cross Hammerskins) the former German NPD and Australian One Nation Party member Welf Herfurth.

Did I happen to mention that Welf also considers himself an “anarchist”?

This is not the first time Volksfront has had an Australian franchise. In 2004, a young racist named Stuart McBeth (1981–), then the leader of the now defunct ‘Patriotic Youth League’ (PYL) — a risible attempt by Dr James Saleam to extend Australia First Party membership to the under-40s — threw his tinfoil helmet into the ring as an Australian organiser for the United States People’s Front. (Oddly enough, like Welf, Stuart was also a former member of ONP.) McBeth resigned as PYL President shortly after being fired, in late January 2005, from his job as a case officer for the Salvation Army. McBeth was replaced by Lachlan Black, also a former ONP member and, like McBeth, a former ONP candidate.

Like the PYL, Volksfront Mk I collapsed in a heap.

Slackbastard · 22 December 2008 · Discussion

Never mind the bollocks, rock the racists

From Alexander Billet’s bulletproof Rebel Frequencies:

Rebel Music: Thirty Years of Rock Against Racism

“Art and politics don’t mix.” So we are told time and again whenever an artist or musician dares to speak out and be heard. Politicking, it seems, is best left to the politicians, and musicians are better off leaving it that way.

The Carnival Against the Nazis, staged by Rock Against Racism in Britain 30 years ago today, was one of the many moments in history that prove what utter bollocks that is. While racism trolled the streets of Britain, this festival united black and white, immigrant and native born, punk rock and reggae in opposition. It was one of those iconic moments when the interplay between popular struggle and popular culture stepped forth for all to see.

Yet again, it was proof positive that in the fight against oppression and inequality, music can indeed play a crucial role.

British journalist Sarfraz Manzoor summed up the influence Rock Against Racism had at its high-point on April 30th, 1978: “[F]or those who attended the original concert in 1978 it was a show that changed their lives and helped change Britain. Rock Against Racism radicalised a generation, it showed that music could do more than just entertain: it could make a difference.”

News brief · 21 December 2008

Multicultural Advisory Council reconstituted

From the ABC:

AFL boss to head new multicultural body

AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou has been named as the chairman of the Federal Government’s new Multicultural Advisory Council.

Mr Demetriou will head the 16-member council, which also includes representatives from other multicultural organisations and immigrant and business bodies as well as South Australian District Court Judge Rauf Soulio.

The council is being restarted after being allowed to lapse under the Howard government in 2006.

News brief · 17 December 2008

Southern Cross Soldiers, Tyler Cassidy and the far right

The (racist) far right has reacted fairly predictably to the shooting death of 15-year-old Tyler Cassidy in the Melbourne suburb of Northcote last Thursday (December 11). For those for whom The Jew is Public Enimy #1, the fault lies, of course, at the feet of The Jew.


Stormfront, Dr. David Duke‘s online, Florida-based Mental Hospital for Racist Cranks, abounds with penetrating insights. Ten of the best:

    brude: “I hope karma comes back to these rotton [sic] barstard [sic] PIGS like it did in the 1980′s.”
    Spinosus: “Police officers in the west are ZOG enforcers, that[']s why I don’t like them.”
    303pugs: “It looks very much like an anti white manouver [sic] by our new order gov.”
    Sam: “As much of a tragedy [as] it is, there is also a lesson to be learnt: Don’t touch drugs.”
    Silverfern (CHURCH OF THE NATIONAL KNIGHTS OF THE KU KLUX KLAN): “I believe the cops were justified, if I was me [sic] the little toerag wouldn’t of made it two steps.”
    Cup-of-Ruin: “If that had been a Muslim or an Abbo [sic] they blasted there would be an uproar…”
    Patriot08: “I love that Brutal Attack song on his myspace page too.”
    Etain: “Tyler Cassidy, another white victim of the final solution… Tyler Cassidy is quickly becoming a Ned Kelly. An Australian “outlaw”, fighting to defend what it meant to be an Australian, who tried to survive in a place where he was a MINORITY, and was constantly reminded of his white man’s burden.”
    sixtytwo [SCS Sydney]: “The [SCS] are vowing revenge they are vowing to get together.”
    firestone: “So SCS: stay strong and hold your ground. Know that your cause is a noble one, as is ours, and the enemies [sic] main weapons are lies and manipulation. Only the weaker-minded guys will fall away for good because they fear criticism too much. This incident will no doubt attract more attention from your/our enemies, so learn as much about who they are and why they do what they do as you can. They will try to manipulate public opinion against you, but understand that these antis are a bunch of pussies who only do such things safely hidden away behind their [computer]. The only time you may catch a glimpse is if they venture out for the latest anti-Nike or G20 protests.”


Also on the anti-Semitic far right, in typically florid prose, Dr James Saleam, Fuehrer of the Australia First Party (NSW), asks, If The Victorian Police Wrongfully Shot A Boy, Why Does The Media Now Wish To Dig A Latrine As His Grave? (Statement By The Australia First Party, December 14.) Herr Doktor — sentenced to three and a half years jail in 1991 for organising a shotgun attack on the home of Eddie Funde, Australasian representative of the African National Congress — blames The (Jew) Controlled Media for plunging headlong down a Super Fun “slippery-slope of untruth, building up a shadowy Internet discussion board, the Southern Cross Soldiers, into a racist, extremist, activist and criminal circle.” Further: “Australia First Party denounces the media line that the Southern Cross Soldiers, an ostensible “nationalist” group, existed outside of the Internet site – MySpace.”

Slackbastard · 16 December 2008 · Discussion

Compare & Contrast

From Crikey:

Teenage deaths in Athens and Melbourne: A comparison

Cam Smith writes:

“Police murdered a 15 year-old kid in Northcote last night,” read the text message, “Come to Northcote police station. Crew heading there now. Demand justice. Fuck the bastards.” In the carpark outside the police station, a group of young radical types stood in a huddle, discussing the events of the previous night. Spread throughout the carpark, the media were identifiable by their obscure gang patches, 7, 9, 10.

“Do you think it’ll go Greek?” one anarchist asked me. “I don’t think so,” I replied, “This is Northcote, not Exarchia.”

And yet, despite my pithy response in the damp patch of ashphalt between Northcote Plaza and All Nations Park, the question persisted throughout the day — on radio, on blogs, on the newspaper websites… even my mum asked me: Why does nobody listen to me?

The similarity was striking, I suppose. Only five days after Athenian police had gunned down a 15-year-old boy, Alexandros Grigoropoulos, police in the third-largest Greek city in the world had shot dead another 15-year-old boy, Tyler Cassidy. The key is in the contrast:

  • In Northcote, the police [claim to have] had no choice.
  • In Athens, eyewitnesses describe the police initiating conflict by provoking the youths.
  • In Northcote, the police tried to negotiate, before turning to capsicum foam, then resorting to their sidearms.
  • In Athens, eyewitnesses describe the police officer who fired the shots as having exposed his genitals just prior to executing Alexandros.
  • In Athens, the police officer was a member of a neo-Nazi gang.

There is contrast in the response too: While anarchists in Greece reported on goings-on there in an almost poetic manner, on 4Chan, Anonymous amused itself by photoshopping pictures of knives into Cassidy’s hands and bombarding a tribute MySpace with abuse (it has since been taken down).

While Greece burned, hundreds of people around the world expressed solidarity (some then had riots of their own). In Melbourne, Cassidy was mentioned at a solidarity vigil attended by 30 well-soaked bleeding hearts outside the Greek consulate on Saturday. On Sunday afternoon, two dodgy looking blokes in a car tried to organise a rally outside the Northcote police station. Nobody showed up.

Cassidy’s juvenile politics makes him easy to hate, but while the Southern Cross Soldiers are a bit of a nasty bunch, being a dickhead is not yet a capital crime. Alexandros Grigoropoulos’ death will be long remembered for the actions it initiated.

Cassidy’s death will fall down the memory hole — a stupid, messed-up kid on a suicide mission. He deserves better — he should be remembered as the kid whose death prompted increased funding to Crisis Assessment Teams and improvements to police training. He should be remembered as the last needless police death in Victoria. He won’t be, but he should.

News brief · 16 December 2008

Call to overhaul cyber-racism laws

From The Sydney Morning Herald

Call to overhaul cyber-racism laws

Asher Moses
December 15, 2008

The Federal Government is under pressure to take urgent action to combat widespread racial vilification on social networking sites such as Facebook.

The Race Discrimination Commissioner, Tom Calma, said there was insufficient monitoring of cyber-racism and the law did not provide adequate protection for victims.

The comments follow stories published on this website last week revealing that there are scores of racist groups on Facebook, many of them based in Australia, but the site has done little to eradicate them even after complaints.

Anti-racism groups have begun using this inaction to their advantage, mining social networking sites for valuable intel.

Sydney-based Facebook user Alex Gollan, who has campaigned against the racist groups and created his own group, Australians Against Racism & Discrimination, has been threatened with violence and fears the site could be used to rally people if another incident such as the Cronulla riots flares up.

One racist nationalist group that has grabbed the spotlight following the shooting death of Tyler Cassidy, 15, by police in Melbourne last week is the Southern Cross Soldiers. The group uses MySpace to recruit Australians such as Cassidy to violently defend their country against migrants.

News brief · 15 December 2008

Southern Cross Soldiers: Life in the trenches

Following the police shooting of Tyler Cassidy last Thursday evening (December 11), and the subsequent exposure of his membership of the ‘Southern Cross Soldiers’, there has been a barrage of media attention coming the Soldiers’ way. In response, some appear to have ducked for cover (their main page on Myspace has been deleted: see Google cache) while others are cowering in their foxholes (setting their pages to ‘private’). In summary, the tragedy surrounding Tyler’s death is now competing for public attention with the farcical manoeuvrings of the volunteer army that is the Southern Cross Soldiers. Below are links to a number of posts on the slackbastard blog which discuss the Soldiers and which provide further links to some of the enormous (and growing) media coverage that Tyler’s association with SCS has generated.

More press on Tyler Cassidy shooting…
Provides links to a dozen or so press articles, including:

Call for answers after cops kill 15-year-old Tyler Cassidy, Julie-Anne Davies and Milanda Rout, The Australian:

…According to Cam Smith, the organiser of FightdemBack, a group which fights race-hate groups in Australia, the Southern Cross Soldiers is mainly organised through MySpace and there are at least 1000 members in nine chapters across the country.

The gang is made up of mainly teenagers, but the leaders were aged in their mid-twenties and the group was set up through the internet after the Cronulla riots. “They are mainly young people and are organised extensively through MySpace,” Mr Smith said. “It is a post-Cronulla thing. A lot of people who had been inspired by Cronulla have connected through the internet.”

Mr Smith said the Southern Cross Soldiers first came across the radar in January. “They are a gang whose activities are mainly limited to fights with other groups and occasionally picking on the random minority in the street,” Mr Smith said.

“A number of them are fairly hard-core neo-Nazis. The rest of them are fairly hard-core racists. They are interested in racial purity in Australia.”

Southern Cross Soldiers : Into the Blogosphere
Links to a small range of commentary on the case in the Australian blogosphere.

The Ugly Australian(s)
Links to an article in The Australian and very brief coverage of the reaction on everyone’s favourite White supremacist forum Stormfront.

Slackbastard · 14 December 2008 · Discussion

Tyler Cassidy and the Southern Cross Soldiers

As alluded to earlier, the police shooting of 15-year-old Tyler Cassidy in the Melbourne suburb of Northcote last night (Thursday, December 11) has particular significance at FDB: Tyler was a member of the racist youth network Southern Cross Soldiers (SCS).

The SCS initially came to the media’s attention in November, when Liam Houlihan published an article in the November 23 edition of the Sunday Herald Sun: Victorian police vow crackdown to stop ‘another Cronulla’. The slackbastard blog provides some additional commentary, and a number of SCS members were moved to denounce the article, S.C.S Melb Leader commenting:

The pro-Cronulla riot videos released onto youtube then added to our myspace had more than just racism about them, they showed a whole army of my fellow countrymen and women standing up for themselves, for something they believe in, and most importantly standing up for there country. They were not put there to glorify the cronulla riots in any way, just merely a well compiled video of plenty of aussies and australian flags, that really caught my eye and made me feel good

In keeping with the Cronulla tradition, the previous weekend — the third anniversary of the Cronulla riot — the Melbourne chapter of the group held a party.

Slackbastard · 12 December 2008 · Discussion

Anti-social networking on Facebook

From The Sydney Morning Herald

Facebook under fire for racist rants

Asher Moses
December 12, 2008

Facebook has come under fire from Australian users for ignoring racial vilification on the site and failing to remove blatantly racist groups even though they have been flagged as offensive.

Sydney-based Facebook user Alex Gollan, who has campaigned against the racist groups, has been threatened with violence and fears the site could be used to rally people if another incident such as the Cronulla riots flares up.

The site permanently banned one offender this week but only after the issue of racism on Facebook came under the spotlight following revelations that Scots College and Kambala students had created anti-Semitic groups on the site.

The racist Facebook groups, which are still online at the time of writing, include: “F— Islam”, “I hate Israel”, “You’re in Australia … SPEAK ENGLISH!!!”, “Aussie Pride!!! Love it or GET THE F— OUT”, “Learn the Aussie Language, Respect Our Way Of Life, IT’s NOT HARD!!!!!”, “Respect Australia or F— OFF!”, “Asian drivers should be forced to display A-Plates” and “I cannot tolerate SOUTH AFRICAN ACCENT”.

News brief · 12 December 2008