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Trouble in Paradise

From the East Torrens Messenger:

We are living in fear
Kate Jenkinson

RACIST hate mail has left two single mothers in Paradise fearing for their safety and terrified to let their children outside.
The Ugandan families received hand-written threats on Tuesday, January 15 – two days after moving to their new Harris St homes.

“Africans. We’re all watching you …” the identical letters began. “You f*** our neighbourhood up, we will f*** you up. Is that clear.

“We don’t want you here. You are not welcome.”

Mother of six Abuk Deng Dor, who cannot speak English, told the East Torrens Messenger through translator and sister-in-law Athieng Ngot Riiny she was “very afraid”.

She would not let her children play outside for fear of attack and asked if she had moved into a “particular area for white people” only.

News brief · 29 January 2008

Swastika graff at arson site

From the Sunshine Coast Daily:

Swastikas spray-painted on house
28 January 2008

Swastika symbols were spray-painted at the scene of an arson attack on Brisbane’s northside overnight.

Three women awake to the sound of glass breaking at their Grange home about 11.40pm, and discovered the noise was caused by fire.

News brief · 29 January 2008

Glad to be (a) gay (Nazi)

Many people have had unkind words to say about Doctor James Saleam; indeed, I plead guilty to having been one of them. But I’m beginning to believe that Saleam is The Dice Man of the Australian far right and, like Luke Rhinehart, often — entertaining. In the latest installment of the continuing saga of a quack who’s gone to the dogs, it’s been revealed that the newest Fuehrer to be installed in Queensland, John Drew, is (gasp!) possibly gay. Naturally, this unnatural proposition has sparked a pained reaction on the part of the local battalion of the God Hates Fags Brigade.

Slackbastard · 26 January 2008 · Discussion

Spate of anti-Semitic vandalism in Melbourne

From the AJN:

Spate of vandalism in Jewish Melbourne

MELBOURNE’S Jewish community was preyed on last weekend with a synagogue, two eateries and a local phone box all targeted by vandals.

Caulfield Hebrew Congregation (CHC), one of Melbourne’s largest and most prominent synagogues, and Caulfield North’s kosher Park Grill Restaurant were daubed with swastikas.

In addition, Glick’s Bakery in Balaclava’s Carlisle Street suffered thousands of dollars of damage when its two shopfronts were partially smashed in a rock attack.

A phone box on Bambra Road in Caulfield was also spray-painted with a swastika.

News brief · 22 January 2008

US anti-Semitism envoy to visit Oz

From the AJN:

Visit by US envoy involved in combating anti-Semitism

THE United States Government’s Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combating Anti-Semitism, Dr Gregg Rickman, is visiting Australia this week.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice appointed Dr Rickman in 2004, and said his newly created role would “enhance the US Government’s international efforts to combat anti-Semitism�.

News brief · 22 January 2008

Cops not keen on neo-Nazi rallies

From the SMH:

Riot squad will stop Australia Day rallies
Angela Cuming
January 20, 2008

THE riot squad will be on stand-by on Australia Day to prevent Cronulla-style violence erupting at hot spots around Sydney, including Camden.

Racial tensions are running high in the semi-rural town, which has fuelled anti-Muslim sentiment after far-right-wing groups and politicians joined locals to fight plans for an Islamic school.

News brief · 21 January 2008

BP cuts sick over Nazi gear on sale

From the Port Macquarie News:

Nazi memorabilia fuels BP condemnation
Phil Thomson

OFFENSIVE Nazi memorabilia has been removed from a service station at Kew, 30km south of Port Macquarie.

A tourist of Jewish heritage noticed Nazi flags, insignias and other items for sale at the BP Legends Cafe during a recent trip to the North Coast.

The organisation representing the state’s 50,000-strong Jewish community later complained to the owner of the business, saying it could promote racial hatred.

A spokesman for BP Australia, Chandran Vigneswaran, said his company instructed the cafe’s owner to remove the merchandise from the shelves on Friday.

News brief · 17 January 2008

Racist attack victim stalked

From the Herald Sun:

Man arrested for stalking race hate victim
January 14, 2008

A MELBOURNE man has been arrested and is expected to be charged over stalking the victim of an anti-semitic attack who was allegedly sent death threats and pictures of dead Jewish people.

Menachem Vorchheimer had been walking to his synagogue in Caulfield in 2006 when he was abused, had his sabbath hat and skull cap snatched off his head and was punched in the eye in a dispute with a group of drunken men in a mini bus.

Two of the men were later convicted and a third was fined without conviction for offences ranging from offensive behaviour, using insulting language and using insulting words in a public place.

However, B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission executive officer Manny Waks said yesterday’s arrest was in relation to threatening anti-semitic mail Mr Vorchheimer was sent last year, several months after the attack.

News brief · 14 January 2008

Chijoff: “It’s well and truly over”

From the Sunday Tele:

‘Racist leaflet’ candidate folds up her career
By Andrew Chesterton
January 13, 2008

IT was a moment of stupidity unrivalled during the federal election that cost the Liberal Party the western Sydney seat of Lindsay.

Now the racist leaflet scandal has officially cost political aspirant Karen Chijoff her 20-year marriage – and her career.

“It’s well and truly over,” the former Liberal candidate said of her marriage to Greg Chijoff.

News brief · 13 January 2008

Nazi gear for sale in NSW

From The Age:

Concerns raised over Nazi memorabilia
January 10, 2008

Two stores on the NSW mid-north coast have been found selling Nazi memorabilia and clothing, provoking the wrath of the state’s Jewish community.

Concerned holiday-makers have contacted the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies reporting that the BP Legends Cafe in Kew, and the Borroco Clothing store Nelson Bay were selling the Nazi paraphernalia.

The board’s CEO Vic Alhadeff said the two stores were openly displaying the material, with the proprietor of the Legends Cafe defending his right to sell Nazi flags and other memorabilia.

News brief · 12 January 2008