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Racism in Australia : Study

Above : Australia First Party sticker, accompanying BBC report, Australia racism ‘still serious’: “Researchers in Australia have concluded that people are becoming more tolerant of cultural diversity. But racism remains a problem, with one in 10 Australians believing some races are superior to others…”

Slackbastard · 29 September 2008 · Discussion

Nick Griffin. GO HOME.

Nick griffin is a cunt

The BNP has announced that its leader Nick Griffin intends to visit Australia in the “very near future” at the invitation of Darrin Hodges’ “Australian Protectionist Party”.

The proposed December visit by the leader of Britain’s premier racist party would help to give visibility to Hodge’s attempts to drag Australia back into the dark ages of unapologetic imperialism and racism. It would also give Griffin the opportunity to act like some kind of spokesperson for ex-patriots, damaging our friends in Britain’s tolerant reputation while at the same time attempting to raise funds for his party’s coffers.

This year, the Australian parliament’s first order of business was to make an apology on behalf of the nation to the “stolen generation”, Aborigines who were removed from their families and ancestral lands to be “anglicised” (made to behave more like white people) for over one hundred years, until 1969. Only a tiny minority of Australians were opposed to this long overdue sentiment.

As a modern nation, Australia celebrates its new, modern and diverse culture with great pride. A visit by the BNP, a party notorious for sewing the seeds of intolerance, hate and mistrust, is likely to only be attractive and beneficial to the sort of Neanderthals who took pleasure from race-related rioting against Muslims in Cronulla New South Wales in December 2005. Since those riots, described as a “pogrom” by some Australian journalists, the Australian far-right has gone to great lengths to recruit and galvanise support for their policies.

The BNP and its Australian supporters will attempt to use Griffin’s controversial visit to garner support to their campaign against the new Australia. In a time of sweeping economic turmoil, the APP will be hoping to learn from Griffin how to make local gains on the back of world-wide difficulties. This weekend (September 13th) the APP is standing in local elections as a litmus test for its policies.

Britain has strong historic, cultural and sporting ties with Australia. In 1998, Griffin was refused entry to the country as was Holocaust denier David Irving before him. The Australian government is being urged once more not to soil those positive ties by allowing Australia to take in another one of our criminal undesirables.

Jeremy Jones, a spokesman for Australia’s Jewish community said: ”A visit by Griffin ought to be a matter of concern for Australia’s Muslim community, indeed by all communities here who have found that tolerance and engagement is a better path than division and hatred.”

Watch this space, as FightDemBack, in association with our UK friends, Searchlight, launch our campaign to have his Visa blocked. We’ve gotten Visas of prominent European nazis blocked before, and we can do it again. You just gotta pick up the phone.

(Adapted and mutilated from Searchlight’s page here. We’ll throw up our own propaganda when we get around to it.)

Fight dem back · 27 September 2008 · Discussion

Aboriginal women win radio discrimination case

From the Canberra Times:

Aboriginal women win radio discrimination case

A community radio station was worried that a group of Aboriginal women applying to become members would ”take over the station” after ”fighting on the street corners”.

But yesterday, after a drawn-out court battle, a magistrate ordered the station to pay the women $12,000 and grant them immediate membership.

Federal Magistrate Warwick Neville found QBN-FM 96.7 had racially discriminated against outspoken Aboriginal elder Matilda House and her daughter-in-law when it turned down their joint application in 2006.

The station was accused of making racist remarks when rejecting membership applications from five women associated with the Aboriginal community, after draft minutes from a board meeting in July 2006 were leaked to a local newspaper.

News brief · 27 September 2008

Tooled-up fash stop in for a hot apple pie at Hutt Maccas

From the Dom Post:

Gunman scare at Hutt McDonald’s

Police cordoned off a McDonald’s restaurant after reports of a gunman on the loose in the Hutt Valley.

Police were alerted at 5.45pm yesterday when a “skinhead covered in tattoos” allegedly pulled a rifle during an argument at a house in Stokes Valley before driving off.

Police found his car parked outside McDonald’s in Silverstream a short time later.

A police negotiator got a member of a white supremacy gang to leave the restaurant and he was arrested without incident.

News brief · 27 September 2008

Sports ground to continue using racist term

From the Courier Mail:

‘Racist’ term to stay part of ground
By Steve Gray and David Barbeley
September 25, 2008

A SPORTS ground in Queensland’s southeast will continue to use a racist term to honour the city’s first international rugby league player.

Toowoomba Sports Ground Trust chairman John McDonald said that while the grandstand bearing his name was to be demolished in coming days as part of an upgrade, E.S. “Nigger” Brown would continue to be honoured with that nickname.

Mr McDonald said the “N” word would likely be retained on a statue of Brown or a plaque recognising his deeds.

News brief · 26 September 2008

Racist graff at Hawke’s Bay school

From the Hawke’s Bay Today:

Racist graffiti shocks primary school students

St Joseph’s Primary has become the most recent graffiti victim in what’s been a bad month for Hawke’s Bay schools.

Staff arrived at the Hastings school yesterday to discover one classroom extensively “tagged” with obscene language.

“The children were really upset,” said principal Tim Mooney, who explained the situation was worsened by the strong racist undertone and offensive nature of the graffiti. “It was pretty hurtful stuff – so we were keen to clean it off as soon as we could.”

Mr Mooney said the school hadn’t been targeted for some time, and believed offenders had gone to some length considering the “locked down” nature of the school at night.

“It’s random stuff really. You can never pick when it’ll happen again. We’ve had an okay run up until now.”

Earlier this month Havelock North Primary School had 31 windows smashed.

News brief · 20 September 2008

Anti-Semite alleged to be undermining Vic Lib reforms

Not that we really care about the fractured state of the Victorian Libs, but we do wonder why anti-Semite conspiracy theorist Ken Aldred remains a party member. Seems to us like the sensible thing to do would be to kick him out. (Like, several years ago.) Anyway…

From VexNews, Australia’s angriest news source for factional infighting:

MAD BAD KEN: Former Liberal federal MP anti-semite undermines plans for party reform while faction feuding continues.

Disgraced former Liberal MP and bizarre anti-Jewish conspiracy theorist Ken Aldred is leading the charge in Melbourne’s south-east suburbs against proposals for constitutional change in the Liberal party.

Despite being disendorsed last year as a federal Liberal candidate, Aldred continues to wield substantial power in the south-east where he is the President of the Holt federal electoral council.

News brief · 19 September 2008

NZ Corrections Dept. stuffs up. (big time)

From 3 News:

Corrections Dept under attack as prison rapist is sentenced

The Corrections Department has come under attack for placing a teenage white supremacist in the same cell as a hardened Maori gang member.

The result was that the teenager was repeatedly raped.

News brief · 19 September 2008

Govt. policies racist, say legal body + [Bonus!] Peter Costello was a jerk (Crikey! Who knew and when?!)

From The Age:

Govt policies racist: legal aid body
September 16, 2008

The Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement (ALRM) has lodged a complaint with the United Nations, saying racist government policies are denying justice to indigenous Australians.

The ALRM has asked the UN to investigate “racist policy and practice” by the federal and South Australian governments.

News brief · 18 September 2008