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Aus First savaged by Rural Press

This story ran in a multitude of regional dailies today. We like the bit where they pick apart all of Jim Saleam’s lies.

Anti-refugee leaflets circulate in Tamworth
David Ellery

DR JIM Saleam, a right wing figure who has spent time in prison after being implicated in a shotgun attack on an African politician, has defended his Australia First Party’s racist anti-refugee leaflet drop in Tamworth on Sunday.

Saleam, variously described as the secretary and the chairman of Australia First, rejected suggestions the drop had been an opportunistic attempt to cash in on recent refugee tensions and the Country Music Festival.

It has been strongly suggested that Sunday’s actions, which are understood to have caused distress to recent overseas arrivals to our community, were nothing more than an opportunistic attempt by an as yet unregistered and little known ultra-right wing political party to use the Festival’s media focus to raise its profile.

News brief · 31 January 2007

Australia First targets Indigenous vote

File this one alongside the claim of Australia First’s youth corp that they had Asian members.

From the Australian:

Australia First in bid for indigenous vote
Tracy Ong
January 30, 2007

A PROMINENT Aboriginal leader has scoffed at a suggestion from fringe pro-white group that it wants to court the indigenous vote over the refugees taking Aboriginal jobs.

Australia First founder Jim Saleam said the party would “love to” field an Aboriginal candidate in upcoming state and local elections if one willing to run under the party’s banner stepped forward.

“Aboriginals are special people, we look forward to courting Aboriginal people and Aboriginal votes,” he said.

But ALP national president Warren Mundine said Mr Saleam was “completely nuts” if he thought he could court Aboriginal support. “It’s an idiotic viewpoint.”

“We’ve always been welcoming, sometimes a little too welcoming if you think back to 1788,” he joked, “but we see immigration and refugees as a positive for Australia.”

News brief · 31 January 2007

Australia First may face charges over Tamworth leaflet drop

From the ABC:

HRC mulls legal action over Tamworth anti-refugee leaflets

The Human Rights Commission says a leaflet drop calling on the Tamworth community to resist the arrival of African refugees could be subject to legal action.

The Australia First Party has distributed thousands of the leaflets in Tamworth, in north-west New South Wales, alleging the council caved in to Commonwealth pressure by allowing Sudanese refugees to settle in the district.

It says the new arrivals will bring violence, crime and disease to the community.

Human Rights Commissioner Graeme Innes says people objecting to the leaflet could potentially take the matter to court.

News brief · 30 January 2007

Man drew swastikas in blood

From the Ballarat Courier:

Man drew swastikas with blood: police

A MAN drew swastikas in blood on his cell wall after being arrested for assaulting police, a court heard yesterday.

Fuelled by his anger at the world, Allan Gunn also punched and headbutted the doors and walls, threw his property and was rude to officers.

Yesterday, a much calmer Gunn pleaded guilty at Ballarat Magistrates Court to assaulting police, resisting police, willfully damaging property, and using obscene language in a public place.

News brief · 29 January 2007

QLD Police to strike over Hurley manslaughter charge

From The Australian:

Police threaten strikes over Palm Island death charges

QUEENSLAND police are threatening mass strikes over the state government’s pursuit of manslaughter charges against the officer at the centre of the Palm Island death in custody case.

Attorney-General Kerry Shine today said he had instructed the crown solicitor to initiate charges against Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley, after a report found there was enough evidence to prove he was responsible for the death of Mulrunji Doomadgee in November 2004.

Former NSW chief justice Sir Laurence Street, who was appointed by the government to review a decision not to charge the policeman, found there was enough evidence to charge him with manslaughter – and to possibly warrant a conviction.

His findings were in direct contrast with those of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Leanne Clare who found Mulrunji’s death in the island’s watchhouse was “a terrible accidentâ€?.

News brief · 27 January 2007

Debnam says failed multiculturalism caused Cronulla riots

From ABC:

New multiculturalism needed, says Debnam

New South Wales Opposition Leader Peter Debnam has used an address to a citizenship ceremony in south Sydney to refer to the Cronulla riots as evidence that multiculturalism has failed.

The Liberal Mayor of Sutherland Shire earlier called on Mr Debnam to refrain from cheap political shots, saying it was an occasion for new citizens and their families.

But Mr Debnam has told the Sutherland audience that recent events such as ethnic violence at the Australian Open show a new policy of practical multiculturalism is needed.

“I’m giving a speech today on multiculturalism and how I see the need to redefine multiculturalism as practical multiculturalism as a policy for inclusion, not separation,” he said.

Councillor Redmond says politics should be left out of citizenship ceremonies.

News brief · 26 January 2007

Web server got exploded!

FightDemBack has been off air for a little more than 24 hours.

The main web hosting service had a ‘RAID hard drive failure’ on the server, causing the whole site to burst in flames, curve all our spines and lose the war for the allies… and well, not nice stuff in general.

After many hours of attempting to repair the failed RAID, Rackforce put up a brand spankin’ new server for us- but we had to spend our public holiday sifting though the ashes of the site to rebuild it.

But it’s fixed now.

Unlike our last two major outages, theres no evidence of a DDOS. Seems it was just a run of the mill mechanical failure in the hard drive array.

And that means we are back, fighting as ever.

Shame about the timing, though…

Fight dem back · 26 January 2007 · Discussion

Sgt Hurley to be tried over Palm Is death in custody

From the ABC:

Policeman to be charged over Palm Island death

The man in charge of reviewing the Palm Island death in custody case in north Queensland has found there is sufficient evidence to prosecute a police officer for manslaughter.

Former New South Wales chief justice Sir Laurence Street spent about three weeks examining Director of Public Prosecutions Leanne Clare’s decision not to lay charges against Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley over the 2004 death of Mulrunji in the Palm Island watch-house.

Ms Clare decided last year there was insufficient evidence for any prosecution.

But Sir Laurence has disagreed with her findings and Queensland Attorney-General Kerry Shine today instructed the Crown Solicitor to initiate prosecution proceedings.

News brief · 26 January 2007

Sovereignty Day 2007

In the fine city of Melbourne but can’t get along to the Catch The Fire meet to see John Howard’s video address? Don’t fret – there’s plenty of other stuff happening in Melbourne that’s nearly as good:

Rally & march from State Library

Following calls by the Palm Island community for a National Day of Action on 26 January ANTaR Vic is supporting a Melbourne rally and march, starting at the State Library at 11:00 and finishing at Treasury Gardens at 12:00. The rally will highlight that Aboriginal deaths in custody are STILL happening, and call for a just outcome in the review of the inquiry into the death of Mulrunji Doomadgee, and remind all Australians of the struggle for survival that Indigenous people in Australia have been facing over the past 200 years.

Share the Spirit music festival
Treasury Gardens 12:00-6:00

Featuring a line up of Victoria’s finest Indigenous performers including DAN SULTAN, BRISCOE SISTERS, BOMBA, CHRISTINE WARD, GRANT HANSENS BIG CITY COMBO, THE GRENADINES, DANIEL JAMES BAND plus food stalls & handcrafts. The festival is a day when Australians of all cultural backgrounds can come together and celebrate, whilst recognising the history and enjoying the culture of Indigenous Australia. The event is FREE.

Music & dinner ANTaR fundraiser
Lentil as Anything, Abbortsford Convent, from 7:00pm

Lentil as Anything vegetarian restaurant is having a night of music and entertainment to benefit ANTaR Vic. Great food, music, and info about ANTaR will be brought together for a fantastic night. Musicians include Rene + Etienne (Classical guitar with hints of folk), Jane Belfrage + Ensemble (Harp and more), Almaz (Ethiopan dance), Julian Swinnerton (Cellist extraordinnaire from Arts Music at the Convent) Johnny Aseron, ‘Brown Wolf’ (Native American flute player, poet and performer) and MORE. For information about Lentil as Anything:

Tip of the dreadlock to Kakariki. Oh, and if you’re in Canberra, she’s got some info about the Tent Embassy up there as well.

Fight dem back · 24 January 2007 · Discussion

Granville thugs taken off youtube

From the The Tele

‘Granville boys’ face charges

January 24, 2007 11:29am

THOSE behind a race hate video posted on the internet could face criminal charges, NSW Police minister said today.

The video, which glorifies gang rapist Bilal Skaf and boasts about the Cronulla revenge attacks, has been linked to students at Granville Boys High in New South Wales.

News brief · 23 January 2007