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David Lane: 1938 – 2007

David Lane, one of the leading lights of contemporary white supremacy, has kicked the bucket – possibly by his own foot.

Lane, 68, was found dead of natural causes in his prison cell last Monday. Suffering from epilepsy (an illness that would have seen him off to the gas chambers if he had ever been successful in overthrowing the American government) he had voluntarily not re-filled his prescription since January. After suffering a seizure, he stopped breathing, and an ignoble life was finally brought to an end.

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Zentai loses

From the Herald Sun:

Nazi accused loses
May 31, 2007

AN accused Nazi war criminal has failed to avoid extradition proceedings while an appeal goes to the High Court.

Hungary wants to try Charles Zentai, 84, over allegations he tortured and murdered a Jewish teenager in Budapest during World War II.

Mr Zentai appeared in the Perth Magistrates’ Court yesterday after an unsuccessful Federal Court challenge that had temporarily halted extradition proceedings begun in 2005.

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An ANM Obituary


Notorious anti-Asian hate movement bites the dust
Australian Nationalist Movement: 1984 – 2007

Anti-hate campaigner Cam Smith writes:

A particularly putrid boil on the pockmarked arse of Australian politics was lanced last week when the West Australian District Court sentenced John van Blitterswyck, a prominent member of the Australian Nationalist Movement to two years’ jail for his part in a conspiracy to firebomb a number of Chinese restaurants. He was the final person to be convicted over the plot.

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Zentai takes case to High Court

From the Oz:

Zentai takes extradition fight to High Court
Alana Buckley-Carr

ACCUSED Nazi war criminal Charles Zentai has taken his fight against extradition to the High Court.

Mr Zentai has lodged an application for special leave to appeal after the Federal Court twice rejected his argument that magistrates did not have the power to extradite him.

Mr Zentai, 85, is next due to appear in the Perth Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday where it is expected extradition proceedings will continue.

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Hanson launches own party (to maximise electoral profit?)

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

Hanson launches her own political party
May 24, 2007

Former One Nation party founder Pauline Hanson has put her name to a new party which she hopes will help her win a Senate spot at the next election.

More than a decade after she first entered federal parliament, Ms Hanson has launched a new political party – Pauline’s United Australia Party.

The party structure will help the former fish and chip shop owner improve her chances of stealing a seat from the bigger parties.

“I am standing as a Senate candidate for Queensland and it was essential for me to have a party structure so I can have my name placed above the line on the ballot paper,” Ms Hanson said.

As an independent, she would only get votes from people bothered with numbering their entire ballot paper.

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ANM Trial: 2 years for John Van B.

From The Age:

Racist jailed for ‘stunt bomb plot’
May 24, 2007

White supremacist Jack van Tongeren’s right hand man was labelled “un-Australian” as he was jailed for more than two years for plotting to bomb four Chinese restaurants in Perth as a publicity stunt.

John Van Blitterswyk, 56, was sentenced in the West Australian District Court for conspiring with three other men, including van Tongeren, to bomb the restaurants in 2004.

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ANM Trial: Suppression orders lifted

From the West Oz:

Racist conviction reveals plot
Ryan Pedler

The man who helped Australian Nationalist Movement leader Jack van Tongeren wage a racist terror campaign in the late 1980s was yesterday found guilty of teaming up with him again in 2004 to plot the firebombing of four Chinese restaurants.

A District Court jury deliberated for six hours after a one-week trial before convicting John Anthony Van Blitterswyk. He could be sentenced as soon as this morning.

The end of Van Blitterswyk ’s trial meant suppression orders on reporting van Tongeren’s case were lifted, allowing The West Australian to reveal that he made a dramatic confession to ordering the firebombings and was sentenced to time he had already spent in custody on the condition that he leave WA.

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ANM Trial: Guilty!

From the West Oz:

Van Tongeren’s right hand man found guilty
23rd May 2007, 16:15 WST

A member of the ultra right-wing Australian Nationalist Movement has been found guilty of conspiring to firebomb Asian restaurants in Perth.

John Van Blitterswyk has been on trial for more than two weeks in the West Australian District Court where he pleaded not guilty to plotting to firebomb four Chinese restaurants in Perth in 2004 in conspiracy with the leader of the ANM, Jack van Tongeren.

Van Blitterswyk will be sentenced tomorrow.

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ANM Trial: Weerheym testifies

From the West Oz:

Man admits racist graffiti role
Ryan Pedler

A second member of racist group the White Devils yesterday admitted his involvement in a graffiti campaign across Perth three years ago.

Benjamin Weerheym told a District Court jury that he and several other men met Australian Nationalist Movement leader Jack van Tongeren and his deputy John Anthony Van Blitterswyk to discuss the campaign in June 2004.

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Kevin Rudd does his bit for assimilation

Nothing helps Australian Muslims feel more welcome in this country than the leader of the government AND the leader of the Opposition sending messages of support to anti-Islamic nutjobs.

From the Herald Sun:

Catching more fire

KEVIN Rudd has again followed the lead of Prime Minister John Howard on meeting controversial religious groups.

This time Mr Rudd gave a goodwill message to the fundamentalist Christian Catch the Fire Ministries.

This week Mr Rudd ended a long-standing ban on meeting the Dalai Lama after Mr Howard agreed to meet the exiled spiritual leader of China-controlled Tibet.

Yesterday, Catch the Fire released statements from leaders for its National Day of Thanksgiving to seniors and volunteers next Saturday.

The group has been accused of inciting anti-Islamic hatred.

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