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Pigs’ heads on pikes with an Aussie flag; another day in racist Camden

A repeat of the same harassment that failed to halt construction of an Islamic prayer centre in Annangrove in 2004.

From the SMH:

Pigs’ heads staked at Islamic site

Arjun Ramachandran
November 28, 2007

The heads of two pigs have been found on stakes at the site of a proposed Islamic school in Sydney’s south-west.

About 6am today, police were called to the site, on Cawdor Road, Camden, where they found the animal remains and a number of other items, a police spokesman said.

The pig heads had been “elevated off the ground” using stakes, he said.

An Australian flag was also strung up between the stakes, according to AAP.

News brief · 28 November 2007

Ace Rimmer in a spot of bother

We’d not heard much from our old mate Brendon since he spent a few weeks in the can for drink driving last year. Seems he hasn’t got any smarter.

Brendon Rimmer

From the NZ Herald:

Man who spat on Asian teen ‘nasty’, says judge
November 22, 2007
By Rebecca Devine

A Taupo man who spat in an Asian teenager’s face and told him to “get out of my country” has been labelled as nasty by a judge.

Brendon James Rimmer, 22, appeared in the Taupo District Court yesterday facing three charges of common assault.

News brief · 26 November 2007

Hanson: loses election, fills her pockets

From the Herald Sun:

Loser Hanson cleans up
Ellen Whinnett
November 26, 2007

SERIAL election loser Pauline Hanson is a financial winner out of yesterday’s poll, with a guaranteed $162,000 taxpayer-funded windfall coming her way.

Pauline’s United Australia Party had 77,146 first preference votes in Queensland when counting was completed yesterday.

Under federal rules, which allow for public funding of election campaigns, any candidate who receives more than 4 per cent of the primary vote automatically receives a windfall of $2.10 a vote.

Ms Hanson’s party has so far won 4.06 per cent of the primary vote, meaning she is in line to receive over $162,000 as a first instalment.

News brief · 26 November 2007

Race Hate Heartbreak

From the SMH:

A broken home in a broken party
Paul Bibby
November 26, 2007

THE Liberal Party is in the doghouse – and so is the husband of the defeated Liberal Party candidate Karen Chijoff.

Days after Greg Chijoff was caught red-handed by Labor Party officials distributing a fake Muslim flyer in the marginal seat of Lindsay, delivering a death blow to his wife’s chances of retaining it for the Liberals, a stoney Mrs Chijoff revealed she had not spoken to her husband since the controversy erupted and had kicked him out of the house.

News brief · 26 November 2007

The Liberals must lose – for their own good

We may never know the entire truth about the Liberal Party’s illegal pamphleting in the seat of Lindsay, but it is hard to believe that this incident is the misguided result of a few too many beers.

Too many major Liberal players are involved for us to swallow the line that it was a prank gone wrong, perpetrated by some husbands bored of letterboxing legitimate material. Instead, we contend that this action is representative of everything that is wrong with what the Federal Liberal Party has become, as the far-Right faction, which has previously been mostly confined to the State divisions (most notably in W.A. and N.S.W.) has expanded its power base.

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating argues in the Sydney Morning Herald today that the Howard Government needs to be killed off to restore a moral basis to our public life.

Perhaps some time in the political wilderness will allow the Liberal Party to restore its own moral basis, to cut out the dark cancer which has seized control of its heart.

Fight dem back · 23 November 2007 · Discussion

Candidate’s husband caught up in race hate campaign

From the SMH:

Husband behind race hate campaign
Phillip Coorey, Chief Political Correspondent
November 23, 2007

THE Liberal Party’s campaign to retain the western suburbs seat of Lindsay was in tatters last night after confirmation the husband of its candidate, Karen Chijoff, was involved in the attempt to use race hate against Muslims to sabotage Labor.

News brief · 23 November 2007

Marr: Lindsay activity not a rogue operation

From the SMH:

Howard fiddles as racism flares
David Marr
November 23, 2007

THE National Press Club a few days before an election is neither the time nor the place for John Howard to put his hand on his heart and demand to be believed. This is, after all, where he delivered the most famous fib of his career before the 2001 poll: that the navy was still saying kids had been thrown overboard.

Whether Howard’s denials hold up this time hardly matters. The Lindsay pamphlet was not a rogue operation. The officials and spouses involved knew they were campaigning for a party that brought the race card back to Canberra nearly a dozen years ago.

News brief · 23 November 2007

Racist dirty tricks nothing new for Libs

From the SMH:

Playing dirty an artform in the west
Andrew West, Jacob Saulwick and Paul Bibby
November 23, 2007

RESIDENTS in the western Sydney seat of Lindsay voiced outrage at the distribution of fake flyers by the Liberal Party yesterday, as further examples emerged of dirty campaign tactics in other hotly contested seats across the west.

“It is a bit pathetic – makes you think they are probably not trustworthy,” said a St Marys resident, Jim Carroll. “It is like everything you read you can’t believe now.”

News brief · 23 November 2007

Far-Right Lib apparatchik Egan booted

From the SMH:

Fliers just tip of the iceberg: Labor
Jonathan Pearlman and Andrew Clennell
November 23, 2007

LABOR has long alleged that the member for Lindsay, Jackie Kelly, and her campaign staff have been behind dirty tricks in western Sydney, including setting up fake political parties.

As far back as 1999, the NSW Labor senator, Steve Hutchins, who was involved in the sting on the panphleteers, told Parliament that Ms Kelly’s associates had set up the Marijuana Smokers Rights Party and the No Badgery’s Creek Airport Party as Liberal “front parties” in the Penrith local council elections and were guilty of electoral fraud.

Meanwhile, the right-wing Liberal powerbroker, Jeff Egan, has denied handing out unauthorised election material after being expelled by his party over distribution of the pamphlet, but Senator Hutchins said: “It was Jeff Egan. I spoke to him.”.

News brief · 23 November 2007

Libs: Oh, it was just harmless tomfoolery!

From ABC News:

Fake flyer meant as a joke: Lib MP

Retiring Liberal MP Jackie Kelly says a flyer linking Labor to a fake Islamic group in her seat was meant to be a joke.

The Liberal Party has been damaged by revelations that Ms Kelly’s husband Gary Clark has been involved in distributing the flyer, which purports to come from the non-existent ‘Islamic Australia Foundation’, in her marginal Sydney seat of Lindsay.

News brief · 22 November 2007