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Storm brewing in Melbourne

From the Herald Sun:

Storming the streets
Christopher Bantick
February 27, 2008

WHEN the city square used to be on the corner of Collins and Swanston streets, a group of anti-immigration protesters in Hitler’s storm trooper uniforms were holding forth.

Suddenly, two elderly men, their coat tails flying, ran across Collins St and tried to rip the swastika armbands from the protesters.

The resultant scuffle ended up with one old man receiving a cut head and the protesters scattering after an angry crowd gathered.

News brief · 27 February 2008

Love means never having to say you’re sorry

    Offensive ‘Sorry’ email hits in-boxes
    Mark Schliebs
    February 12, 2008

    AN OFFENSIVE “apology” to the Aboriginal population which caused outrage nearly eight years ago is being distributed online through a flood of emails.

    Email in-boxes – including those of media outlets – have been hit by the message entitled the ‘Australian Apology to the Aborigines/Aboriginal Population’, causing a backlash on message boards across the internet…

And this just in from the Department of Jackie Kelly Eat Your Heart Out:

Lib endorses racist ‘apology’ email
The Sunday Mail
Glenn Milne
February 17, 2008

BRENDAN Nelson has been embarrassed by a racist version of an “apology” to the Stolen Generations being circulated by prominent Liberals who don’t believe the Opposition Leader should have supported last week’s historic gesture.

The mock apology accuses Aborigines of being cannibals and ungrateful for the assistance they have received from white governments…

The document is being circulated via email in Sydney by prominent Liberal and businessman Ian Goode. Mr Goode, a former builder, is well known in Cronulla, the southern Sydney suburb that was the scene of ugly race riots in December 2005.

Mr Goode was quoted at the time for blaming the riots on Lebanese Muslims.

While Mr Goode yesterday denied being the author of the racist “apology” – which is headed “the APOLOGY Kevin Rudd should be giving to the Aboriginals!!” – he endorsed its sentiments at the top of his email with the words: “Not politically correct, but close to the point.”

Senior Liberal sources confirmed yesterday that Mr Goode was active in the party and had been chosen as a pre-selector in the recent controversial pre-selection for the Cronulla-based federal seat of Cook, though he was unable to take his place in that process.

Mr Goode also heads up the Cronulla Nippers Club – the biggest youth surf organisation in Australia.

“It was only a joke,” he said…

Slackbastard · 26 February 2008 · Discussion

Convicted hate-criminal amused by home detention order

While the National Front have long claimed that they stand for law and order, FDB finds it somewhat poignant that a long term member (and former NF Youth Representative) Brendon Rimmer has just been convicted for assaulting an Asian youth; yet another conviction to go alongside his conviction last year for drunk driving.

From the NZ Herald:

Man makes light of his home detention on net

A Taupo man on home detention for attacking an Asian teenager allegedly spent his time at home posting white supremacist statements online and making light of his sentence.

Brendon Rimmer was sentenced to six months’ home detention in Taupo District Court this month and ordered to pay $350 reparation after pleading guilty to three charges of common assault.

The charges relate to an incident in Napier in July when Rimmer approached a group of four teenagers – aged between 15 and 17 – and verbally abused them before assaulting some of them.

Police told the court that Rimmer asked “why are you hanging around with this chink”? He then asked an Asian teenager what he was doing in “my country” before saying “why are you here? Get out of my country”.

News brief · 16 February 2008

WTF happened to Stormfront?

    Update: According to Black & Co., “Stormfront is
    down for maintenance. Check back later. Or tune in to live Stormfront
    Radio. Dr. [sic] David Duke & Don Black on now, talking, among
    other things, about the attacks on Stormfront today.” So, some kinda
    DDOS I guess… making those responsible as bad as — if not worse –
    than Hitler (according to some local punks). What about the children?

    Nutty followers of the 14 Words elsewhere write: “Stormfront… has been under cyber attack for the past few days. Apparently free speech by racially-realistic whites is such a threat to the myth of egalitarianism and multiculturalism that the proponents of this hoax feel the need to illegally attack a bulletin board.”

How odd.

The world’s leading White supremacist website now appears to have discovered God: leading to “Kinsman Redeemer Ministeries”. Well, kinda…

Slackbastard · 14 February 2008 · Discussion

Saleam: “We weren’t even there”

Jim Saleam on The Apology: “We were not responsible for these policies – we weren’t even there. I think most people see that simple logic.”

Well, of course your family weren’t there, Jim. They were chilling with some tasty kebabs a long, long way away.

Fight dem back · 14 February 2008 · Discussion

Doin’ it for the kids!

So, it appears that — judging by the comments left by a handful of upset punters — the Starlight Children’s Foundation eventually decided not to accept the funds generated by the benefit gig at The Birmingham Hotel on February 9. Or then again, maybe it will.

Who knows?

Slackbastard · 11 February 2008 · Discussion

Aussie KKK “not sorry�… yet…

What a wanker.

An Australian member of one of the KKK’s umpteen franchises decided (February 1, 2008) to upload a video on to YouTube giving his opinion on the recent decision by the KRudd Government to issue a formal apology to the thousands of indigenous peoples who
constitute the Stolen Generations.

Slackbastard · 7 February 2008 · Discussion

Nazi salute in court as tensions spill over

From the NZ Herald:

Nazi salute in court as tensions spill over

A Nazi salute was delivered as gang tensions spilled into a court today when two brothers accused of a drive-by shooting appeared in the dock.

The police had a strong presence inside and outside the courtroom and bundled about 12 rival gang associates out of the Court House.

“I’m advised tensions are running high and we have seen a demonstration of that this morning,” said Christchurch District Court Judge Raoul Neave.

News brief · 7 February 2008

The Human Urinal still up to no good

The Melbourne Leader has a great video interview with our mate the very Reverend Patrick O’Sullivan on their website. Old Party Trick holds his own about as well as he holds his liquor. Check it.

On thin white ice
Maria Bervanakis

A WHITE supremacist group continues to operate in Melbourne’s inner-city, despite apparent breaches of the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.

The Creativity Movement promotes itself as “the most Anti-Christian Church in the World” and its supporters post stickers across town reading, “White Power! White People Awake, Save the White Race.”

News brief · 4 February 2008

Throw some snags on the barbie, it’s a Nazi party!

From The Age:

Rise of far right risks fuelling racist fire
Annabel Stafford
February 2, 2008

The gathering in the backyard-cum-carport in Sydney’s south resembles a clandestine party organised by blokes who find it hard to get a girlfriend.

Despite the baking hot afternoon sun, many wear black T-shirts, boots and leather vests. A rack in the corner of the yard is selling other T-shirts. Their messages: Speak English or Die and Skippy’s Rule OK.

A thrash metal band has set up in the carport and party-goers slam their heads in time with the drums. “Prepare for war,” the singer yells, “leave our shores.” This is Australia Day, Australia First style.

There are only about 25 people here and that includes the members of two metal bands that have come to perform. And not everyone admits to being a member of Australia First. Still, the party claims its way of thinking is spreading in Sydney.

News brief · 2 February 2008