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Lobby group apologises for foolish poster

From the Jewish News:

Lobby group issues apology

A REGIONAL Victorian lobby group has removed a poster from its website that compared Premier John Brumby to Adolf Hitler.

An apology to the Jewish community was also issued on the ‘Plug the Pipe’ website early Friday and the group’s chairman admitted that the image was “extremely offensive”.

The apology came after Victorian parliamentarians and the Jewish Community Council of Victoria slammed the poster, which was pictured being carried by a woman at a protest rally.

The poster depicted Hitler and Brumby with the words “Can you spot the difference between these two dictators”.

Plug the Pipe is an organisation that opposes the transportation of water from northern Victoria to the city in a project known as the Food Bowl Modernisation Project. The group was in the news last month after it threatened to trespass Brumby’s rural property.

News brief · 29 August 2008

Foolish poster condemned

From the Jewish News:

‘Offensive’ and ‘nonsensical’ poster condemned

VICTORIAN Parliamentarians are up in arms over a poster issued by a protest group that compares Premier John Brumby with Adolf Hitler.

The poster, which appears on the ‘Plug the Pipe’ website asks “can you spot the difference between these two dictators?” Beneath the text is a picture of Adolf Hitler and picture of John Brumby with a crude moustache and fringe drawn on it.

News brief · 28 August 2008

Zentai loses extradition hearing

From the ABC:

Alleged war criminal loses extradition hearing

An 86-year-old man from Perth has been taken into custody after a magistrate ruled he was eligible to be extradited to Hungary to face a charge of murdering a Jewish teenager during World War II.

Charles Zentai has spent the past three years fighting the request from the Hungarian Government to be returned to face a charge of murder.

Today, Magistrate Barbara Lane ruled that all administrative requirements had been met for the extradition.

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News brief · 20 August 2008

Zentai charged under wrong law, say lawyers

From the Oz:

Nazi accused charged under ‘wrong law’
Alana Buckley-Carr
August 19, 2008

ACCUSED Nazi war criminal Charles Zentai has been charged under the wrong legislation and it could prevent him being sent back to Hungary to face a murder charge, a court has been told.

The 86-year-old yesterday faced the Perth magistrate who will decide whether he will be sent to Hungary to face allegations he participated in the murder of a Jewish teenager on November 8, 1944.

Mr Zentai, who has lived in Australia since 1950, was a 23-year-old warrant officer in the Hitler-aligned Hungarian army when he is alleged to have grabbed teenager Peter Balazs from a tram for not wearing a yellow star signifying that he was a Jew.

He is accused of taking part in a four-hour fatal bashing of Balazs, before weighting his body and throwing it in the Danube River in Budapest.

The court was told yesterday that Balazs was no stranger to Mr Zentai. Balazs lived in the town of Budafok — now part of Budapest — where Mr Zentai was born.

Mr Zentai’s lawyers told magistrate Barbara Lane the legislation under which their client had been charged was not valid at the time of the alleged offence.

Grant Donaldson SC said that, although the 1878 Hungarian Criminal Code was valid at the time, Mr Zentai had been arrested under legislation that did not come into effect until 1945, a year after the alleged offence.

News brief · 20 August 2008

Toben awaiting verdict on contempt of court

From the Jewish News:

Toben awaits verdict

ADELAIDE Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben is awaiting a verdict after the Federal Court has heard evidence on whether he was in contempt of court.

Toben, who spent seven months in a German jail in 1999 for inciting racism, faces contempt charges for defying the Federal Court’s 2002 order to remove Holocaust-denial material from his website, in a case brought by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ).

In November last year, the Adelaide revisionist agreed to remove the offensive material, including claims that implied the Holocaust did not occur and that attempted to cast doubt on the existence of gas chambers at Auschwitz, from the website of his Adelaide Institute.

He apologised to the Federal Court for placing himself in contempt of the court. But days later, he reneged on his undertaking and withdrew the apology.

In the hearing earlier this month, Robin Margo SC -– appearing for Jeremy Jones, the former ECAJ president at the time of the original court action -– asked the court to jail or fine Toben. Margo said that he had aggravated the alleged breach of court orders by attacking judicial figures on his website.

Toben’s barrister David Perkins failed in his bid for a permanent stay on 11 of 28 charges against his client.

News brief · 19 August 2008

“What’s a Stormfront?” Darrin Hodges in The Canberra Times

Darrin Hodges is a Protectionist: he wants to protect (White) Australia from Asians, Muslims, Communism, Multiculturalism, teh Gays, Muslims, and Asians. (And Muslims.) Once an admirer of Hitler, a Jew-hater, a member of Don Black‘s Stormfront website and Dr James Saleam’s Australia First Party, Hodges has since been expelled from/renounced his membership of the Party (denounced as the ‘Australian Faggot Party’), denied his membership of Stormfront, made his peace with ZOG, and, presumably, learnt that public expressions of support for Mr Hitler are unlikely to endear him to the electorate. What kind of expressions?

“I’m more interested in the purer form of fascism… and while I don’t subscribe to the whole ‘worship Hitler’ thing, his comments on multiculturalism and politics in general are still just as relevant today as they were 70-odd years ago” he once wrote.

Fight dem back · 15 August 2008 · Discussion

Darrin in hot water with HREOC?

Well yes Darrin, hate has its consequences. Expect to hear more about the “protectionists” from us in the near future. In the mean time, its refreshing to see we are not the only ones gunning for ol’ stinky.

Duck Monster · 14 August 2008 · Discussion

What did you do for your race this week? Australia First launches its election campaign!


Following close on the heels of arch-rivals the Australian Protectionist Party (APP), the Australia First Party (AF) has officially declared its losing candidates for the upcoming NSW council elections. In Sutherland — where Darrin Hodges is pitting himself against the Mayor — AF has wisely decided to steer clear of a two-way fight with the APP, and is instead fielding three candidates in Ward A: John Newton (ex-Australians Against Further Immigration candidate for the state seat of Mount Druitt in 2007 — he came last), Karl Glas (ex-National Action and AAFI) and Marleen Rapp.

Slackbastard · 13 August 2008 · Discussion

Welcome to our shop! Now, up against the wall & spread ‘em

From the SMH:

Racism storm as store bans ‘coloureds’

ALLEGATIONS of racism have been levelled against the owners of last year’s NSW liquor store of the year after staff were instructed to keep “coloureds” out of the shop unless they were willing to come in individually and be searched – and to call police if they refused.

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News brief · 1 August 2008