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Suspended sentence for Tassie racist

From the Hobart Mercury:

Scissor attacker walks free
April 29, 2008

A TEENAGER who launched a racist attack against an Asian student in Hobart’s bus mall walked free today.

Samantha Margaret Scorse, 18, of Berriedale, had stabbed the 15-year-old boy while trying to rob him of his mobile phone.

She had told him to “go back to your own country” before plunging a pair of scissors into his upper arm.

Justice Pierre Slicer said her offensive and racist language was an aggravating factor in the crime.

But he said she was a troubled young woman had also been a victim of violent behaviour.

The judge said she had an alcohol problem and there was a tentative diagnosis she had a borderline personality disorder.

He sentenced her to four months in jail wholly suspended on a two-year good behaviour bond.

Scorse had pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court in Hobart to attempted aggravated armed robbery.

News brief · 30 April 2008

Take the money and run II

From the Oz:

AEC denies Hanson money error
By Renee Viellaris
April 30, 2008

EXPLOSIVE new documents contradict Pauline Hanson’s explanation for “siphoning” $213,000 from her party’s bank account.

In an explanation on her website, Ms Hanson said the cash was transferred because the money was not deposited into the nominated account.

However Australian Electoral Commission records seen by The Courier-Mail reveal party agent Bronwyn Boag personally provided the AEC with the nominated account.

The AEC has denied making an error and said it deposited the cash in the account nominated on an electronic funds transfer form sent last November.

News brief · 30 April 2008

Call for Vic Pol hate crimes unit

From the Herald Sun:

Hate crimes require special unit
Dvir Abramovich
April 29, 2008

SWASTIKAS smeared across a synagogue and a Jewish restaurant and obscene graffiti painted at an Islamic college.

A Jewish teenager is hit with a baseball bat and a Jewish father is punched in front of his children.

A Sudanese-born youth is viciously attacked by a gang; rocks and eggs are hurled at Hindu devotees at a temple in Carrum Downs; Indian taxi drivers in Geelong are bashed; threatening letters and e-mails are received by ethnic organisations; windows are smashed at a kosher bakery.

This is not a list from Europe or the US. These events took place in Victoria over the last year. Clearly, racially motivated violence is dramatically on the rise.

News brief · 30 April 2008

Lindsay leaflets: ‘witless, stupid, dumb and offensive’

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

Bogus leaflets: ‘being stupid no offence’

April 29, 2008

A magistrate has dismissed a charge against a man who admitted distributing bogus pamphlets in the Sydney seat of Lindsay during last year’s federal election campaign.

Troy Mathew Craig, 37, today pleaded guilty in Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court to one count of distributing unauthorised electoral material.

He was one of five men linked to the Liberal candidate allegedly caught distributing leaflets that purported to be from a radical Islamic group aligning itself with the Labor Party.

News brief · 29 April 2008

Take the money and run!

From the Sunday Tele:

Pauline Hanson accused of taking money from party
By Glenn Milne
April 27, 2008

PAULINE Hanson has been accused of siphoning off more than $200,000 in taxpayers’ money from the bank accounts of her own party.

In a recorded telephone call between the former MP and her party treasurer, Ms Hanson admits taking funds because she was not “going to put the money in the hands of anyone else”.

The tape, heard by The Sunday Telegraph, is likely to increase pressure on the Federal Government to crack down on serial campaigners like Ms Hanson.

The $202,440 was paid into the accounts of Ms Hanson’s United Australia Party – the vehicle for her Senate candidacy last year.

Bank records, sighted by The Sunday Telegraph, show transfers of Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) funds out of an account controlled jointly by party officials and Ms Hanson, into another account controlled by Ms Hanson and a close friend.

Citing privacy laws, Suncorp Bank refused to explain how Ms Hanson was able to transfer funds out of an account that required two of the three signatures of the party treasurer, Graham McDonald, his wife Jan and Ms Hanson.

Mr McDonald, a Brisbane businessman, told The Sunday Telegraph he now believed Ms Hanson stood at the election in order to receive public funding.

“I’m so disappointed,” he said. “She never really put the effort into the campaign. If she’s not going to run (again), what’s going to happen to the money?

News brief · 29 April 2008

Strom sentenced to 23 months for child porn offence

Still no word – over a year after we originally asked the question – from the Australian neo-Nazis (including Australia First candidate John Moffatt) who were involved with Strom as to whether they intend to disassociate themselves at all.

We can see why they wouldn’t, Strom is only a “political pedophile,” after all.

From the C-ville Hook:

“I am not a pedophile�: Strom gets 23 months
by Lisa Provence

The white separatist who pleaded guilty to one count of child pornography possession January 17 was sentenced to 23 months in prison this morning in U.S. District Court. Kevin Alfred Strom, 51, has been jailed since early January 2007, and Judge Norman Moon rejected Strom’s request that he be sentenced to time served– and that he “unwillingly� possessed the kiddie porn found on his computer

News brief · 26 April 2008

Lest We Forget (Australia’s shameful role in hiding war criminals)

From the Oz:

No refuge for war criminals
Mark Aarons
April 25, 2008

THE High Court decision this week upholding the power of state courts to hear extradition cases under federal law pushes Hungarian Karoly (Charles) Zentai one step closer to a historic hearing at the scene of his alleged war crimes.

The case against Zentai implicates him in the killing of a Jewish civilian during the Nazi occupation of Budapest in 1944 and indicates that he took part in the systematic persecution of Jews. This reminds us yet again of the 50,000 Australian casualties in the fight against Hitler’s criminal regime, who are among the hundreds of thousands of heroes we celebrate every year on Anzac Day.

News brief · 25 April 2008