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Racist murder in Sydney

From the Daily Tele:

Deadly, racist teens
December 28, 2007

A SYDNEY man has died, two days after he was bashed by a gang on Boxing Day.

To his closeknit family, James Tautari was a man who loved to sing karaoke and share a joke and who wouldn’t hurt anyone.

But to a group of 10 teenagers who set upon Mr Tautari on Boxing Day, bashing him with golf clubs and poles, he was a “f…ing black” man whose life meant little.

News brief · 29 December 2007

Cops hindered race investigation

From The Sunday Age:

Police ‘hindered’ race probe
Liz Porter
December 23, 2007

AN OFF-DUTY policeman deliberately hindered the investigation of an attack on a Jewish man in Balaclava last year, a statement by a fellow officer implies.

The statement, by a St Kilda policewoman, was yesterday described as “the smoking gun” by Menachem Vorchheimer, the man abused and punched in the face by drunken Ocean Grove footballers travelling home in a minibus from a day at the Caulfield races in October last year.

The statement was obtained from the Office of Public Prosecutions after freedom of information requests over several months were denied by police.

In another development, two versions of a statement by a witness who came to Mr Vorchheimer’s aid have been viewed by The Sunday Age — showing that the original was edited to remove material suggesting the off-duty policeman tried to take offenders from the scene before police arrived.

News brief · 24 December 2007

Shotguns at 6 paces: Nazi crims declare war on Camden

From the Australian:

Nationalists to exploit Muslim row
Ean Higgins
December 24, 2007

RIGHT-WING nationalists hope to use opposition to a proposed Islamic school southwest of Sydney as a springboard into local government.

The Australia First organisation, run in NSW by Jim Saleam, has been advertising for members in the town of Camden, where the Quranic Society wants to build a college for 1200 Muslim students.

Mr Saleam yesterday said his organisation would hold public meetings in Camden to build opposition to the school. Australia First planned to run a candidate for Camden Council in September elections, he said.

Mr Saleam, who was jailed for 3 1/2 years in 1991 for possessing a firearm and organising a shotgun attack on the home of Eddie Funde, the African National Congress’s Australian representative, said the proposed school was an exercise in “culture busting”.

News brief · 24 December 2007

Cronulla riots tipped for Camden, with Fred Nile’s help

From the SMH:

Police fear Cronulla-style riots

There are fears a Cronulla-style riot may be brewing as tensions grow over plans to build an Islamic school in southwest Sydney.

Police are believed to be investigating a series of mobile phone text messages circulating Sydney, purportedly inciting violence.

“We have come together to call for calm after becoming aware of text messages being sent around targeting young Australian Muslims,” Independent Centre of Research Australia Youth Centre president Fadi Abdul-Rahman told The Sunday Telegraph.

“Police have confirmed they are investigating.

“We are extremely concerned as this is exactly what happened with the Cronulla riots.”

Mr Abdul-Rahman was joined by Uniting Church Minister Dr David Millikan in condemning the texts.

Dr Millikan launched an attack on Christian Democrats leader Fred Nile, whose comments in the past week may be seen as having added fuel to the fire.

News brief · 23 December 2007

Fascist pop star gets visa

From the Australian:

Tour visa for ‘fascist’ rock singer attacked
Greg Roberts
December 22, 2007

JEWISH and Serbian community leaders have attacked a decision by Immigration Minister Chris Evans to grant a visa to controversial Croatian rock singer Marko Perkovic.

Senator Evans decided yesterday not to overrule a decision byhis department to allow Perkovic to travel to Australia next week for a four-state concert tour sponsored by the Croatian community.

Perkovic will be told he must not “vilify, incite discord or represent a danger to the community” during his visit.

Senator Evans made the decision after departmental officers viewed footage of a concert by Perkovic in July in the Croatian capital, Zagreb. The footage shows fans using Nazi salutes and chanting “Kill the Serbs”.

News brief · 22 December 2007

“If it does get approved, every ragger that walks up the street’s going to get smashed up the arse by about 30 Aussies.”

From the ABC’s AM program:

Islamic school plans fire up locals
AM – Thursday, 20 December , 2007
Reporter: Michael Vincent

TONY EASTLEY: There’s more trouble brewing in the Sydney suburb of Camden over plans to build a school there for Muslims.

Close to 900 people attended a rally last night to pressure the local council into stopping the development of the 1,200 student Islamic school.

Things got so heated that police had to move in to control crowds gathered outside the meeting. It could be a sign of what’s to come. If the project is approved by either the council or via appeal to the Land and Environment Court, some locals are threatening to take matters into their own hands.

News brief · 21 December 2007

Neo-Nazi groups pamphlet Camden meeting

From the Daily Tele:

No Muslim school for us
By Michelle Cazzulino
December 21, 2007

UNTROUBLED by traffic lights or long lines of cars, the grey expanse of Argyle St stretches through the heart of Camden, rolling lazily over gentle slopes and bordered on either side by specialty shops bearing sign names lettered in olde English.

News brief · 21 December 2007

Fred Nile fans flames of racism in Camden

From The Age:

Hundreds oppose Islamic school
Paul Bibby
December 20, 2007

Police were forced to block the entrance of a public meeting in Camden last night when up to 800 people showed up to attend a protest against plans for an Islamic school in the suburb.

Officers were required to control around 100 people who were prevented from entering the Camden Civic Centre last night, because the hall reached capacity within half an hour of the doors opening, police said.

Commercial radio reported that members of the crowd were carrying signs and banners bearing racist slogans and that a number became rowdy when they realised they would not be able to enter the meeting.

There were reports of mounted police waiting nearby in case the protest meeting got further out of hand.

The meeting was also attended by Fred Nile of the Christian Democratic Party.

News brief · 20 December 2007

Anti-Semitic attack in St Kilda

From the Herald Sun:

Jewish mother stands up for rights
Mark Buttler
December 20, 2007

A JEWISH woman attacked on Carlisle St, St Kilda, says security cameras should be installed in the area to protect people of her faith.

Two youths attacked Ester Weiss, 54, and her son Sharon, punching their heads, after riding around on mountain bikes shouting anti-Semitic taunts.

Ms Weiss said her son was subjected to anti-Semitic abuse and his yarmulke was ripped off and thrown away.

Ms Weiss, said she had been abused for years on Carlisle St because of her faith.

“Do you know how many times I’ve gone past kids who yell ‘Heil Hitler’?” she said.

News brief · 20 December 2007

Jewish groups disagree over pro-Nazi band

From the AJN:

Leaders divided over pro-Nazi rock band tour

JEWISH leaders are divided over how to deal with the impending Australian tour of Croatian rock band Thompson.

While Manny Waks, executive director of the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC), has met with the immigration minister to request that Thompson band members be refused entry visas, Anton Block, president of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV), has said the band had a right to perform in Australia providing it does not break any laws.

Thompson is a nationalist band that openly supports the Ustashe – a pro-Nazi regime responsible for thousands of deaths – and its concerts around the world have been attended by audiences who wear Nazi insignia on their shirts. Reports also allege that Thompson crowds give Nazi salutes in response to some of the band’s more provocative songs.

News brief · 17 December 2007