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2GB agrees to obey the law

From the SMH:

2GB agrees to ‘code compliance measures’
June 26, 2007

Sydney radio station 2GB will introduce new training procedures after three of its commentators breached racial vilification provisions of the broadcasting code, the broadcast regulator says.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) said Harbour Broadcasting Pty Ltd, licensee of 2GB, “will introduce a comprehensive training program on vilification intended to ensure its future compliance with the code”.

News brief · 27 June 2007

Potato salad is off the menu

Following on from another recent major WA retirement, it appears that David Innes (Baron Von Hund) and his missus, Lilith have thrown in the towel (and the BBQ tongs from the sound of it).

Well folks – we are outta here, Enough is enough for us. We’ve put up with an amazing amount of insult, threats and such over the years – and it’s over.

No, we wont be attending the Sydney Forum, and we’ll be shutting down the DNR. The Radio Shows are over, and we will be deleting our contacts.

All the best.

Baron von Hund

Don’t take that as certain though. Knowing Dave, this will be just another sympathy ploy as he kicks back and waits for his pals to beg for his return.

Who knows.

Fight dem back · 25 June 2007 · Discussion

NZ health boards told to tackle racism

From the NZ Herald:

Health boards told to take action over patient racism

It is vital health boards crack down on racist attitudes expressed by patients against medical staff, Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres says.

His comments follow reports some patients unwilling to have foreign doctors operate on them have cancelled their surgery at Wanganui Hospital.

News brief · 25 June 2007

Handbags at Dawn!

What an exciting week it’s been Race fans! In the faraway online kingdom of everyone’s favourite Pioneer Little Europe, Stormfront (SF), there’s been hardly enough space to contain the outpourings of manly Aryan love, and weird scenes abound inside the kkkomedy gold mine that is SF Down Under…

It all started with David Innes (better known as Baron von Hund, the consort of temptress/moderator Lilith) asking a few pertinent questions of Sydney-based Australia First (AF) Fuehrer Jim Saleam, such as ‘What sort of manly Aryan name is “Saleam”?’ Jim didn’t reply, and so he was banished to the Opposing Views (OV) section of SF. Baron gloated — but alas! — the unfaithful sockpuppet Rhys started a thread in OV in which Jim could defend his good, completely non-Arabic, 100% Aryan name from Baron’s scurrilous accusations.

Fight dem back · 23 June 2007 · Discussion

BVH Pulls out of Sydney Forum

You heard it first at FDB. A little birdie in Kalamunda tells us that the big stoush between Baron Von Hund (David Innes) and the entirety of Australia’s east coast dipshit WN scene is off!

Damn shame. We had money on BVH being able to get two sentences out during his address before the stage got bum-rushed.

Fight dem back · 21 June 2007 · Discussion

Racism. Turns out it doesn’t pay.

Who knew?

From the NZ Herald:

Maori man denied entry to pub gets payout
Wednesday June 20, 2007

A Maori man who sued one of Sydney’s most popular pubs and its bouncers after he was denied entry because of his racial background has been awarded a $5000 payout.

Scruffy Murphy’s was yesterday ordered to pay New Zealander Marcellus Cook $2500 in damages for banning him under its race exclusion policy, which applied to people of Middle Eastern and Pacific Islander appearance who were not known to the pub.

News brief · 21 June 2007

It’s an Aryan catfight! Get your tickets now!

Ripped off of Slackbastard:

Joe Blog(g)s (versus) Jim Saleam


There’s a ding-dong battle going on at Stormfront at the moment, wherein Dr James Saleam has been called upon to defend his honour, currently under assault by a crazy cat lady named Lilith and — peeking out from behind her skirt — a fiercesome Aryan Warrior named David. This dynamic duo are the leading propagandists for Don Black’s Internet business ‘Down Under’, while Saleam is currently fuehrer of the Australia First Party (AF). (For more on the squabbling factions, see 2007 Sydney Forum : Phantasy vs. Reality.)

Fight dem back · 21 June 2007 · Discussion

Google acts on their ToS?

Google actually acting on their Terms of Service? It’s true! From the AJN:

Google gag for anti-Israel site

AN Australian-based anti-Zionist and Holocaust-revisionist website has had its advertising privileges restricted by major internet companies.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the ZioPedia site, on which a man who accosted Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel in a US hotel gloated about the encounter, has been barred from using Google’s AdSense, as well as donation accounts at PayPal and StormPay for the past few months.

News brief · 20 June 2007

Mediawatch: Racism runs rampant on online newspapers

Mediawatch has tackled the issue of race hate & the mainstream media again. See the video here.

For those eager to express their prejudices, there are plenty of new forums in the new media.

The major metropolitan papers have embraced the electronic era and they actively encourage their readers to respond to stories online.

Like this one.

Security staff at one of Sydney’s most popular pubs were ordered to refuse entry to patrons of particular ethnic backgrounds in a racist exclusion policy designed to cut crime…denying entry to patrons of Middle Eastern and Pacific Islander origin.

— The Daily Telegraph online, Racist pub bans Arabs, Islanders, 3rd May, 2007

The reader comments published online in response to that story are not ones The Daily Telegraph would publish in the newspaper itself.

I wouldn’t be letting Arabs in the country let alone a pub……..

— The Daily Telegraph online, Racist pub bans Arabs, Islanders, Readers’ comments, 3rd May, 2007

Read the rest on the Mediawatch website.

News brief · 20 June 2007