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Off the Inverloch Keys…

Why hello there, readers!

There is an interesting article on the front page of the Herald Sun today, and we would love to put it on here, but unfortunately we cannot due to a suppression order.

Although this order doesn’t seem to have been enforced in any way, shape or form, we won’t be contributing to any trial drama that comes as a result of breaking it.

Unless our legal eagles say we can get away with it… (update: they said we couldn’t.)

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Fight dem back · 30 March 2007 · Discussion

Hanson: Some Muslims are okay

From the Herald Sun:

Hanson okays ‘Christian Muslims’
By Ben Packham
March 30, 2007

PAULINE Hanson has invented a new religion where Muslims and Christians can pray together.

The former One Nation leader, who is having another tilt at politics, said she was wary of allowing Muslims to settle in Australia.

But she would welcome some Muslims, she said.

“There are Christian Muslims – there is no problems about that,” she told ABC radio yesterday.

News brief · 30 March 2007

Walking the Talkback

From The Age:

Talking the talk a serious matterMarch 29, 2007

The power of talkback radio must be used wisely, and for the community good, writes Graeme Turner.

THE popular conception of the talkback radio host is the “shock jock” — a hyper-opinionated, confrontational bloke whose talent lies in provoking callers rather than making sense.

The research project I have just completed, examining talkback formats in Australia, tells us there is more to talkback than that.

News brief · 29 March 2007

Oldfield admits to sucking bongs with the Corbys

Oh wait. From the Oz:

Oldfield’s sex stunt backfires
Tracy Ong
March 29, 2007

FORMER One Nation adviser David Oldfield last night failed a lie detector test that he offered to take in a bid to dispel claims by his former boss Pauline Hanson that they slept together.

The war of words between the alleged former lovers is set to escalate, after Mr Oldfield claimed Ms Hanson spent just $8000 of more than $75,000 donated to One Nation.

News brief · 29 March 2007

Baron von Hund to remove tinfoil helmet?

Potato salad manufacturers begin laying off staff

Crossposted from Slackbastard:

‘Baron von Hund’ — ie, David Innes when he’s not playing Dungeons & Dragons on Stormfront — has recently decided to retire from the public eye; presumably in order to pay more attention to the restoration of the Order of the Temple — ie, real life. Innes’ two most public promotional activities were his monthly BBQs, held at his house in south-eastern suburban Perth, and, more recently, his weekly Internet radio show, Chunder Down Under. (Innes also maintains a website, a kind of ‘White Supremacism For Beginners’, the history of which is rather amusing too.)

Fight dem back · 28 March 2007 · Discussion

Nelson boneheads admit to racist attack

From the Nelson Mail:

‘White supremacists’ admit to attack in Nelson
Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Two men who police say are skinheads with white supremacist views are being held in custody after admitting a racially-motivated attack on three Asian students in Nelson.

Following the March 17 attack, 28-year-old Harry Shannon Dennis McCormack told police he did not like Asians and decided to stop outside the Nelson store where the assault happened because he wanted to hurt the students. Daniel Bryan Kitto, 20, told police he joined in the assault because he was trying to prove something to his mates, a court heard on Monday.

News brief · 28 March 2007

Potential Santoro replacement in alleged race row

Andrew Landeryou has alleged that the potential replacement for disgraced Liberal senator Santo Santoro is quite the hatemonger.

Fight dem back · 27 March 2007 · Discussion

Oh, that’s a shame

In a shocking upset, the NSW state election has gone exactly the way it was supposed to go, as set out by the Elders of Zion 150 years ago from the damp comfort of their secret underwater base in the Dead Sea. The Labor Party, with a slightly reduced majority, can now go back to the important business of mismanaging the state.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering how Australia First went. The answer is: Not terribly well.

They got 2.8% of the vote in Cronulla. The other racist candidates didn’t do much better. Warren Feinbier from Australians Against Further Immigration polled 2.9% and the CDP got 4.7.

Across the whole state, AAFI (who ran 56 candidates) picked up 1.4%, while the Christian Democrats (who ran 57) got 2.5.

Fight dem back · 24 March 2007 · Discussion

Aldred gets the boot

From the Oz:

Libs dump right-winger from ticket
Rick Wallace and Ewin Hannan
March 23, 2007

DISCREDITED former MP Ken Aldred was last night dumped as a Liberal candidate in the federal election over his links to far-right groups and his attacks on a prominent Jewish lawyer.
Mr Aldred appeared before a specially convened meeting of the Liberal Party’s administrative committee in Melbourne after he issued a legal threat to the party demanding the right to attend.

News brief · 23 March 2007

Stand by your maa-aan.

Sexual goliath?
Did this man have sexual relations with David Oldfield?
From the Oz:

MP’s wife stands by Aldred
Rick Wallace, Victorian political reporter
March 22, 2007

THE wife of a veteran federal Liberal MP who is close to John Howard has emerged as a key player in the embarrassing preselection of discredited former MP Ken Aldred.

Bev McArthur, who is married to federal MP Stewart McArthur and holds a spot on the state party’s administrative committee, is refusing to vote to dump Mr Aldred as Liberal candidate for the federal seat of Holt when the committee holds an emergency meeting tonight.

News brief · 23 March 2007