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Nazi graff in Marlborough

From the Marlborough Express:

Racist graffiti on road signs
Thursday, 28 December 2006

Tourists travelling through Marlborough were given an unpleasant welcome coming into Spring Creek this morning, with racist symbols and slogans scrawled across speed signs on both sides of the township.

Four of the 80kmh speed signs on State Highway 1 had been vandalised with white paint overnight, with swastikas and “NZ Only Land” written on them.

Grant Brown, manager of Swampy’s Backpackers in Spring Creek, said most of their guests came from overseas and he doubted the vandalism was the work of locals.

News brief · 29 December 2006

Building bridges in the ChCh

From the ChCh Press:

Students hail mix of Kiwis
Wednesday, 27 December 2006

“At the end of the day we’re all made of the same thing,” says Anton Matthews, 17. “I think people base their opinions of other people too much on how they look.”

Like many other teenagers in New Zealand, Matthews has grown up knowing the importance of understanding difference in an increasingly globalised world.

“The world is changing and … in 50 years time there’s gonna be so many more different cultures and stuff around, so you’ve got to be aware of where they come from and how they do things differently.”

News brief · 27 December 2006

Kerry and the Holocaust Deniers

As the Adelaide Institute has been featured on FDB recently, we decided to take another look at what they get up to. The Adelaide Institute don’t feature much here, they’re basically a collection of dull old men who like to babble on about how the Holocaust never happened. A subject common amongst those on the far right. We had a look at their website and who should still have a series of articles on there but yet another dull old Holocaust denier – Kerry Bolton .

Fight dem back · 26 December 2006 · Discussion

Happy whatever!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka (which actually finished two days ago), Krakin’ Kwanzaa, Festive Festivus, Super Solstice, and something starting with ‘Y’ Yule.

A friendly reminder of how amusing Scumfront is this time of year as well. You know, all those proud Jew-hating members of the master race raving on about the sanctity of the white, western European tradition of CHRISTMAS!

Err ..fellas. It’s a Jewish dude’s birthday.

Fight dem back · 25 December 2006 · Discussion

NZ National Front now openly Nazi?

From the Sunday News:

Nazi Piece Of Work – US Racists Recruit Kiwis

American Nazis are spreading their hateful message of white supremacy in New Zealand – and have set up two chapters here.

And the deputy leader of the National Socialist Movement last night told Sunday News he plans to set up multiple chapters of the high-profile US white power group across New Zealand.

“We want more chapters in New Zealand. I would like to see dozens of chapters,” Colonel Tim Bishop said.

The Minneapolis-based hate group – which uses Nazi Germany’s swastika – has branches in most US states and has spread to the UK, Sweden and South Africa.

“We’re a white rights organisation, we’re here to safeguard our people and we’re here to safeguard our culture and in New Zealand to organise the people who founded New Zealand,” Bishop said.

“All these units will operate in their area. They operate within the (Minneapolis) headquarter’s unit, but they are able to operate … as their own entity.”

A Sunday News investigation has revealed one of the National Socialist Movement’s Kiwi chapters is right-wing political party New Zealand National Front.

News brief · 24 December 2006

Australia well represented at Holocaust conference

From the Oz:

Second Aussie joins Holocaust denial conference
Pia Akerman and Richard Sproull
December 14, 2006

AN electrical engineer who works for federal agency Airservices Australia has told a revisionist Holocaust conference in Iran there were no mass killings at Treblinka, one of the Nazis’ most notorious concentration camps.
Richard Krege, who is on annual leave from the Canberra-based agency, said that only 5000 people died at Treblinka, from disease, and used his own model of the concentration camp to illustrate his claims.

Most historians believe that at least 800,000 prisoners were murdered in the camp, which was in Poland during World War II.

News brief · 21 December 2006

Racial attack in Hobart

From the Hobart Mercury:

Refugee suffers racial attack in mall
Philippa Duncan

A REFUGEE who saw people beheaded and raped in Sudaii has been told to go back to her own country and called a “stupid nigger” in the Hobart bus mall.

Paska Ochio, who was walking with her 15-year-old sister Pamella, was abused, mugged and bashed by a group of up to 10 teenagers and young adults on Friday.

Police have “strong leads” and are seeking withesses to the assault, about 8pm.

Acting Inspector David Richardson said the abuse had been “exceptionally racist”.

Miss Ochio said the group had asked her for money and then started to abuse her.

She said a man had snatched her handbag and two sisters had pulled her hair and punched her in the head.

News brief · 21 December 2006

Jail time for Cronulla ‘thug’

From the SMH:

You’re a thug and going to jail, Cronulla rioter told
Les Kennedy
December 19, 2006

CHRIS EPSIMARIS stood in court with a cocky grin on his face, probably expecting to avoid a jail sentence, like many others charged over the Cronulla Beach riot and reprisals a year ago.

Instead, the 21-year-old found the deputy Chief Magistrate Graeme Henson reading him the riot act while telling him to wipe the smile from his face.

“You are a thug. You have already been convicted as a thug,” Mr Henson said yesterday in sentencing the Panania delivery driver to nine months’ periodic detention.

Epsimaris is the eighth person to receive a jail term after being convicted over the December 11 riot and two nights of reprisal attacks in eastern and southern suburbs.

News brief · 21 December 2006

Jail time for Cronulla poster boy

From the SMH:

Beach before jail for riot poster boy
Leonie Lamont
December 21, 2006

CRONULLA rioter Brent David Lohman has been allowed to return to the beach for summer, but faces the prospect of a jail sentence after being found guilty yesterday of a charge of rioting.

New bail conditions were imposed on Lohman last month, banning the 19-year-old from Cronulla Beach because of police concern about trouble on December 11, the anniversary of the riots. Yesterday, after convicting Lohman of the charge, which stemmed from riots at Cronulla station, the magistrate, William Brydon, agreed to a request from Lohman’s barrister that the beach ban be lifted.

Lohman, dubbed “the poster boy” after he featured on a newspaper’s front page draped in an Australian flag, was among a crowd of hundreds which surged onto the train platform in response to a megaphone announcement that “Lebs” were arriving by train.

News brief · 21 December 2006