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David Lane: 1938 – 2007

David Lane, one of the leading lights of contemporary white supremacy, has kicked the bucket – possibly by his own foot.

Lane, 68, was found dead of natural causes in his prison cell last Monday. Suffering from epilepsy (an illness that would have seen him off to the gas chambers if he had ever been successful in overthrowing the American government) he had voluntarily not re-filled his prescription since January. After suffering a seizure, he stopped breathing, and an ignoble life was finally brought to an end.

Fight dem back · 31 May 2007 · Discussion

Hanson launches own party (to maximise electoral profit?)

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

Hanson launches her own political party
May 24, 2007

Former One Nation party founder Pauline Hanson has put her name to a new party which she hopes will help her win a Senate spot at the next election.

More than a decade after she first entered federal parliament, Ms Hanson has launched a new political party – Pauline’s United Australia Party.

The party structure will help the former fish and chip shop owner improve her chances of stealing a seat from the bigger parties.

“I am standing as a Senate candidate for Queensland and it was essential for me to have a party structure so I can have my name placed above the line on the ballot paper,” Ms Hanson said.

As an independent, she would only get votes from people bothered with numbering their entire ballot paper.

News brief · 25 May 2007

Kevin Rudd does his bit for assimilation

Nothing helps Australian Muslims feel more welcome in this country than the leader of the government AND the leader of the Opposition sending messages of support to anti-Islamic nutjobs.

From the Herald Sun:

Catching more fire

KEVIN Rudd has again followed the lead of Prime Minister John Howard on meeting controversial religious groups.

This time Mr Rudd gave a goodwill message to the fundamentalist Christian Catch the Fire Ministries.

This week Mr Rudd ended a long-standing ban on meeting the Dalai Lama after Mr Howard agreed to meet the exiled spiritual leader of China-controlled Tibet.

Yesterday, Catch the Fire released statements from leaders for its National Day of Thanksgiving to seniors and volunteers next Saturday.

The group has been accused of inciting anti-Islamic hatred.

News brief · 19 May 2007