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Tanner: Master of the Obvious

From The Age:

Africans face racism: Tanner

A SENIOR Rudd Government minister has made a powerful attack on racism in Australia, saying it is now directed mainly at people born in Africa — many of whom came here traumatised by torture.

Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner said last night that some young Australia-educated African-Australians spent years trying to get jobs in their chosen professions, despite big staff shortages.

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News brief · 31 July 2008

oops, sorry, didn’t mean to film you in a German prison sex scenario

From the ABC:

Dominatrix ‘sorry’ for Mosley orgy row

The woman who filmed motor racing chief Max Mosley taking part in a sado-masochistic orgy and sold the story to a British tabloid newspaper has apologised for the trouble it caused.

On Thursday (local time), Mr Mosley, 68, won 60,000 pounds ($124,700) in damages at London’s High Court from the News of the World newspaper for breaching his privacy by reporting details of a German-themed sex session with five prostitutes.

The paper’s story, which claimed Mr Mosley, son of Britain’s 1930s Fascist leader Oswald Mosley, had taken part in a “sick Nazi orgy” was based on footage captured by one of the women involved in the sex session, referred to in court as “Woman E”.

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News brief · 27 July 2008

Chaos for a few days

The FightDemBack site is being updated from its archaic old software to a brand spankin’ new WordPress 2.5.1, and things might be a bit chaotic for a few days whilst we convert templates and move files back into place.

In particular, expect for a bunch of images to be missing for a few days, and perhaps the sidebar and a few features might appear a little wonky. Its all volunteer here folks.

Note to our sinister financiers;- Paycheck please. Its getting cold out west.

News brief · 9 July 2008